UN conference tackles Mideast animal trade
Associated Press
Published: 23.03.10, 08:13
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1. Again, they have NO respect for any life whatsoever!
Talula ,   Israel   (03.23.10)
They make me sick.
2. #1
peter ,   amsterdam NL   (03.23.10)
Talula, you seem to have an 'opinion' or deregatory remark about the subjects in a lot of articles. In this article 'they' are the animal smugglers. Whether these criminals make you sick or not is not relevant & not informative. It's about the plight of animals, not about how your belly reacts to it. Even 'ghostq' who is addicted to commenting on every single article post content, not 'opinion'.
3. Not to worry
steve from raleigh   (03.23.10)
They'll blame the Jews for animal cruelty soon. That should secure the rich white liberal vote in the US.
4. To Peter
jeremy   (03.23.10)
Sorry buddy, but Talula has it right. The smugglers, the officials who turn a blind eye, the store owners, the buyers who keep many of these animals in cruel conditions, they ALL have no respect for any kind of life, human or otherwise. It's a mindset. And for you not to see this, but instead see an opportunity to put someone else down, only shows that you are probably not much better than they are.
5. Its the Jews Fault!!
Danny ,   USA   (03.23.10)
Its always our fault. Even this.
6. # 4 Jeremy
Based on Peter's previous talkbacks, I suspect he only had a problem with the comment because it came from somebody living in Israel. Maybe he can't accept the fact that in Israel people can say whatever the hell they damned well please...while his country is in danger of sinking into an abyss of Muslim intolerance of anything that smacks of freedom.
7. # 4 wrong
peter ,   amsterdam NL   (03.24.10)
You don't seemk to read very well...I was irritated by Talula's remark on these criminals(as I call them in my # 2 post) since the article speaks for itself on the depraved nature of these people. Saying YUK adds nothing, it's superfluous unless you want to prove(to yourself?) that you're so right(ious). You thinking I support animal cruelty is a sign you don't read very well. BTW, legitimate criticism is not 'putting someone down', but apparently you don't make the difference. I like posts with content, not just 'yeah, I agree' comments. OK?
8. #2 what's not to understand about #1's TB
9. How would they like it.?
Olah   (03.24.10)
Imagine if we put those people in small cages, pulled out their teeth, gave them no food or water for a week.....Islamic law says-"eye for an eye", right???? If so, they should recieved the same torture that these animals are put through. Absolutely shameful.
10. #2 My opinion is .........
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (03.24.10)
... Who are are you to suggest to anyone what or what not to post on this forum? YNET has moderators to allow or not allow 'content' and/or 'opinion'....and guess what?... The fact that Talula's post 'upsets you' and having to take a dig at 'ghostq' speaks reams about you and your content. Feelings play a much larger role in life than you're obviously aware of. You can't deny this is a very touchy/feely website where emotions run high........get with it!
11. I feel special :)
ghostq   (03.24.10)
thanks Peter, NLs r kool people. hey mark my posts r not that bad, and while you at it make your opinion on animal abuse, damn y do I always get stuck in the middle, anyway here is my opinion on this article I think there should be MORE superviotion, but the source those animals comefrom r usually shady in africa or in the far east which is very hard to control the captur of those type of animals r more terible than you think gaza is only drop in the ocean, and they r not good payers I suppose it's true as sweet Talula mentioned it's sickning, but Gaza is just the tip the Illegal whild life animal trade is global and merchent earn millions if you want this behavior to stop you will need to go to the source far away across the seven seas and two or three oceans(not 11) as for domestic animles, well palis usually steal those from Israelis. I think border gaurd is good for domestic wild life wise need global much serious scruteny.
12. #7 Actually, it appears to be you....
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (03.24.10)
...who can't tell the difference. In your own words:- ''BTW, legitimate criticism is not 'putting someone down', but apparently you don't make the difference" yeah but...... in your own words "Even 'ghostq' who is addicted to commenting on every single article post(s) content, not 'opinion." That, Peter, is a 'put down' in my book. Why not write..' who is passionate about commenting....' You're rather transparent
13. That's because you are, ghostq
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (03.24.10)
...your posts are fine, informed and creatively worded. As far as I'm concerned, you're one of the 'good guys' on this forum. That's why I reacted to Peter slighting you. Notwithstanding, I also appreciate your prowess in mental Kung Fu to turn it into a compliment.....and here, I'll bow out. Since you asked... When it comes to the wild bird and animal trade, I abhor it...just as I do the illegal and/or unsustainable timber trade. I hate circus's and zoos. Love seeing birds and animals in the wild. My birding list stands at approximately 2500 species, including critically endangered and near-threatened ones. Whether it's Arabs, Muslims, Hindus, Jews ...whoever..... in this trade to make a quick buck and let animals suffer....they don't give a damn how they leave this planet to their descendants ... they are disgusting. The way forward is eco-tourism. Hag Sameach,
14. to #13 I thought I was the only wild Bird watcher
ghostq   (03.25.10)
around here, and yes they r disgusting, but it takes alot of money to gether teams of nature watchers to inforce those, in africa it's easy to get funding(who wouldn'y give a coin to that cause, butto other areas like Sumatra and far east when the laws r not enforces like whale hunting and tiger hunting, as for europ Tuna fisch as we know it r about to extinct since you can't raise those amazing huge fisch in agriculture tanks, I hate to say it but men take from natur and nature will get his revang. which reminds me it's spring and the Big Bird miggration started it time to go out side with the binocelours, very usefull AND NO I don't watch my neighbor brrrrrrrrrrr he is one ugly guy.
15. what can one expect
from arab countries that do not even treat their citizens like humans. do you really expect them to have compassion for animals if they don't even understand compassion for their human beings living under their rule? look at iranian "compassion" for their citizens and you'll understand that islam has no compassion., not for humans and least of all for animals of any kind. hameed aboughaze, iranian
16. Vietnam
leon ,   LA usa   (04.01.10)
Has anyone looked at Vietnam and what they do to animals? Disscusting and China too. It's just going on all over the world, sick...
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