PM approves NIS 800M plan for Arab sector
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 18.03.10, 00:48
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1. It's news like this that makes you want to give up on Israel
pub ,   USA   (03.18.10)
To actually still believe that you can appease Muslims by trying to make them live in a civilized manner and putting effort and money into their areas, and you guys know them better than anyone. This sounds like some crap our US government would pull, use our tax dollars to rebuild some filthy country that hates our guts and attacked us. And I'm a huge BIbi fan, but I'm tired of Israel being in such dire conditions and giving in constantly.
2. Arab Refugees
Theoretical Humanism   (03.18.10)
Let the refugees who can prove by neuropsychiatric tests that they can live in peace with the jews in the jewish security state of erertz yisroel go to the villages in viable numbers. They will be needed to defend against the mad mullahs in iran and the wahabi heretics in afghanistan and pakistan .
3. You just don't get it, do you "pub"?
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (03.18.10)
First of all, not all the towns targetted for support are Arabic. I assume that there will be Bedouin and Druse (our allies) towns included. As to the Arab towns, well, all surveys consistently indicate that that from 95-98% of Israeli Arabic population would rather stay in Israel than live under any other government in the mideast. The reasons are pretty clear: less corruption; more freedom; better opportunities for advancement; medical insurance and; etc. Second, this is what government's do, partial intervention to benefit the citizenry. You may recall that this was practiced for years in the USA with regard to its underprivileged Black population which also, allegedly, hated White people and despised the USA. In fact, successful intervention is likely to increase, not decrease, the loyalty of the participating citizenry. As you do not reside in Israel, you are unaware of the many underlying positive social ties between Arab and Jew which, unfortunately, never go reported by the Israeli nor Arab media. It's not that relations are universally good, it's just that they are much better than non-Israelis would imagine. And fourth, "pub", this move by the government of Israel is done in order to create a more just society. It's what is expected in a modern democratic society. Israel is no exception.
4. Let Arabs provide for their own
Steven ,   San Francisco   (03.18.10)
There are many many impoverished Jewish citizens and communities in Israel that could use these monies. The Gulf Arabs are filthy rich. Let the Saudis help their "brothers".
5. Don't get upset...It's all a lie....
Edithann ,   USA   (03.18.10)
Israel does nothing but lie ...don't give up..just don't believe Israel says..... TATA
6. Do you think Israel has appeased the Muslims?
Edithann ,   USA   (03.18.10)
Are you out to lunch? Think about what you've said,. Appease...when is an agreement 'not to build for 8 months, mean start construction the next day? Whan has Israel ever kept an agreement, or promise? TATA
8. Only Jewish homes get the freeze!SHAME ON BIBI
Miriam ,   israel   (03.18.10)
9. Do not trust them.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (03.18.10)
The attitude of the Israeli Arabs to Israel can be summed up in a popular sayings: "take whatever you can and give nothing." For this reason they avoid paying taxes. At the same time they enjoy all the services and benefits which the state offers its citizens. Since they pay very little income tax, they are regarded statistically as belonging to the poor sector. But anybody who travels through Arab villages and towns in Israel is astonished by the wonderful villas of these "poor people". The Israeli Arabs are represented by parties in the Knesset that are elected in free, democratic elections. One of them is officially communist, one officially Islamic, and one "national-democratic" but as far as their attitude to Israel as a Jewish state is concerned : they all openly wish for its disappearance although all of them swore allegiance to "the State of Israel and its laws" as described at:
10. #7 Atilla from Turkey
Yitzchak ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.18.10)
Why does YOUR country want a relationship with our country? Why does YOUR country keep an ambassador here in Israel or allow Turks to visit my country? Unlike you ignorant Turks believe - we do not buy water from you. I say - let's break off relationships between our two countries. We don't need you, and you don't need us!
11. bibi and his ghetto mentality
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.18.10)
He is trying to bribe some of the same arabs that rioted and screamed, "death to the Jews".Give to the Beduin and Druze that serve in the I.D.F. As for the rest,including Jews that do not serve,nothing.
12. Any peace agreement must ensure that the Triangle and
Aviva   (03.18.10)
the Ara Valley regions should be included in the Arab entity.
13. Important !
Roni ,   Israel   (03.18.10)
Hello ! On the one hand, if what is written in the report will take place on the ground , then may God bless this step. On the other one, every time in which the state gives a certain amount of money, it seems like ministers and some people as one , give Israeli arabs the feeling that a favor was done!!! So, stop talking , and start making equality on the ground ! By the way , I know there are some people that not claiming equality for arabs, due to the fact they don't join the army,but it's just hypocricy ! Because there are groups that do join the army, and yet they are not even close to be equal to jewish ones. Finally, don't misunderstand me, but you all would agree that investing in minority groups can make the situation only better for our country ! The economy, the worldwide statistics , etc... Offcourse, those minorities have to give for the state.
14. The announcement of the "plan" is nothing more
Erastus CoupeDeVille ,   Ong's Hat, NJ USA   (03.18.10)
than propoganda/hasbara/BS for foreign consumption.
15. Right On
Vicky ,   Modiin, Israel   (03.18.10)
Agree wholeheartedly with Robert from Ashdod
16. #9, you're right...don't trust Israel..
Edithann ,   USA   (03.20.10)
They've never kept one promise they've made with anyone...They will say they have with Jordan...but after 60 years..they''re still in the same place. ..No one trusts Israel..and I don't either!. TATA
17. the investment plan for the Israeli palestinians
Rosette Rohana ,   Québéc Canada   (05.15.10)
i am concernec by thees kinds of projects because it could be that for reasons, that surely some israeli working on that project, could advise for poor quality of materials, along with lack of interest or effort for the the Estern architecture traditions, wich could disfigure the landscape of the that is familar with the land . Thank you
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