Putin: Russia to start up Iran nuclear plant in summer
Published: 18.03.10, 18:10
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1. Hope it is based on the Chernobl Nuclear Reactor Model
meir elazar   (03.18.10)
2. putin like stalin
alexi   (03.18.10)
Putin is just like stalin, a little smoother and a lot fitter but overwhelmed by his empty brilliance. Just like stalin's pact with hitler cost 25 million russians dead, so too will putin's nuclear plant to the illegal entity of ahmadinejad and kameini. They will complete nuclear and arm the moslems surrounding russia with small nukes. Bye bye russia and hello ibn abu mohammed russia. And jimmy carter can advocate all he wants for his arab patrons. Along wiht jhhussein obama, carter will be the new president of palestine and obama will be their PM. Allah akbar.
3. This is not likely to happen since...
Rivkah   (03.18.10)
bunker busting bomb are in shipment to Diego Garcia and Daniel chapter 8 indicates Iran will be subdued by the Grecian (Gentile) he-goat (UN) with a notable horn (USA) that subdues a ram with two horns (Media-Persia or Iraq-Iran). History repeats and this is to be the perfect and last fulfillment of Daniel chapter 8 since Alexander the Great did not fit the prophecies perfectly. Lindsey Williams, a confidant of a billionaire elitist says the world's elite who make a lot of money financing both sides of wars don't want a war with Iran at this time, but want a world war in two years. But the ELS Torah codes indicate 5770 on the Jewish calendar (year) or 2010 as the world knows it as the year for a war between Iran, Israel, the USA, and it will be atomic.
4. #3 Rivkah
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (03.18.10)
You're watching too many science fiction movies.
5. 4 Albrecht Klein: I study many scholarly works and lectures
Rivkah   (03.19.10)
as well as the Bible. You should do likewise and then you would not make such a foolish comment.
6. Works of fiction
Robert ,   Brisbane, Australia   (03.19.10)
#3 1. "a war between Iran, Israel, the USA, and it will be atomic". 2. "I study many scholarly works as well as the Bible" 1. Is that wishful thinking on your part? If it happens you can kiss Israel goodbye. 2. The Bible IS a work of fiction.
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