The Gaza siege myth
Jacob Shrybman
Published: 18.03.10, 11:15
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1. UN are liars!
Kathy ,   Virginia, America   (03.18.10)
The UN are liars making the whole world believe there is something there isnt. They should be ashamed that they havent helped the poor people of Haiti more. Good work Shrybman and Sderot Media Center for revealing this!
2. Why should Israel be responsible for Gaza all together?
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.18.10)
There is no crisis in Gaza. This point is obvious, and it has been made by UN officials as well. But even if Gaza were in crisis, why should Israel care? Gaza is a territory whose rulers have declared a war on Israel, hoping sooner or later to annihilate it, with or without other regional forces. Since this is the case and since Israel left Gaza five years ago, there is no reason on earth why Israel should be responsible for the well being of its enemies. This illogical expectation, it appears, becomes logical only when one is eager to demonize non-stop the Jewish state, to de-letitimize it, to expect of it to live by standards not expected by others. In fact, Gaza, being a Muslim and an Arab territory, is bordering on another Muslim and Arab state: Egypt Wouldn't it more logical to demand of Egypt to care for its own brothers, many of whom are Egyptians in the first place...??
3. Well, now I understand why Gaza's leader can afford
JO   (03.18.10)
to build a $4 million dollar villa for himself. American money.
4. 1000 day of the siege on Gaza .:(
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.18.10)
You forgot to mention that "Israel "blackmails Gaza’s patients to turn them into collaborators I have never seen so much dramatic change in a human being as I have seen in the face of my people in Gaza. Is your soul relieved?!! If you want to Ban Ki-moon to come to see what happened to Sderot and the settlers there personally invite you to go to Gaza to see how you are an idiot and ignorant and do not know anything....the people of Gaza have survived.... They have survived the inhumanity of it all ... It's very true that despite the siege, the dehumanization, the very frustration resulting from of the very situation, the spirit of Gazans is subsisting to live, hope and the collective dream of freedom without any condition...Man either free or slave...Does not have a half free man Last...To help Sderot and Gaza Come to light a candle of hope to end this conflict, the happy ending for all human beings .... Amen
5. To Salma #4; Build your own hospitals
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (03.18.10)
The sole fact that Israel is treating it's enemies is disturbing enough. If they don't want to be interrogated by Shin bet, they better seek treatment elsewhere. There's no siege on Gaza, as mentioned. However, do not expect Israel to open it's border with the strip. Unlike palis, the jews don't have a death wish. Cry to Egypt, they're your brothers in faith, aren't they?
6. I have been there
jhon ,   UK   (03.18.10)
I have been in gaza, you have to go there to see the real situation! Icouldnt believe what i saw there!
7. #3 its from profitable smuggling tunnels
Israeli grandmother   (03.18.10)
However, American and EU shnorr money also leaks into private pockets, but who cares. The World media has bought into the Arab propaganda machine and conveniently believes all the lies fed it. Close down UNWRA and the Gazans will have to deal with their own self-produced problems . Instead of incitement to hatred and destruction of Israeli civilians they will have to devote their energies and resources to managing their lives in an adult and responsible way like any other country. Blaming Israel for all their troubles is just a crock. Money poured into their armies and lavish propaganda parades can go to establish proper governance and public works, including modern medical facilities so that their people need not keep applying to get to Israeli haspitalse.
8. #4 Salma, Palestine
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (03.18.10)
Stupid is as stupid does. The Palestinians shoot thousands of rockets at Israel and then they are wondering when there is some kind of reaction.
9. But You forget Haiti has Black people,not Black Gold
Alan ,   SA   (03.18.10)
10. salma, no man can measure pain
orli naaman ,   jerusalem   (03.18.10)
and i will never say of another that he is not suffering 'as much as...' - but i remember so well the HOPE on the faces of those who believed that if we turned gaza over...MAYBE the people would use the greenhouses for good... MAYBE ...they would build... and build lives... not bombs. just remember back a bit further...
11. My Memories of Gaza
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (03.18.10)
I haven't been to Gaza in years. But, about 30 years ago when driving through Gaza on a nice "tiyul" with my wife, I saw a sight which has remained with me til today. There on the side of the dusty road were a couple of Arabs forcefully stuffing a live sheep into the trunk of an old Peugeot and then energetically shutting the trunk lid on this poor defenseless animal. Yeech.
12. To #4
GD ,   Israel   (03.18.10)
Thank you for showing the true face/ beliefs of palistinians. In your opinion Sderot is a settlement. Once again we see that the pals are not interested in the 2 state solution but want the whole of Israel! By the way - if Gilad Shalit was released from hamas captivity things may improve for your poor Gazans!
13. UN is a disgusting organization
Ilana   (03.18.10)
14. Salma you blame the wrong people
Israeli grandmother   (03.18.10)
Gaza was not successful under Egyptian rule and repression before the 1967 defensive war which Israel was forced to wage. If the huge sums of money extracted from the USA & EU etc. for years now, which was supposed to be spent for the betterment of the Gazan public had not mostly found its way into the pockets of Arafat and his gang, and nowadays Hamas connections, you would have far better life for every one in Gaza. Blaming Israel for all your troubles Salma, is deliberate blindness. Your emotions have have blotted out your intellectual powers.
15. C'mon Jacob
Tomer ,   Hod Hasharon Israel   (03.18.10)
I'm glad we let 10,500+ people in/out for medical care. But what about the rest of them? I'm glad that we transfer "humanitarian aid" - but what about the normal trade that goes on between normal countries - the things that you and I can buy here in Israel without a second thought? Believe me, there really is a siege going on. The vast majority of Gazans do not fire Qassams or anything else. But this continued clampdown on trade is making life hell for all the occupants of the Strip, and makes them more rather than less likely to support Hamas. I don't see any sign that the regime there is likely to collapse anytime soon. So our policy is at best not having any effect, and at worst counterproductive. Let's open up trade again, let carefully vetted Gazans into Israel to earn a living. We have nothing to lose by letting them live normal-(ish) lives again.
16. #6 - did you visit all of Gaza or just NE?
William ,   Israel   (03.18.10)
If you spent time just in the Northeast portion of Gaza, across from Sderot and traditionally poor, of course you're going to see bad conditions. Allow me to show you some towns that look the same inside Israel. Will you weep for me then? Go to the rest of Gaza - not just the portions that Hamas escorts you to. You'll see high rises, very nice villas, stalls full of food, and people with normal lives. Gaza NE is a microcosm to the larger refugee camp mentality. A "refugee camp" inside a "refugee camp", and used for PR to vilify one group and gain more aid than any other group has in the world. You forget that Gazans had the opportunity to make their world beautiful and successful - something Haitians never really had. At the end of the day, which group is smiling and hopeful, and which group is firing rockets on children?
17. #11 - Future Hamas men?
William ,   Israel   (03.18.10)
18. #4 - You know, Salma, you're right
William ,   Israel   (03.18.10)
Israelis are such demons and abusers of human rights. Tell you what - Israel will close the border with Gaza permanently. No more cases of cancer, traumatic head wounds, even complicated heart cases will enter Israel anymore. There are perfectly good hospitals in Gaza (when not occupied by Hamas) and in Cairo. I hear Amman has very nice ones, and Riyadh is the like the center of Arab care. We just shouldn't be allowed to accept children who need immediate surgery to save their lives (paid for usually by Jewish donations) and no more accepting cases of acid burns on women (as is common thanks to jealous Muslim men). We just aren't good enough people to provide care to you "palestinians" so we should stop. We are horrible and nasty and accept the blame. Infact, we don't even deserve to provide you with water, electricity, or petrol. Only your Arab brothers in Egypt are of pure soul to do that. We are sorry and wish you well (slam).
19. The worlds biggest prison ?...
Paul ,   USA   (03.18.10)
Even if it is, aren't you supposed to put criminals in prison ? The peace loving leaders of Hamas are a bunch of criminals !
20. typical Israeli arrogance
gfag ,   dafad   (03.18.10)
21. Interesting, but ultimately misleading article
Tom ,   Denver USA   (03.18.10)
Yes, some humanitarian aid is allowed into Gaza and a small number of Gazans have been allowed to receive medical care in Israel. Those are good things that should not be minimized, but in reality these measures are a drop in the proverbial bucket. The fact remains that current aid reaching Gazans does not include enough basic items like building materials. As a result, most homes destroyed during Cast Lead have not been rebuilt. It is my understanding that NGO's on the ground in Gaza are in a position to make sure such construction aid would benefit civilians and not the military wing of Hamas. People in Gaza ARE suffering and we shouldn't pretend otherwise.
22. You must be right... Paradise
a confused jew ,   amsterdam   (03.18.10)
Boy have I bought into a lie. Gaza is indeed a wonderful place where no one is suffering. No poverty. No restrictions on movement cross-borders. Probably also no issues for the fishing industry, ports or airports. Please tell me, where can I apply for an immigrants visa to move to this wonderful place that has no problems!
23. To #4 Salma...
Paul ,   USA   (03.18.10)
When your " Leaders ", Hamas, decide to stop trying to murder Israelis with rocket attacks and suicide bombers, maybe the Israelis can lift the "siege". You are the one that is ignorant.
24. No occupation, no siege, no Palestinians
Realist   (03.18.10)
What next, Holocaust denial?!
25. Jacob, you are a liar
Leon ,   Canada   (03.18.10)
So Gaza is not under siege. People can come and go as they please. And building materials; are the people of Gaza living in luxorious condos along the sea. Your odious and dismissive comments about the people of Gaza say a lot about the cruelty of the Zionists in Israel. Israel continues to force the people of Gaza to live above the starvation level or to be "put on on a diet." I know this won't make it to the "people's comment list" so I will end with this statement: the freedom that Israel has enjoyed in slaughtering and starving the Palestinians has slowly come to and end.
26. #21 - How effective are NGOs in Gaza?
William ,   Israel   (03.18.10)
"It is my understanding that NGO's on the ground in Gaza are in a position to make sure such construction aid would benefit civilians and not the military wing of Hamas." Is it your understanding that these same NGOs make sure humanitarian aid and ambulances aren't stolen by Hamas? How about petrol shipments? Tom - the aid going into Gaza is indeed a drop in the bucket mostly because of the oppression and cynical actions of Hamas. There is as much food and medical aid flowing into Gaza as can be handled logistically by the UN. As for building materials - even the little that has entered the strip has been siphoned off by Hamas. They have stated over and over that their hold on to power is more important. Now with that in mind, and the targeting of NGOs and others by Hamas, how can you be sure that the materials won't be stolen by Hamas and create a situation were Cast Lead II must occur? You can't. Until Either the US and/or Israel is allowed to monitor such materials and construction (something even Fatah is not allowed to do), it won't be allowed.
27. #22- Hmm - do you often reward terrorists?
William ,   Israel   (03.18.10)
Apparently you do, because why would you give open access through borders to receive tons of weapons and rockets destined to target under-aged civilians by a known terrorist entity that oppresses its own people, too? I can point to many other locations in the world that also do not have free-movement, access to fishing waters, nor an airport - and they didn't even fire rockets on civilians. Do THEY deserve your sympathy? I imagine you sent a gift to the killer of Theo van Gogh because he obviously was driven to do it by oppression.
28. #4
Jordan ,   Washington, DC   (03.18.10)
How quickly you forget what happened when Israel handed over Gaza with tons of international aid, green houses and the ability for the Palestinians living their to build their own futures. But what happened? The same thing as always. The people destroyed the greenhouses and much of their own infrastructure, even when the international community are the ones who PAID for it all FOR THEM. Then you claim to be under siege after launching thousands of rockets into Israel? You attempt to play the victim very well, but you keep destroying all of your own opportunities, handed on a gold plate, for a better life. You can thank Hamas and your corrupt leadership, stop trying to blame the one country that owes you nothing and gives you the most.
29. Gaza is blockaded by Land, Air and Sea
Factor1   (03.18.10)
It's official Israeli policy to hold Gaza under siege. Collective punsihment al la Israel. The writer is a war crime apologist.
30. So we can close the tunnels if no Gaza siege?!
Yoyo   (03.18.10)
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