'Israeli spy planes flew over Budapest'
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 18.03.10, 18:43
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61. Flying over foreign country is antisemitism?
T   (03.19.10)
Could someone explain what the hell were two spy plains looking for in Europe? What kind of diplomatic duties they were doing? Killing Syrian guy could be a coincidence... But the facts are anyhow that these 2 plains were in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria...WHY? WHAT THEY DID THERE?
62. #59 To the Emperor of Hungary
Ron ,   US   (03.19.10)
Everyone is replacable including YOU. Lucky they let you post from your mental ward.
63. immoral rubbish
Csalamar ,   Budapest, Hungary   (03.19.10)
Gavriel ! Your argumentation is equal to the demand: Why the jews did not ask sorry for the communist crimes and Gulag? By the way: In Auschwitz the murderer were Germans, not Hungarians...
64. To #62
D.C.   (03.19.10)
The difference is, it's my country that about you're talking. If these morons would fly over the U.S., would spy on your country, you would react the same. If not, you're considered as a traitor by your government. This is what you can't simply accept in your narrow mind. Betraying a country is a capital crime all over the world, do you like it or not. No one is going to make a difference because you're Jewish or because you're an Israeli. If you can't accept your place in the world, if you can't accept the values of other countries, don't count for a friendly welcome anywhere.
65. #64 Mossadophobia is treatable
Cynthia ,   USA   (03.20.10)
"Responding to media questions, a spokesman for the Hungarian Defense Ministry said that the Israeli planes were on a diplomatic mission." If you have proof the Israeli planes were on a spy mission, please provide it. You've gotten yourself all worked up over your own paranoia.
66. #64 Reuters: overflight was "routine" training
Cynthia ,   USA   (03.20.10)
Syrian murder and Israeli planes not linked. Hungary's National Transport Authority gave Israel permission for this flight operation two months ago. D.C., do your homework before you make false, misinformed accusations and subject posters to your public meltdown.
67. wrong timing
Peter ,   Hungary   (03.20.10)
I think it's just about to show Iran that the Israeli Air Force can easily reach their targets. So that was only a power demonstration, I think. But the timing is not really fortunate. On the 11th of April elections will be held in Hungary. And the far-right party's popularity is up to rise. That action could rally more and more voters for their sick goals.
68. To #66
D.C.   (03.20.10)
Do your homework Cynthia. There was no authorization for them, regardless what Transport Authority says later. The Hungarian Ministry of Defense, which has the overall authority in Hungarian air space had no clue about the presence of these crafts. And second, how can a fly like this can be a routine training of spy crafts over a foreign country? Israel is not part of NATO nor the E.U. Next time we're going to shot the israeli crafts down without a warning. I'm a Hungarian and I know is happening in my country, regardless how the foregin media is trying to cover Israel. Be a good american and shut up, because as always you know nothing about the world.
69. #68 Dear Spymaster
Cynthia ,   USA   (03.20.10)
Perhaps you should speak with Domokos Szollar, your government spokesman about the internal breakdown in communication. Further, there's no indication these were spy planes. I'm sure you're a very important man in Hungary but you're not going to be shooting down any Israeli planes in the near future. In my humble opinion, I think you owe Gavriel and other posters an apology for launching into a hateful tirade based on your imagination gone wild.
70. to all of you
the silent Hungarian ,   Budapest, Hungary   (03.21.10)
to Cynthia: Wake up, Lady! Spokesmen speaking, Americans believing. I don't want to disappoint you but Reuters is fairly far from neutrality. "Yes, we can" is something for you. Don't exert yourself with Eastern European politics. to Peter: to show Iran - by flying through Hungary - that the Israeli Air Force can easily reach their targets is the real sick goal. Rise of Hungary should be the goal of all Hungarian. What is yours? God bless patriots, even they are rightist politicians! to Gavriel: you are a proud man! Just like we are. I like you and I really hope you will find your homeland soon! If you think that you could walk the way of your honorable and hardworking forefathers than stay here and Hungarians will respect you. Just like we respect Alfred Wellisch and other famous Jewish engineers. Can you imagine any of them ever using the words like "fascist Hungary, little jerk, ... you need me like desert the water, Hungarians are the biggest supporters of antisemitism"? Don't contemn our pride, but show us your talent. Shouting "nazi" and arousing feelings of guilt... Man! It's over. You know it too! A righteous and clever Jew can live a joyful life in Hungary. to D.C.: You are the man who the nation needs now!
71. DC
menachem ,   switzerland   (03.21.10)
We all now how good fighters the ungarians were in the past. DC fighting is not rising the right arm and welcome the germans. stay quiet big hero.
72. To #71
D.C.   (03.21.10)
Where I raised my arm and where I welcomed the germans? You're paranoid a bit. I'm defending my country from spies. It's that simple. Some of you should learn the basics of communications as you can't understand the basics what we're saying, and also as a friendly advise, you should threat yourself with a doctor because you're seeing nazis everywhere, what is called as high leveled paranoia. I'm a patriot who is defending his home from illegal trespassers and spies. Who is not doing that for his country, that one is usually a traitor. But I'm not a traitor and along with other Hungarians, I'm going to defend my country from internal and external enemies. Period.
73. #55 Thank you Gavriel
Cynthia ,   USA   (03.21.10)
For your honest and insightful posts.
74. #73 FYI
the silent Hungarian ,   Budapest, Hungary   (03.22.10)
To be honest... the Parliament of Gavriel's nazi Hungary:
75. #74 Too late silent one
Cynthia ,   USA   (03.22.10)
I did my own research and found Gavriel's comments to be correct. I was particularly disappointed in the anti-semitic sentiment expressed by Judit Szima and Krisztina Morvai.
76. Its never too late
the silent Hungarian ,   Budapest, Hungary   (03.23.10)
They are politicians... They are not representing the average Hungarian.
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