'Israeli spy planes flew over Budapest'
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 18.03.10, 18:43
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1. how the hell would they know?
ronen   (03.18.10)
they just make things up. soon we will be blamed for every criminal act in the world
2. Hope he gets a nice SMILE like Al=Mabhouh
Ahmad Cohen ,   Ibn Mousa HaLevy   (03.18.10)
We are currently negotiating for the Dubai franchise on the Al=Mabhouh smile service for assassinated terrorists. Hope your terrorist's loved ones and family get to enjoy the lovely last Al-Mabhouh smile. Please remember to contact us for this service.
3. Game, set and match?
Fredrik ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (03.18.10)
If the information stated in the article is correct it seems that the Israeli 'tennis' team won another victory.Let's hope that the team manages to arrange a tournament in Gaza as well, they might even be able to beat the local team and their trainer.
4. they're here, they are there, they are everywhere! Oh, my
ralph   (03.18.10)
nothing stops them...THE MEN and WOMEN OF THE MOSSAD.
5. How are "reports" and speculation "news"?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (03.18.10)
This is a good example of irresponsible journalism. Somfalvi doesn't tell us anything for certain; it's all anonymous reports and speculation, and only feeds conspiracy theorists.
6. i do not really see the link between the spy planes and
eporue ,   europe   (03.18.10)
the assassination... what were they supposed to spy out what could help to assassinate this guy ? someone has to get in position along the route the guy drove etc... easier to follow him on the ground ?
7. Mossad, Mossad everywhere
Nora Tel Aviv   (03.18.10)
That black James Bond case of the shot Syrian diplomat, must be containing the much longed for proof of the Iran-Syria-Hizballah-Hamas quartet`s plans on the ME.
8. What u expect when EU makes a fuss about passports-
Alan ,   SA   (03.18.10)
9. Little Green men with British Passports did it!
Roland Seener ,   London England   (03.18.10)
10. Budapest has a very high crime rate
;)   (03.18.10)
......DACON9   (03.18.10)
12. To #10
D.C.   (03.18.10)
Budapest has no high crime rating at all. First of all, what the IASF spy planes did in the air space of a foreign country. Do you want another international incident? Because next time the Hungarians may shot your crafts down. Spying on a foreign country is not authorized. It would be better if you would learn this.
13. tell the Dubai Police Chief to pack his man-dress
USA   (03.18.10)
and water his camel....he's got a case to crack
14. Hungarian anti-Semitism
James ,   SF, USA   (03.18.10)
Modern Hungary is ill with anti-Semitism, hate of gypsies, and homophobia. Nationalism, ethno-centric pro-Magyarism is making a resurgence there. This news story feeds perfectly into the old fashioned anti-Jewish world conspiracy theory. The Hungarians need to start opening their minds. Must be hard when you speak a language no other country understands.
15. A state, a "democracy"(?) acting as a criminals
Albrecht ,   P.O.   (03.18.10)
And then you wonder about increasing "anti-semitism".
16. What is the relevance?
Brod ,   USA   (03.18.10)
What has spy plane to do with such an operation? There seems to be no relevance.
17. To #14
D.C.   (03.18.10)
The Anti-Semitism in Hungary is a lie, what you narrow minded american have bought so nicely. There is no anti-semitism there, but these fly overs and spying on a foreign country is giving excellent basics and the right for anti-semitism.
18. who said, they violated hungarian airspace ?
eporue ,   europe   (03.18.10)
they might have ask for permission to cross, to cruise... most likely, they did not cross all airspaces without permit.. especially not turkey...(?)
19. To 17
Tamas ,   Budapest, Hungary   (03.18.10)
The Anti-Semitism in Hungary is not a lie I live in Budapest. .
20. To #12, 15, 17
al-kafir al-yahudi ,   usa   (03.18.10)
I know it's hard for your minds to conceive of this, but people MAKE UP LIES ABOUT ISRAEL AND JEWS in order to get useful idiots to agree with them. Congratulations, you are those useful idiots. Consider the idiot who decided to say that the IDF in Haiti harvested organs. It was a lie in order to get simple-minded people agreeing with him.
21. #12 Dumb Crumb - read the article
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (03.18.10)
"Responding to media questions, a spokesman for the Hungarian Defense Ministry said that the Israeli planes were on a diplomatic mission. "
22. To #17
D.C.   (03.18.10)
I also live in Budapest, Hungary, so please do not distort the truth. Thanks. The politicians are creating anti-semitism that you're refering, not the people. So don't lie, because between people there is no anti-semitism at all. So don't lie.
23. To #20
D.C.   (03.18.10)
I'm a Hungarian. I know what is going on in my country. These are the facts. If you don't like what people are thinking about Israel, than Israel is not going to violate our airspace next time. And what would happen if we would shot down these crafts? Israel would cry now and would ask, how we dared to do that. Stop spying on my country. I hope it's clear.
24. To #21
D.C.   (03.18.10)
I read the Hungarian news sites and the Hungarian Ministry of Defense had no clue about this operation at all. Although when the IDF is sending high tech surveillance crafts, two exactly, to a diplomatic mission? It's a lie. We knows that already.
25. Hungry need to invest in air defense
j r ,   san jose us   (03.18.10)
And blow these bastards out of the sky.
26. Spying
Tahrir Quds AlYahudi   (03.18.10)
This is the name of the game. Everycountry spy on each other. Normal
27. Anti-Semitism?
Quite obvious that the Hungarians assisted in this "assassination". Planes like that just arent accidentaly allowed to fly over a country's airspace without identification.
28. D.C. is so much full of S...
Ben ,   London, UK   (03.18.10)
Antisemitism whether you like it or not exist everywhere in Europe. Hungary is no exception to the rule. As a matter of fact hungarian jews had it difficult for many centuries. You don't have to believe it but don't think because yo live in denial that others will follow in your delusional ways. And btw, since when spying or flying in someone else's airspace "gives excellent basics and the RIGHT to anti-semitism?" I wonder why you come up with such easy and prefabricated excuses to hate others? Last but not least, get a life!!!!
29. To #27
D.C.   (03.18.10)
Some traitor might assisted for this, but the Hungarian Ministry of Defense which has the right to authorize these fly overs had no knowledge about it at all. Whoever authorized this, that one is a traitor of Hungary.
30. One more down, another million or two to go...
Scott ,   USA   (03.18.10)
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