Man killed in Qassam attack
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 18.03.10, 15:39
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1. Thank you Obama
Obama gave the match, Fatah lit the fuse.
2. Obama and Clinton have set out to inflame the region and...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.18.10)
...they succeeded. A person is killed in the south, a police officer is shot in Jerusalem. Jewish worshipers become the target of Muslim youth throwing stones at them. But the attempt to humiliate Israel's prime minister and with him the entire nation of Israel that elected him democratically continues. I have my doubts Obama and Clinton intend to cease their "fire"...!!!
3. To what extent has Barake Hussein Obama is indirectly
Geula Shamir ,   Kibbutz Ziqim   (03.18.10)
behind this deadly attack?
4. Thank you Obama and Clinton
Lioness ,   Israel   (03.18.10)
You have blood on your hands
5. But Israel haters say these R harmless-little like fireworks
Alan ,   SA   (03.18.10)
My condolences to the Thai worker's family!They have no breadwinner now!
6. Time to show them the IDF iron fist !!
Moshe   (03.18.10)
7. my condolences for his family
ghostq   (03.18.10)
I hope Israel will send what left of the Rocket to Nobama office, wiith note that says "Is this your help?!, no thanks".
8. Netanyahu will do nothing !
Marcel ,   Florida   (03.18.10)
Israel's P.M. Netanyahu will do nothing because he serves US interests and not Israel's. He is afraid to anger his boss Obama and the Secretary Clinton so his response will be timid and of no value. The Jewish prophet Daniel wrote about a day when 'by peace he shall destroy many'. Many in Israel are being destroyed and killed for the non existent peace.
9. Omama, what that Kassam tells you?
Nora Tel Aviv   (03.18.10)
That Israel should divide Jerusalem , or that Israel should be a temporary entity in the ME ?
10. Palestinians show their true colors: they don't want peace
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (03.18.10)
We don't care if it's Fatah or Hamas or the Al Qaeda front for the Liberation of Gaza or the Gaza Front for the Liberation of Al Quada. The Palestinians committed another war crime. The government in Gaza City is responsible. It's time for human rights supporters to demand that the government leaders in Gaza City be put on trial for murder and war crimes. There is no excuse. Or you show your true colors that you are not in favor of human rights, but of the right of Palestinians to kill innocent civilians - making you an accomplice to the war crime. The Palestinian leadership has come out this past week with more incitement, more hatred, and more calls to arms. Not a single Palestinian leader said "let's go negotiate peace with our enemy." On the contrary, many of them called for a new armed war against Israel (aka intifada). That is a clear signal. Read their lips - the Palestinians do not want peace.
11. War Crime (targetting civilians) excused by EU
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (03.18.10)
12. IDF failed in Gaza and in southern lebanon
to number six 6 ,   six   (03.18.10)
I think its no good for us to talk about using force in the palestinian conflict or any other conflict, time has changed, and we saw the results in lebanon as we couldnt move an inch forward, get real Mr Six !!!!
13. First casualty of the Obama/Clinton intifada
Udi ,   Jerusalem   (03.18.10)
Don't mean to be rood, but can not discribe your conduct in any other word but stupid. And by the way, it is harming and bad to the arabs and the Israelis. Seeking proximity' you bring blood. Not impressive.
14. For every action, there's a reaction
Nour ,   Palestine فلسطين   (03.18.10)
What did Yishai and his buddies expect the factions to send him? Orchids and Callas? This is only the beginning. Jerusalem is not for sale - neither is our universally recognized & human right of return. Could take 5 years or 100, makes no difference. Human rights are timeless. Wakey wakey Israel, time's up!
15. Nour,!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.18.10)
Glad you're happy an innocent man died! Really shows your true colors (which most palestinians also share). As for your right of return, didn't your people willingly leave in the hopes of israel being destroyed??? sems that many arabs and muslims still live in Israel and have rights ( moreso than in arab ccountries). Your ass-backward views are the problem in the region. Peace has been offered to you numerous times and you, not Israel, rejected every time.
16. Thank you Obama for the 'peace' you brought upon us.
The israeli ,   Israel   (03.18.10)
17. thai death
alexi   (03.18.10)
thai death is due to obama directly as he incited which triggered hamas. Of course US and europe will not protest innocent death nor attack on israeli soveriegnty. Micheal oren protests too much of unbreakable bond with US. its a sllm cord that is a 2 way street and US has a bargain in the intelligence it receives as well as having an reliable ally. If obama wants to switch to abbas and assad, go ahead. Bibi, don't be so frightened. Stockpile weapons, make your own ordinance and planes and loosten the US bond which will be strained severely under hussein obama.
18. I've got the solution
Pheppsie ,   Netanya   (03.18.10)
Disengage from Ramat Shlomo--that oughta do it. Seriously, it's outrageous and intolerable that the Obamas of this world don't draw the obvious conclusions from what's happened here since 1993 and keep needling and bashing us as if the "peace" ideas had actually worked instead of exactly the opposite.
19. Shame on Obama & Clinton!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (03.18.10)
This is the direct result of the encouragement you have given these terrorists. You should be proud of your achievement! A poor innocent man who was working hard to provide some food for his family back in Thailand gets slaughtered because of you!
20. Did the Obama/Clinton team plan it, or was the death a
Avner ,   Gesher Haziv   (03.18.10)
collateral one to the main attack of the Washington, DC based on Israel's prime minister and the Israeli public?
Scott   (03.18.10)
Deliberate targetting upon civilians. NOT A WORD FROM THE "GOLDSTONERS". Make me sick. You damned hypocrites.
22. Israeli show time
Do the Palistinian that stupid to shoot a rocket during the EU repsenter is in Israel ??????? come on
23. Why no lawsuits?
oxo ,   USA   (03.18.10)
Why do we never hear about lawsuits for pain, suffering ,death, property damage, etc etc against Palestinian organizations including the UNRWA...the biggest "employer" of Palestinians. Much of the money funding the UNRWA goes into terrorism directly. Canada earlier this opted to defund the UNRWA for this very reason . LAWSUITS is the talks!!!
24. Result of deliberately lost wars
Hen   (03.18.10)
Barak, Peres, Olmert, Livni are responsible - why do Israelis tolerate these deliberate war losers?
25. How many killed in Gaza and El Qods?
sohiab ,   uk   (03.18.10)
why does it not get reported?
26. Obama's and Clinton's silence is deafening!!
Allan ,   Ft. Lauderdale   (03.18.10)
27. #11 against foreign worker!, Histadrut should take action
observer   (03.18.10)
28. #10,11,21 whose war crime?
observer   (03.18.10)
the UN/EU & Histadrut should take action against putting foreign workers in the line of fire.
29. the Histadrut again
observer   (03.18.10)
On September 17, 2009 the Trades Union Congress of Britain criticised Histadrut’s public backing of operation Cast Lead saying: "The TUC condemns the Histadrut statement of 13 January 2009 which backed the attacks on Gaza and showed insufficient concern for the level of civilian casualties."
30. to make it clear; spilling non-Jewish blood is also a crime
observer   (03.18.10)
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