PM's in-law calls Obama anti-Semite
Published: 17.03.10, 10:27
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1. Obama has forgiven his haters
Robert ,   Brisbane, Australia   (03.17.10)
Obama hates nobody. It's the Jews that do the hating, of almost everyone.
2. Thank goodness for Obama and Clinton
Maurice   (03.17.10)
As a Zionist, a rabbi and a J Street supporter, I am -- along with millions of American Jews -- very pleased with the Obama Administration`s response to the ill-conceived plan to build more Jewish housing in East Jerusalem. If Israel wants to survive, it needs to decide -- one state, or two. If one state, then it`ll be a majority Arab state. That`s the reality. Without a viable Palestine next to Israel, there won`t be a Jewish & democratic Israel within a few years. Sometimes true friends are the ones who tell you the truth.
3. Why are you always showing what his brother in law says
jason ,   haifa israel   (03.17.10)
The guy clearly has no control over himself yet the media runs to him to embarass bibi. He is a grown man and bibi has no control over him it isn't like it is one of bibi's kids.
4. Finally somebody is not afraid to speak the truth
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (03.17.10)
5. Obama
Yehudi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.17.10)
This is not a new revelation. It is well known that Obama doesn't like the Jewish People. His behavior towards Israel is quite disgraceful.
6. Isn't this getting old
Isn't this getting old. the president has voiced concern over a very particular and small part of Israel's policy. And he did so for a very good reason, then even right wing press, shunned. If you call that being anti-Semite, then you are delusional
7. Ynet please let me post. Wright is a student of James Cone.
Le Faux Jew ,   US   (03.17.10)
Cones is the father of black liberation theology (which is not blood blind, and anti Jewish capitalist, Marxist view). Wright / Cone teaches black hatred of white people, and Gds chosen people are black, and the Jew is responsible for white supremacy. Never mind that Jews were the first to ban slavery, or helped for the NAACP. The real issue is Jews are capitalists. Marxism and progressive socialism etc. are the Jews attempt to be like the rest, and thrown upon the Jew. Capitalism is seen as evil by countries and people who have not seen the wealth or freedom in it. These become Jew haters. If / when this Obama group puts an end to America's capitialism, there will only be Israel.
8. All in the Family
Sean ,   Montreal   (03.17.10)
The brother in-law seems to be under the mistaken impression that Jews can "come freely to the Western Wall". Perhaps if they are male! His contention that Al-Quds is Israel's capital is backed up by the presence of how many embassies? Well, apparently not even the President of the United States of America is permitted to point out an Israeli error without being labeled "anti-semitic".
9. Ben Artzi.
Philip ,   Afula,Israel   (03.17.10)
Now let me guess, Mr BenArtzi belongs to the extreme right in his politics.?
10. The rubber stamp "anti-Semite" to justify the UNJUSTIFIABLE.
Mark   (03.17.10)
11. Obama is a bumbling fool...
J.B. Doom ,   Beautiful Gate   (03.17.10)
if not an anti-semite.
12. Some of Nixon's best friends were also Jews..., just as...
Deb ,   Bethesda, MD USA   (03.17.10)
...Barak(e) Hussein Obama's. No one should be surprised when knowing the man was a follower of Rev. Wright and a close friend of Min. Farakhan.
13. Its Them or US and Tel Aviv?
Dav Le ,   Burbank CaUSA   (03.17.10)
I am a proud US born Jew, and ardent Zionist. I voted against the worst excuse for a Pres. since Jimmy (Peanut Brain) Carter, who was least a graduate of Annapolis. I saw through Obama's false smile and his house Jews (Kapos-self-hating Jews), Axelrod and Rahm. I pleaded with my fellow Jews to turn RIGHT., few listened. I told you so. Now we Jews are being blamed for the insurgency in Iraq, the Taliban, Iran's posture, and even hemoroids. We Jews never learn anything from past history. (See Inglorious Bastards for how Jews should behave). Given the chance...Iran will nuke Israel, from Eilat to Haifa. Don't believe me, then why are we shipping hundreds of bunker busters to Diego Garcia? Why is Israel arming it's Dolphins with nuclear missiles? Why?
14. hahaha, only in Israel, BiBi has two opositions....
Brian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.17.10)
...Kadima, and his brother in law. His brother in law being the intelligent one of the two, which is the funniest thing about it. If Obama succeeds in breaking up BiBi's coalition, or is able to force BiBi into moves that lead to the government falling apart, it won't be Kadima taking over, it will mean Israel moving even farther right. Which is fine by me, Ichud Leumi, specificly the Hatikva Party, represent my views. Anyway you look at it, we are being pushed towards war, from every direction, anyone who does not see that is blind and all those plotting against us are just dumb. They always mistake our kindness and mercy for weakness. If we actually were, what the Palis, Arabs, Iranians and liberals claim we are, they would not even be here to complain. They have a hard time comprehending this because, if roles were reversed and they had the means they would have murdered us all long ago. The funny thing is it's the liberals more than anyone, who are responsible for the never ending cycle of bloodshed, along with European and U.S. involvement. We need a chemical weapon or biological weapon, that destroys only oil, not kill even one person, just destroys oil. This would solve everything, we would not even have to use it more than once. Just it's existence would push the whole world toward alternate energies so quick, oil would become obsolete and dirt cheap. Islam looses it's influence and power completely, Europe and the US loose interest in the region all together, Israel can have peace(All the Arabs and Persians will continue to kill each other, but when the oils gone it will become real obvious what the Europeans ,U.S., China and Russia really cared about) . It would just take one laboratory, some brilliant scientists, and some commandos to deliver the agent to Enemy oil reserves. It can even be time released, to not go active for a week or so, or remote activated, so we could plant them in oil fields, and activate them whenever we want. Or of course delivered by drones(Israel leads the world in drone technology). I'm just one Israeli, typing this out because I'm bored, there are a few million of us. We are all a hundred times smarter than you and that's the real reason you hate us. You can hate us all day and night, we don't care, we have better things to do, than spend our hating you back.
15. Mr.Hagai Ben-Artzi,Congratulations. ;)
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.17.10)
I think you will become the next foreign minister in "Israel".... Amen
16. to #2
james ,   london   (03.17.10)
a rabbi does not post stuff on the internet. A real Zionist is not a supporter of J Street unless you have a bipolar personality disorder, you are just as much of rabbi as a priest or imam, actually you are probably more of an imam. Israel has to deal with the Palistinians the same way as its neighbours does, i.e. no misstep is left tolerated
17. Planning of 1,600 apartments vs. Dallal Mughrabi
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.17.10)
Mr. Obama, through the mouth of Clinton, scolded and attempted to humiliate democratically elected Israel's prime minister and with him the entire people of Israel for announcing the planning of 1,600 apartment project for the poor. Yet, not a sound was heard coming from the Vice President, his Secretary of State or Obama himself after the PA, against Biden's explicit request, dedicated a square in their capital city of Ramallah to the mass murderer 37 Jewish civilians riding a bus inside Israel. The name of the mass murderer is Dallal Mughrabi. The common denominator in both cases are the Jews. Apartments for poor Jews in their capital city: NO. Dedication of a square to commemorate the mass murder of Jews: Yes. This is the face of the Obama's Administration...!!
18. LOL.....the left wing press publicized Obamas mentor
Le; Faux Jew ,   US   (03.17.10)
(Rev. Wright) hangin with Farrakhan. Remember the one who believes the Jew = white supremacy? LOL....left wing is now associated with what they see as justifiable racism...and they call the right racist for pointing out racism? What a bunch of non-Jews.
19. The Obama (and Clinton) intifada
Dan ,   Tel Aviv   (03.17.10)
Dear Obama & Clinton : A new Intifada aka "THE OBAMA INTIFADA" is the peak of your achievments here in the middle east. Whats next ? Frankly, you're not obliged to like us. Liking is a personal preference. I personaly dont like hypocricy, which I find abundant in you two. Every coin has two sides - the good side to this affair is that your attitude is now revealed and in the open and we Israelis are obliged to realize and digest this fact. Eventually, this will help us form better decisions, in these tough times.
20. If not Antisemite then he had/ has VERY Antisemitic Mentors
Alan ,   SA   (03.17.10)
I think he is an Anti Semite.Unfortunately a Muslim formative years education in INDONESIAN Madrassas and then those Black Supremacist Influences .Both dont make for a Jew Loving,Israel Loving all rounder . Hes one of those ,"some of my best friends are Jews ,take Rahme and Axelrod for example at my side .
21. Tenyears of Madrassas and 20 years@Wrights Church=Jew Lover
22. Le Faux Jew is probably right
Eitan ,   Chicago   (03.17.10)
Many of the trifling, bombastic African-American preacher-politicians have an intense fear and loathing of the "other" - not just because Pat Boone and Elvis stole their jams, but because they struggle with modernity (e.g., Charles Ray Fuller trying to pass a $360 billion check), and feel disenfranchised by the productive elements of society. The Chicago black theopolitical elite accuse the "system," rather than the black aldermen representing their neighborhoods, for everything from the crack epidemic to "urban food deserts" when no supermarket chains open near their homes, but fail to see that crime statistics and gang members loitering during school hours have scared off all but the liquor-store and payday-loan owners. Obama has publicly chastised black men for shirking their duties as fathers, but Jews and Chinese and whites are still probably objects of reverse discrimination by blacks, who see them as being "too" successful.
23. Zionists in the diaspora
Ehud ,   Hertzeliah   (03.17.10)
You sir, Everyone is entitled to his opinion and yours is as legitimate as the other ones. HOWEVER, "as a zionist" you have clerly marked your tendency, by nt living in Israel ... I wonder how you'd feel about the Obama administration, if you ware to live in Israel while the iranians who declare daily they want to destroy Israel are rapidly advancing towards nuclear capabilities and Obama (by not doing anything and VETOING Israel) is SUPPORTING them !!!! Oh, and thank you J guys and Obama/Clinton for the new Intifada you brought upon us. (I know you did'nt mean that. Just an other fulish mistake. You probebly heared that but i'll tell you again - In the miidle eastyour and Obamas reaching out is enterpered as a sign of weakness and when our dear neighbours smell weakness, theyre out for blood. Hay, but thats far away. Right ? Zionist. Amaizing howyou guys work to achieve "proximity"... You're a Rabby - so you'll have nice tailes to tell over the Pesch table... Be well
24. Obama
James ,   Herzeliya   (03.17.10)
I see we have a large number of liberal trolls on today all trying for the position of senior village idiot. My best to each and every one of you in wining the position
25. Thank goodness for Obama and Clinton showing their true
Mark ,   Chicago, IL USA   (03.17.10)
colors that will translate, I am sure, in the elections. As a Zionist Jew but not belonging to the Israel-hating J Street, I am - along with million of American Jews - very pleased with the fact that Obama has managed with his actions to demonstrate to us all how much he despises the Jewish people, its nation-state of Israel, its elected elected officials and those who elected them. It is not for me, being an American Jew, to tell Israelis how to govern their country - something for which J Street, arrogantly, exhibits no respect - and if they feel they should talk about setting up an additional state in the region it is for them to deal with. But, to the best of my knowledge, UN Security Council Resolution 242 on the basis of which all peace talks have been conducted, there is not a mention of the need for an additional state, nor there is nay mention of Palestinians or Palestine. But neither Obama nor Clinton appear to care about this fact. They do care, however, about restricting the living space of Jews, for no other reason but the fact that they are Jews, and therefore demand of them to refrain from residing in villages, towns and city neighborhoods, just as was the case in America until the 1950s and 1960s. By all accounts, this is a form of racism and thank goodness Obama and Clinton have finally have shown their true faces: Anti-Jewish racists.
26. This is the only way of handling the situation
Vardian   (03.17.10)
27. Obama
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.17.10)
I do not know if Obama is anti-semitic, but he is certainly no friend of Israel. Like many of the extreme Left, he ignores that fact that Arab imperialism is the cause of the conflicts in the Middle-East. Instead, he decided to accept the Arab narrative that the problem is the Jews and therefore wants to destroy Israel and exterminate the Jews as a nation. In this he is supported by Emanuel Rahm who considers Judaism no more than a religion.
28. Robert, I am sure that you mean well
Vardina   (03.17.10)
but this time your attitude may be wrong for at least one reason: the fact that Israel wants both sides of Jerusalem as its own capital does not mean one state for Jews and Arabs. It only means one united capital for the Jewish state. Jerusalem Is the reunited new-ancient capital of all Jews in the world. It is also sacred to Christians. It was never sacred to Islam until they have made it "sacred" artificially in their sick imagination, and now they want to make our holy city their capital. Think about it before you condemn Israel. Most of us want two separate states - but Jerusalem will stay the capital of Israel. Let Muslims chose another capital, if they want one.
29. #2 J Street supportors! with friends like you ...
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (03.17.10)
Please, don"t position youself as friends of Israel. Our Foreign Minister Liberman didn"t agree to meet J Street delegation and he had a good reason. with "friends" like you one doesn"t need enemies.
30. Indonesia's massacres of 1965-66 & US response
Eitan ,   Chicago   (03.17.10)
In one of the US' darkest hours, Indonesian Islamists like the Nahdlatul Ulama group and soldiers murdered 500,000 Chinese between 1965-66 as retribution for an attempted Communist coup (hence the US' support of General Suharto, a mastermind of the massacre). What is equally remarkable is that 1-2 million Muslims converted to Christianity in the mid-1960s, despite apostasy being a capital crime in Islam, perhaps after being sickened by these massacres. It's interesting that Obama attended the same Jakarta school as Suharto's son. I can remember how college students hounded Defense Secretary Cohen and Sec. of State Albright for selling weapons to the barbarous Javans, who spread out to Indonesia's islands like the Borg. Even today, we don't refer to these misdeeds as ethnic cleansing or genocide - the question is why not?
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