Erdogan: Israel erasing Palestinians
Published: 19.03.10, 23:18
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31. '' Turkey erasing Kurds''
Ari   (03.20.10)
what about that erdogan? u have been doing that for decades and still doing that.. and also genocide against the armenians, let us talk about the kurdish people
32. as well an arab settlement activity?
Jarda ,   Prague, Czech Rep.   (03.20.10)
Hey, Erdogan, how should Israel stop palestinian Arab's settlement activity (yes, you said "all settlement activity")? By polite fussying? Hey, Recep, worshippers would be in grave danger on Temple Mount these days, as there are some "freedom fighters" prepared to throw stones onto bystanders, don't you read any news? Simpleton Tayfun will tell you. You'd better watch your generals and charwomen.
33. Gee...he's on to us (sic)
Takan ,   Elat   (03.20.10)
34. turkey's erdogan
turkey didn't erase, they wiped the armenians. should israel learn from turkey?
35. only the negative
JO   (03.20.10)
if bothered to read other headlines and the good news. And what exactly is fact and non fact. well, cant expect anything else from him
36. This is a slap on the face of Ehud Barak and all the appaise
Roby Buzaglo ,   Israel   (03.20.10)
Watch Saturday night the documentary in Channel 10 about the Antisemitism of Erdogan. What is amazing, is that former director general of Israel's Foreign Ministry, Alon Liel, didn't know what kind of person is this Erdogan. urthermore, Alon Liel is always defending Turkey but he slams Israeli Plolicy. Is it because he has bussiness with Turkey?!
37. If Israel were reallly interested in errasing Palestine
yehudit gilead ,   israel   (03.20.10)
then they would do what Turkey did to the Armenians, and not give millions of dollars to uphold their existence, building them an airport, giving their police weapons for protection, giving warning to citizens before bombing (when there was no choice.. though the Hamas used the citizens anyway in the end and human shields), they would not have kicked out thousands of Jewish Israeli citizens from their homes as a gesture of peace (has there ever been a gesture from the Palestinian side?) and there is so much more. On the other hand, it is the Palestinians via Hamas and Fatach who have in their writen doctrin the intention to obliterate Israel until they take over Israel. And let's all remember. Israel never belonged to the Palestenians since they didn't exist as a nation before. most of the arabs living in Israel before 48 came from the surrounding countries. infact, Jordan which is 70 percent "palestenians" is the Palestenian country. Israel is the Jewish dwelling place since thousands of years ago. Jerusalem it's capital (no where is the Koran is Jerusalem mentioned and Israel is recognized as belonging to the Jews). Arudwan belongs to a nation who errased another and who for 500 years killed and destroyed many people in surrounding countries including Israel with the Ottoman Empire. I'll give one thing to the Pelestinians, they are the best bullshitters and know how to convince every one that they are pathetic (as opposed to supported by all the arab nations and their money and weapons). the poor palestenians are forced to maintain the refugee camps as camps for 50 years only to seem more pathetic. instead of building a strong healthy nation with the money they receive from the world, they steal from each other (hamas and fatach steal from their own people) and live only for an insane dream of destroying israel. get a life people, start living not for murder or jehad. enough is enough. we need a country. one country. you have 22 countries, so either move to one of them or start building a real one next to ours with out bloodshed and murderous intentions. death is not a way of living...
38. The Arabs in the Holy Land.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (03.20.10)
At the beginning of the 20th century, there were practically no Arabs in the Holy Land. Historically, a "Palestinian" people never existed. The English name "Palestinian", to describe the local Arab population, was invented AFTER the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. These Arabs do not even have a native name to describe themselves in their own Arabic language. The Arabs who now claim to be natives of the Holy Land have migrated to Palestine and invaded the land after 1917, from neighboring Arab countries. There is only one possible solution to the "Palestinians" desire for a homeland - let them return to where they came from - to where they lived earlier for hundreds or thousands of years - to their real homeland in their original Arab countries. About historical facts :
39. bye bye Turkey
Dimitar ,   Kazanlak, Bulgaria   (03.20.10)
the rapid islamization of Turkey kicks this country in the Middle ages. Too bad!
40. Izie and Self-Destruction
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (03.20.10)
I think you posted a very good question re self-destruction inherent in Muslim states. My reading is that it can be found in the violent historical expansion of Arab Muslim entities since the beginning of their founder, Mohammed. It can also be found embedded in the very conception of what it means to be a Muslim as found in the Koran and Hadiths. There are now many books on the subject. One extremely readable book is entitled Chasing a Mirage" by Tarek Fatah. I am currently reading one called "They Must Be Stopped" by Brigitte Gabrielle. I hope this post is of assistance.
41. PM Erdogan is a liability to Turkey
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (03.20.10)
He is talking about Gaza siege but he forgets about the illegal Turkish occupation of North Cyprus since 1974. The city of Famagusta has been evacuated from its inhabitants and more than 30 years it is a ghost town where buildings are decaying. Turkey invaded Cyprus over an attempted assassination against President Makarios claiming to protect Turkish minority but Erdogan ignores that only yesterday a rocket launched from Gaza killed a Thai laborer in Ashkelon. And about his remarks about erasing people let me answer him with his own lexicon that he used at Davos; You Erdogan know how to erase people very well. All you know is to erase people like you have erased Armenians from eastern anatolia or historic Armenia and trying to do the same to the Kurds of Anatolia. PS: I say these words to Erdogan and his ilk not to the righteous Turks who already oppose him.
42. Turkey erasing Armenians and the Kurds
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (03.20.10)
43. erdogan - new iranian spokesman
eporue ,   europe   (03.20.10)
why does he do that ? (a) it does damage turkeys reputation worldwide. (b) as especially europe does know quite much abouts turkey history (= skeletons in the closet) his statements are embarrassing and compromising himself as a person. so - his new syria/iran-spokesman role must have some other advantages for him (or turkey) ? big ones... but which ?
44. Our Muslim friends
Alexandre Chinovich   (03.20.10)
Iran was the best friend of Israel in the world of Islam - before 1979. Then Turkey had taken Iran's place - until the Turks brought a religious party to power. Who will replace Mubarak in Egypt in the nearest future? What New Middle East Mr. Peres dreams of when Israel is surrounded with its enemies by definition?
45. The Turks would do a great deal good for themselves to get
Roger ,   Paris, France   (03.20.10)
rid of this anti-Jewish racist, and the sooner the better.
46. Turkey wants to erase Armenians and that is actually true!
S.   (03.20.10)
47. Hakan not forgiveness - apology
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (03.20.10)
And apologizing for your mistake does not belittle you, in fact it is a virtue that elevates you. Something you Turks do npot know unfortunately. As far as slaughtering: Erdogan's interview at BBC where he said he would deport the 100 thousand Armenian workers only suggest that Turks indeed deported Armenians in 1915, making all Turkish excuses null. Iyi geceler Hakan. But I must say you have been sleeping too long under the AKP and his Islamist regime. I hope it is not to olate.
48. sıck world
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (03.21.10)
yeah kurds armenıans syrıans rums are rıght and ı am sorry my ancestors defended theır country when it was under ınvasion from several parts ın the tıme of armeanın ıssue ı am sorry for the ınterventıon of the turkısh army to save the turks ın cyprus before the madmen makarıos could wıpe them out so sorry that hatay is part of turkey whıle ıt should be syrıans... real friends are the ones who support you ın the hard tımes almost forgot not beıng sarcastic thıs tıme ı am sorry for those ınnocent armenıans who dıed in the roads starvıng ı really am also sorry for the kıd got kılled by ıdf yesterday unlıke israelis lastly recognıze the armeanın claıms ıf you support them why dont you?
49. Anton - Israel does not have a bill
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (03.21.10)
that recognizes Armenian forced exile as Genocide but your good friend LEBANESE have Canada, France Argentina, Uruguay all have. Israel have always supported Turkey in Cyprus while your Arab friends support the Greeks. Yes Turkey defended the Turkish minority in Cyprus just like Israel defends her citizens from attacks from Gaza that killed a Thai worker last week and many others in the past including Yuval Abebeh and Dorit Benisian 2 young toddlers. But your hypocrisy shows when you attack Israel for defending herself. Unlike Israel Turkey did not investigate the mass graves of Greeks found last year in north Cyprus. So maybe instead of constantly attacking Israel you should re evaluate your own issues and relations in the region. Do you think Lebanon that recognizes Armenian Genocide is a better ally then Israel for Turkey?
50. david
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (03.21.10)
ı dıdınt wrıte ınsult or attack just read all ısraelıs here they talk about armeıans kurds ıncludıng you was ther anythıng in my post to support arabs ı said ı am sorry for the kıd kılled by ıdf ı would have said same ıf the kıd was israelıs ı also dıdınt say you dont have rıght to defend yourself just lıke ı dıdınt say lebaneese france or arabs our friends more lıke ı was referrıng the old friednshıp between us ı dont know why every tıme you get ıt wrong
51. Anton - you wrote real friends support you in hard times
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (03.22.10)
This is why I mentioned that in the darkest times of Turkey such as the Cyprus matter, Israel (Turkey's KARA GUN DOSTU) was there to support Turkey while the Muslim brothers the Arabs supported the Greeks. When the USA established the arms embargo to Turkey after Cyprus which crippled Turkish economy to the degree that PM Ecevit declared the treasury is not even capable to me $1.00 payment and Erbakan was begging for oil in Saudi Arabia or being insulted in Libya, Israel played a big role in the removal of the embargo. Same with the Armenianbill in the USA. But just read the comments in Hurriyet, Haberturk, Milliyet or just the articles in Zaman about Isarel, many of them just plain lies and insults. So what do you expect the Israelis post about Turkey after reading all the unfairly harsh words coming from teh PM of Turkey about the only KARA GUN DOSTU that Turkey has in the region? What do you expect from David Israel when he was among the expatriate Turkish Jews who lobbied hard for the removal of the embargo in the 1980ies spending valuable time and even some money from his hard earned living? Please read Rifat Bali "Devletin ornek yurttaslari" and "devletin Yahudisi ve Oteki yahudi" learn to make some self criticism and try to make empathy (as my hemseri Ertugrul Ozkok recommends) with the others or in your language OTEKI.
52. david
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (03.22.10)
I do make self criticism just lıke ı said ı am sorry for armenıans dıed or about the pm's stance regardıng the isralei arap conflict and I agree and appriciate for the support israel gave to us why do you thınk ı am here saying israelis " please dont wrıte those kınd of comments" cause ıts posınıng the friendshıp as for the comments you mentıoned you are rıght there too most of the commentators are agaınst israel but the questıon is was ıt lıke thıs lets say a year ago? its same david you see ısraelis here already declared that turkey is an enemy countless tımes and ınsult her in every aspect just lıke some turks do the same ın hurrrıyet zaman etc etc david you know us more than anybody so you know what we thınk about arabs by the way thanks for your support in kara guns:)
53. Zionism = self destructive?
Levo ,   Istanbul, Turkey   (04.17.10)
The Turks have historically helped the Jewish people and now as friends the same Turks are telling Israel toi stop putting nail after nail into its own coffin! Racist zionism can only lead to blood shed and instability in the region which a nation like Israel with half the population of Istanbul cannot withstand. As for the false accusations of 'alleged Armenian genocide' no genocide against Arnenians ever took place. Alienating the most powerful nation in thje region namely "Turkey" would only have most negative consequences for tiny Israel from which even the US cannot extracite it!
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