'Softened' Nakba law passes 1st reading
Amnon Meranda
Published: 16.03.10, 22:07
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1. Now lets ban those political parties
r   (03.16.10)
that work against Israel as a JEWISH state.
2. Marking Independence Day with mourning
Nakbar   (03.16.10)
Mind control! In other democracies you can mark and celebrate whatever you want. Yes, I can shit on my own state (and knowing that I can do it anytime I feel like is exactly why I don't do it).
3. If you can't confront your past, you don't have a future
Howdy   (03.16.10)
Ever realized that one man's joy might be another man's mourning?!
4. Meretz upset it won't receive a free lunch anymore?
Eitan ,   Chicago   (03.16.10)
This legislation sounds straightforward - it's a "don't bite the hand that feeds you" law. What is the Arab "narrative" of the Nakba anyway? The fabricated Arab claims of large-scale massacres in Safed and Jaffa still can't mask the embarrassing truth that towns like Haifa fell without a fight. The Arab High Command is not coming to save the day for the effendis.
5. To Nakbar: think again
Eitan ,   Chicago   (03.16.10)
Flag desecration is illegal in Finland and Germany, and punishable by a fine or jail time in France, and gets you thrown in the clink for 3 years in Turkey. Even though it's legal in the USA, burning a flag is the quickest way to get your butt kicked, because people hate it when some jerk humiliates the sacrifices of their nation's veterans. If you feel like defecating on your home country, why don't you enter politics, or vote with your feet?
6. @2
levi ,   US   (03.16.10)
No one is stopping you from crying or burning flags, but it sure as hell wont be sponsored by the government.
7. Nabka Law passed
Ron Edge ,   Seattle, USA   (03.16.10)
The remark by MK Zahalka included "...freedom of expression, which is a basic constitutional right recognized throughout the world." REALLY?? Like in Gaza, Egypt, Iran, Syria, et al. Another case of citizens of a country using Democratic Processes to promote groups which, if they win, will immediately take away that very "..basic constitutional right...". This is , of course, ESPECIALLY true in the case of Islam as it promotes Sharia (using texts of the Qur'an) and Hadith (based on the life of the Prophet). Recent murders in Nigeria provides examples of both: the cutting off of the hands, feet and the beheadings of their enemies, as well as the butchering of ALL children, is commanded by BOTH Sharia and Hadith. I have no strong opinion on the Nabka Law.... but his rationale is laughable in light of the experiences of non-Islamic world with anti-Democratic Sharia and Hadith Law.
8. #2 - This is not UK here, find your own funding -no handouts
Israeli ,   Israel   (03.16.10)
If you want someone to fund your activity against the state of Israel, we're not going to foot the bill. You can do whatever you want but please stop begging us for money and get a job or a wealthy Saudi prince to fund your hobbies.
9. Burning Books Next??
Jewish CANADIAN ,   Toronto   (03.16.10)
With each passing day the rabid right and religious fanatics make Israel a disgrace to humanity.
10. #6 God bless America - it's still a free country
Nakbar   (03.16.10)
11. I am waiting for Obamas demand the bill is dropped
zionist forever   (03.16.10)
It wouldn't surprise me if we get a statement from Obama or Clinton telling us what a bad bill this is and how they want it dropped in the interest of peace. Sadly nobody is banning the arabs from holding their nakba ceremonies just don't ask me to fund it with my tax money. Disiden towards state symbols by the arabs is used as more than a protest its used as a symbol to say Israel has no right to exist and it must be destroyed. Last election I voted Likud but they have been a total let down next time my vote goes to Yisrael Beitenu. They are probably the only real opposition left in the Knesset and they are willing to propose logical but non politically correct bills He might not be the most popular MK but Liberman has been a breath of fresh air in Israeli politics and I hope him and his party only get stronger.
12. Did any of the Arabs read the bill?
NOACH ,   USA   (03.16.10)
Judging from their responses, the answer is no, which is anticipated. The worse scenario is that they did and are completley misrepresenting it. It does not limit the freedom of speech! It simply says that the government no longer has to pay for you to burn flags and spread lies! P.s. Slander/libel is not covered under "free speech"
13. Thank you Minister Lieberman, Israel Beitenu
soludo   (03.16.10)
Finally we have somebody with the guts to take a stand for our country, against those who want to use us as a punching bag with their subversion and slander. Not with our tax shekels!
14. am I missing something?
Lou ,   Deal, USA   (03.16.10)
I may be missing something, but it sounds like a good day to me. First of all, protect the state and protect democracy. Could you even imagine in a Moslem country if the population were to protest and mourn the founding of their country?
15. #9 Cheap demagoguery
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (03.16.10)
"Right and religious fanatics"? "Israel a disgrace to humanity"? Dude! Why don't you take a chill-pill and actually READ the article? If you're too lazy to do it, I'll give you the essence: "According to the bill, the finance minister will be authorized to decrease the budget for bodies receiving government funding if they are found responsible for activities denying the existence of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, instances of racial incitement, violence or terrorism, or provide support for armed struggle or terrorism against the country. " In other words - you can still proudly demonstrate your hate toward the state of Israel, burn the Israeli flag, voice your sympathy toward terrorism, and declare Israel as the world's biggest evil, and no one would hinder your freedom of speech. Just don't expect this revolting, disgusting, and "disgrace-to-humanity" Zionist state to finance you in this case. That's all. Feeling kinda stupid now, eh?
16. treason
iraj   (03.17.10)
What is treason and what is free speech? Sana and the rest of the arab leaders do not accept israel and foment, spy and degrade israel every chance they get. So arabs have 3 choices to live in israel- 1) live as normal citizens 2) move to jordan 3) shut the hell up.
17. # 9 maybe
John ,   Canada   (03.17.10)
but what has happened already is that Israel has CENSORED any reference to the Naqba in palestinian school books.
18. M A Z E L T O V !
Alicia Alecrim ,   Lisboa, Portugal   (03.17.10)
It is high time to protect Israel from it's enemies - whether foreign or domestic !
19. #9 Split-headed Canuck
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (03.17.10)
Can't read, eh? Burn all the books you want, you just can't do it on the government's tab, buddy! How did you enjoy "Israel Apartheid Week" pal!
20. Israel owes Lieberman another big thank you.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.17.10)
I hope and pray we are seeing a major change in direction in Israel. Away from the sick culture of appeasement. I hope Israel is once again becoming the gutsy little nation it used to be and was intended to be. A nation which smites it's mortal enemies rather than "negotiating" with them. A nation respected both by friends and foes. Lieberman's bill is a step in the right direction. Israel owes Lieberman another big thank you.
22. Thankyou Lieberman!!!
Michael ,   Toronto   (03.17.10)
You can still hate Israel and burn the flag, but it is completely ridiculous that the government has to finance this!
23. #11, there is nothin "politically incorrect" about these
soludo   (03.17.10)
It's just that the pseudo-leftists managed to capitalize on Rabin's (arguably justified) murder to convince many that there is something wrong with acting normal or expecting normal things from the government.
24. Palestinians-get a life!
SM ,   Baltimore, USA   (03.17.10)
You lost 4 wars. Quit blaming others for your problems!
25. Arabs should face it
Fares ,   West Bank   (03.17.10)
Message to Arabs: "Don't bother with assimilating, don't bother with civil service, don't bother trying to participate as a citizen of Israel." Any Israeli Arabs who think they can be part of the Israeli State and equal to Jews are fooling themselves. Us Palestinians have known for a long time that Israel is a racist state.
26. How is that a Racist law ? Terrorists have had a free ride
robin   (03.17.10)
from the left and extreamists till now
27. gooooooooooooooood
ghostq   (03.17.10)
no more financially suport the Arabs, and that includs Universities who gives them free hand, from now on all those fifth columns will have to respect the entity that providse them with education and helth benefits.
28. arabs don't know what democracy is.
ghostq   (03.17.10)
in Democracy you get freedom of expretion AS LONG AS YOU DON'T INCITE OR VERBALY ATTACK SOMEONE, that is the main key of democracy so they think they can get away with verbal violance, or even worse supporting Israel enemies, in other words total freedom is Anarchy and sometimes laws r good to give people safty in law form. so arabs got long way to learn about what is democracy and show elementry respect to people who gives them freedom while noother country in the region do that toward arabs, and stop abuse the system. cause people lose their patience with them.
29. This is one of the reasons I became a party
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (03.17.10)
member of Yisrael Beiteinu, volunteered during the election and cast my vote for them. Lieberman simply says that Israel will not be shooting itself in the foot anymore. None of those anti-Israeli vicious Jewish NGOs will be allowed any government support nor will those Arabs who hate the thought that they reside in an Israeli Jewish dominated society and who celebrate our tragedies with feasting and dancing (like 9/11 re America) on our handouts. If you cannot be loyal to the state, then don't expect to receive any but the most basic support from it.
30. Moslem freedom of expression
fbmcg ,   Petach Tikvah, Israe   (03.17.10)
So, Moslem MP are crying about lack of freddom of expression due to Nakba law. Really fellas? How is Salmon Rushdie doing? What about cartoons in Denmark? So you want freedom of expression to blast Israel, but NOOOO do not say, print, draw, think anything that Moslems have not approved. If you had agreed to partition in 1948 there would be no Nakba. There is an expression for this in English, BS!
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