Jaffa: Dozens protest against 'Judaization of Jerusalem'
Eli Senyor
Published: 17.03.10, 22:22
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1. Don't "Judaize" Jerusalem
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (03.17.10)
Don't "Arabize" Tel Aviv
2. 3,500 years of Judaism and Jerusalem cannot be removed ...
Lee ,   Manchester UK   (03.17.10)
islam had no interest in Jerusalem before 1948. Why are the arabs getting away with all this horrific behaviour?
3. Worry about Arabization
Jethro ,   Maruqette, MI USA   (03.17.10)
Jerusalem belongs to the Jews. Need I say more? We really need to worry about the Arabization of Jerusalem, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Pretty soon we won't be able to watch TV.
4. Love Israel or Leave it
Martin ,   New York   (03.17.10)
These demonstrators should be given a one-way ticket to their choice of Gaza or Ramallah--and good riddance!
5. Jerusalem has always been Jewish
ik ,   United States   (03.17.10)
Jerusalem has always been Jewish and will always be Jewish. When will the world get it? The Arabs lost a war, which they started, over it. The Arab land is called Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon. Let the Arabs go to those countries and get out of the camps they set up.
6. #2 - Correction...
Michael Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (03.17.10)
Islam was indifferent to Jerusalem until after 1967, not 1948. This interrupted their Islamization of Jerusalem, which has had a Jewish majority for 200 years or more, even unter the Ottoman Empire. How can you "Judaize" something that's already Jewish and has never been anything else?
7. I just can't seem to find any mention of Jerusalem in Koran
Cynic ,   USA   (03.18.10)
stude ham   (03.18.10)
the foreign invaders now protesting the jewish renaissance of jerusalem have no basis for their claims to the city.
9. 2
eleanor ,   London. UK   (03.17.10)
They seem to be brainwashed with all the violent and hateful propaganda they get fed from a young age. As for the left they are sheep, they always follow what is trendy and shut their ears and eyes to any kind of truth.
10. Sounds just like something Goebbels would have said
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.18.10)
These people are racists and support apartheid.
11. That's funny coming from the Eygtian origns of Jaffa settler
JO   (03.18.10)
Most of the area can find it's origins in the settlements of the Arab Egyptian conquest of he Pasha Ali. Look at the maps of 1830s. The galilee triangle village of Umm al Fahm has the same orgins. All documented. Safed- Algerian immigrants. date on file. Not all palestinian villages are ancient or even hundreds of years old. Jewish history is far longer than that . And Jerusalem even longer than Islam. Homeland???? for whom. If you are going to cry that let the Jews cry louder. all our ancient texts read JERUSALEM, not once in the Koran. and all our history- david solomon , here. Mecca and Medina were Islams. I am fed up of the hypocrisy of these "homeland" villages.
12. Don't Catholicize the Vatican!
Cowboy Joe ,   Calgary, Canada   (03.18.10)
Same stupid idiots!
13. Note, not a single Israeli flag in the picture, and this is
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.18.10)
on sovereign Israeli territory, in Israel's second largest city, Jerusalem being the first. No wonder then that such people call the move of Jews into a house in a neighborhood of Tel-Aviv a "settlement". With this attitude towards the state that enables you to express yourself freely, don't expect sympathy from Israeli Jews or Jews anywhere.
14. Jerusalem is ...
Christy ,   Boston, US   (03.18.10)
the undivided capitol of Israel and was given to the Jewish People by G-d. How much more Jewish can any city be? By the laws of man and of G-d Jerusalem belongs to the Jews.
15. #4 -one way ticket to Jordan or Gaza
16. Cowboy Joe @ 12, to continue, do not Islamize Mekka!
leo ,   usa   (03.18.10)
17. jerusalem was judaized before the city was divided
zionist forever   (03.18.10)
Before 1948 arabs lived mostly in small villages whilst the jews mostly lived in the towns and especially the holy cities of Hebron & Jerusalem. Jerusalem had only a small arab population before the city was divided, there was no arab east Jerusalem. The jews were the majority in east, west, north and south... look at many of the homes today occupied by arabs in east Jerusalem you can still see the outlines of where there was once a mezuzah. After the jews were ethnically cleansed from the east by Jordan the arabs moved into their homes. Then in 1967 Israel united the city, allowed jews to live anywhere in the city. Its also so hypocritical the arab attitude to wanting to protect Jerusalem considering under the Turks it had no real strategic value and they didn't all want to live there because they had religious conection. Under the British the arabs were not rushing to defend the city from the Brits, they let them do what they likes when they liked. Their quarrel with the jews was never about Jerusalem it was about not letting them live in what was Palestine full stop. Jerusalem was no big deal & they didn't make pilgrimages to the place. Under Jordan it was just another city that was Jordanian territory. They didn't invest in preserving holy sites, the capital was Amman. Jerusalem was for the residents of Jerusalem its not the pride and joy of Jordan. In 1967 after the war Jordan was never demanding the return of east Jerusalem or the holy places. Israel had it now so let them deal with it whilst we develop Jordan. Then we had oslo and suddenly Jerusalem became more important than Mecca and it was the duty of all good muslims to retake the holy city for islam. Why should the arabs care so much about Jerusalem suddenly when for centuries they have never given a dam about the place. For Israel it was the capital from day 1 and everybody knew it was the capital of biblical Israel. Where were the palestiinian people who love Jerusalem so much they will die for it prior to 1964 & the founding of the PLO whose goals were not to take west Jerusalem off Israel, nobody spoke about liberating Jerusalem for the muslims. Now though its the capital of Palestine and always has been. The arabs make up history as they go along. Twenty years from now their historians will be telling different stories than they do today.
18. i wonder what mechelzeddek would say?
19. The Arabs living in Israel.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (03.18.10)
Since its establishment Israel has hidden its head in the sand, refusing to face the fact that a mighty enemy has been growing within it, threatening its very existence. The Arabs of Israel see themselves as part of the Arab world and more particularly as “Arabs in occupied Palestine.” They enjoy every benefit that a democratic state has to offer, but they, together with Israel’s enemies, share the hope that this Jewish state, in which they have achieved conditions no other Arabs in the Middle East enjoy, will cease to exist. When Saddam Husayn attacked Israel with missiles in 1991, many Arabs in Israel supported the Iraqi dictator and openly demonstrated their sympathy for him. “We, the Arabs in this country,” – said Tibi – “wish to see a strong Arab force… able to confront the axis of the USA and Israel.” And these are among the mildest pronouncements of these Arab members of the Israeli parliament who enjoy all the rights and privileges that the Jewish Democracy can offer as explained at :
20. Thin ice
Talula ,   Israel   (03.18.10)
Who is keeping the Arabs in business in Jaffa? Who is frequenting their restaurants, meat stores and shops, ultimately keeping them in business?...............ISRAELIS. Who was first to suffer after the last Intifada? Who had to close restaurants, shops and live life on the skids because of their hateful reaction to the State where they live? Arabs - if they don't stop with this nonsense who is going to stop going to Jaffa to buy from the Arabs? THE ISRAELIS. Think twice silly people. Food on the table, bills paid or an empty protest to make like you care.
21. jerusalem iiiiiiiiiis JEWISH!!!
S.   (03.18.10)
22. You mean like...
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (03.18.10)
the Romans Hellenized it, the Christians Christianized it, and you Arabs Islamized it? Don't worry, we're not like that. We're restoring it to its pristine state before all of you defiled it. Paqid Yirmeyahu Paqid 16, The Netzarim, Ra'anana, Israel Israeli Torah-reverer (& Orthodox Jew) Advocate for Logic as Hermeneutic Halakhic Authority Welcoming All Torah-reverers (Jews & non-Jews)
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