Clinton: Israel rift a challenge
Yitzhak Benhorin and AP
Published: 18.03.10, 19:48
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1. For As Long As I Can Remember ...
Christy ,   Boston, US   (03.18.10)
25+ years, there have been numerous attempts made towards a 2-state solution. The earliest attempt being in 1948. All the attempts were turned down by the Palestinian/Arab Leaders. The last attempt, for me, was negotiated with Pres. Clinton and Arafat. Israel had agreed to some very harsh terms because they wanted peace. It was the best deal Arafat, and the Palestinian People, would ever get. Arafat walked away from this deal!! I couldn't believe Arafat would walk away from such a deal. This is when I woke up and realized that the 'Palestinian Cause' must be perpetuated by their leaders. They have no choice. Since those negotiations I've stopped believing any 2-state solution is possible. I take the various Palestinian and Arab Leaders at their word that they want the whole of Israel. They want to drive the Jews into the sea. Please put the idea of a 2-state solution where it belongs - on the trash heap of history.
2. They want Tsipi cause they can handle and maniplate her team
3. Unity Government? Like Netanyahu-Peres Hahaha
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (03.18.10)
The US shows incredible naivete. Are they really so uneducated in history?
4. The Challenge...
Golani ,   Mi Ami, Israel   (03.18.10)
I see Clinton and the current administration as a challenge to "The never ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way." and by the way, the American way is also the Israeli way.
5. Tzipi Livni cant be in because the majority of Israelis are
period!   (03.18.10)
untrustworthy of their leadership!
6. I shall have a degree of trust of Clinton and her boss,
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.18.10)
Obama, only once both apologize to Israel's prime minister, Binjamin Netanyahu, and in turn to the public in Israel for having attempted to humiliate our prime minister and even insult him. But I am not hopeful. I have never heard a word of apology from neither during the entire year of humiliations. And in addition, now, the President is insulting Israel's Interior Minister, which is none of Obama's business (and I say it as one who'd rather see Shas outside of the government!). In addition, notice the new language used by both Obama and Clinton. They no longer seek negotiations between ISRAEL AND THE PALESTINIANS but between ISRAELIS AND THE PALESTINIANS, as if the democratically elected government of a sovereign state and member state of the UN is no longer important. Obama wants negotiations between ISRAELIS, members of a people, and not their government.
7. Divide and conquer, Hillary ?...
Paul ,   USA   (03.18.10)
I'm sure that BiBi is too smart for that, Hillary. By the way, did you hear that a man was killed in a rocket attack today ? Why does the US State Department seem to always keep quiet about Palestinian atrocities, but will keep a " close eye ", on Jewish Temple Mount activities ?
8. take this for a challenge
israeli ,   israel   (03.18.10)
If the American administration doesn't get off our backs, they'll have to deal with Avigdor Lieberman as next Israeli PM.
9. How different would US proposal be from PA proposal?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (03.18.10)
If one didn't know better, one might assume that the current US administration is functioning as advocate for the PA. An advocate, after all, never publicly attacks his own client but freely attacks his opponents, which is what we're seeing here.
10. #6- Interesting good point
11. Obama wants?
Rickey ,   NY, NY   (03.18.10)
Yeah, and Netanyahu wants to see McCain/Palin in the White House. Obama, stop meddling with internal Israel politics!!!!!!
12. Ides of November
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (03.18.10)
Benjamin Netanyahu must only sit out the next eight months. After a crushing defeat in the midterm elections, Barack Hussein Obama will be much quieter.
13. #12 Its ok to dream...
Mark ,   Netherlands   (03.18.10)
We will see who will be defeated...Cant wait to see your face by that time...
14. Obama and Clinton and the US Administration
Spencer ,   Israel   (03.18.10)
Who the hell do the Obama and his henchmen think they are telling Irael who should sit in the government. President Obama is in the prcess of ruining the USA and we aren't going to allow him to do the same to israel
15. #13 Mark - Obam is only strengthening Bibi
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (03.18.10)
mark, Obama and Clinton are getting Bibi more support than he would have had if they had shut up. Today 47 MKs sent a letter to Bibi telling to keep building in Jerusalem- and to Obama's dismay it was a Kadima MK who started it. At this rate Kadima will be in the government and backing it against this outside interferences. So call us when the Palestinians finally have an elected government that can hold negotiations as the current one lost it's mandate years ago (even before Abbas turned down the best deal he will ever see).
16. Is there nobody in the US who can restrain this hot-headed
Harry Wright ,   UK   (03.18.10)
and incompetent president? The conduct of the US may be modified? Absolutely! because as it is, instead of stepping forward to the table everybody is jumping ship. (1) Obama has entered this as if he already has all the answers so all the two parties have to do is agree, or else; (2) What should be negotiated at the table, he is forcing as pre-conditions to get to the table; (3) he has already promised Abbas something (no more building) without any clearance from Israel – as if Israel is his to give away or do with as he pleases; (4) instead of projecting himself as a facilitator for the peace talks, he is behaving like a dictator monopolising it, when no one has any confidence in him; (5) he behaves as if his life and political career depends on hastily forcing a peace on people who prefer to be cautious; (6) his actions show an insensitivity and lack of awareness of the nature of the political environment which he hopes to change. Result? Neither side thinks he is competent and mature enough to pull this off. What a sad state of affairs for the US to have this kind of leadership. Will he attempt to force his peace plan down everybody's throat? Who is giving him such poor advice? It has to be Abbas because I can't think of anybody else.
17. clinton carter confusion rains repent & al chet with carter
Martin ,   JHB SA   (03.18.10)
US law states unified Jerusalem under Israel. U and your funders dont like that. obama & clinton h also not happy like your arab funders. U are trying to do something your own people dont want. Test the Jerusalem amendment bill in Congress and Senate. I very much doubt they would change it. So negotiate on behalf of the consensus of your electorate. They pay the politicians not the Arab petro bucks. The people of the holy land Israel are standing firm. We dont need your badgering our leaders to satisfy side agendas. Again the Administration should learn follow the will of the people, Carter we thought u apologised to us. Have u not been pensioned off yet. This is your chance to repent. Endeavour to receive the blessing of Abraham our father. Your voters of the Mid-west are becoming very frustrated with the liberal Administration. Your Arab friends need to get the message. American devout voters want the status quo. Find something else Allow the Arabs to build freely in Mecca and Washington, and we will continue to build freely where we choose. No freeze not for them and also not for us. We will see u in a good and fair light. Then re-establish the American Spine put in tough sanctions for Iran or even go in and smash the evil axis.
18. Obama is Muslim
Chizeled ,   U.S.A.   (03.18.10)
Just because Obama may not serve Yeshua, the God of the U.S. and Israel, does not mean that God will not use Obama to serve the U.S. and Israel. If Yeshua leads Obama into a war with Iran then it will be a Muslim attacking Muslims - for a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. Mark 3:24
19. So much for the negociated solution
Frank ,   Canada   (03.18.10)
The conflict is supposed to be resolved through a negociation where nothing is negociable. What a joke.
20. #13 dromen
Geert Wilders ,   Netherlands   (03.19.10)
We will see who will be defeated
21. American Satellite Republic?
Builders of Zion ,   Orlando FL USA   (03.19.10)
The American President has begun his campaign to either force a unity coalition as the story implicates or to outright oust Prime minister Netanyahu. Mr. Obama is no friend of Israel and his Administration is more interested in advancing the Arab-Muslim agenda to minimize the Jewish presence in the Middle East, eventually ridding the Land of all Jews. Mr. Obama, reared during his childhood as a Muslim, is only following what he believes to be the correct path. Unfortunately, he is on the wrong path. Israel should reject the American pressure tactics and pursue advancing the path of Redemption of the Eretz Yisrael, all of it. Israel to Her Biblical Borders -- with no retreat!
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