Arab channels to air anti-Israel Turkish series
Published: 20.03.10, 09:04
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1. This business of apologizing
David ,   USA / ISRAEL   (03.20.10)
has to stop. quit bowing down to that ugly world and get your proud back you are not going to change this world quit apologizing
2. Satellite television station
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (03.20.10)
As I've posted before, Israel needs its own satellite television station not unlike al-Jazeera (very professional) but other than politics and current events it needs to display Israel both yesterday and today including the tensions, warts and accomplishments. The country is really a phenomenal one but even diaspora Jews don't realize it much less the rest of the world. The programmes should be aired in Hebrew, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Russian and English, of course.
3. Our boys in the Knesset
joe   (03.20.10)
They infuriate Israel ?. I wonder why ?. Keep apologizing to the world, to despicable islam with it's imams, mullahs, mosques and the rest of the muslim rif-raf. Being incapable or unwilling to reciprocate, you got what you deserve --- Make grand stand on the screen, blast each other (you call it democracy) and acquired taste for luxury living here and overseas seem to be the best you can portray here and abroad. Upgrading, upgrading, upgrading.......!
4. Can't wait to tune to MBC tonight
Nour ,   Palestine   (03.20.10)
5. Arab movie
Barbara ,   Haifa, Israel   (03.20.10)
Why doesn't the Israeli movie producers put out our version (the truth) of what has happened and what is happening in Israel. The Arab cruelty, stone throwing, bombs, suicide killings, etc. Get them at their own game but show real life pictures (of course, you need relatives permissions).
6. This is a Muslim-Arab "gesture towards peace". I wonder if
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.20.10)
Mr. Barake Hussein Obama and team would react to this and similar gestures...??
7. The Quartet has awoken the Arab Zombies
Brod ,   USA   (03.20.10)
All the Quartet dark forces did is awaken their counterpart Arab Islamist-Jihadist zombie dark forces to bark at Israel. Is this the kind of Quartet that Israel should tolerate? Should Israel give in to these dark forces as lame ducks and sheeps to be led to the slaughter place as they did in the Holocaust of WWII. Israel is stronger than this. It is time for Israel to get tough on the Quartet. So long as Israel is seen as weak by the Quartet, they will continue to bully and push Israel to the slaughter house. Now is the time for Israel to be united, resolute and strong in defending against the onslaughts of the dark forces. The Quartet need to understand that Israel has its Samson Option to challenge their butchery. Nixon understood this very clearly in 1973.
8. about time to expose what IDF and israel is up to
sohaib ,   uk   (03.20.10)
good move arabs, Israel and most israelies dont want peace its clear now after 'N' iem time of peace talks boycote by israel. setlements, bombings raids massacres ....... it has to start somewhere. salam
9. Great!
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (03.20.10)
Israel could so easily establish an Arabic (as well as Bahasa, possibly Farsi and Urdu) satellite channel aimed at the Islamic world, with news, documentaries, movies, soaps, cultural programs, etc. whose effect would be to counter anti-Semitic propaganda, educate the Muslim world on the history of the conflict, and show modern Israel's true face. It is not a question of money because it would be relatively cheap, certainly compared to some of the nonsense we waste billions on. But it is obviously in the interest of many in Israel to keep the Arab/Muslim mind poisoned, keep the Israeli/Jewish mind poisoned (thru this type of reports), and thus perpetuate the conflict.
10. Turkish incitement reminiscent of Armeian genocide and...
bernard ross ,   st anns bay jamaica   (03.20.10)
...past jewish pogroms that were incited by the state. Incitement to genocide is a crime against humanity and Turkey knows that spreading lies about a people can lead to genocide. After all they are adept at that.
11. #8 Dumbing the Arab/Muslim World Down
Cynthia ,   USA   (03.20.10)
Pacify, incite, distort, mislead. That's the purpose of these films. They also divert attention from atrocities committed in the Arab/Muslim world which are well documented in print, video and film. These very same "filmmakers" who create anti-Israel propaganda would not receive funding to document atrocities in their own countries. In fact, they could face condemnation, arrest and their films would be banned for documenting the truth.
12. we are the turkeys
chaim ,   israel   (03.22.10)
el akl wil resume flights to turkey? we are fools.
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