McDonald's faces fine for Shabbat violations
Christal Gradiola
Published: 21.03.10, 09:01
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1. If someone wants to work on Shabbat
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.21.10)
then let him or her work. There are people in Israel that need them money. No one is fined if a moslim works on Friday or a Christian on Sunda. Stop discriminating against Jews. Some of us need the 150% we are paid for Shabbat work.
2. What a load of utter tripe
Sagi   (03.21.10)
and nonsense. When will this stupidity stop. It is becoming intolerable. I am so disgusted with this whole religious thing. it is making me turn against the country I love and have served all my life. I am really getting very annoyed over this looming specter of a Theocracy which we are approaching on a daily basis.
3. Silly laws
lafual ,   TA   (03.21.10)
Those silly ancient laws are what gives us our identity. Why suffer within Jewish state if you cannot suffer being a Jew. I am sure our neighbours over the fence would be more than willing to pay the airfares of those looking for a more flexible society.
4. Feed your kids garbage and have them work at
Al   (03.21.10)
Mcdodo jobs and very soon you will be that much poorer. The once upon great nation of America is a fat lazy dumb nation, peopled by fat lazy dumb people, and thats where you will be. In America a family meal is a once a year event (Thanksgiving). Tthe rest of the year the people run around like mice eating garbage at 100's of 1000's of fast food garbage dives. Raise your own food, prepare it well and eat at your family table. Dogs and cats eat in the streets, you as members of families should eat at home. It all starts with family and there is where the strength of any society rests. Eating garbage at the shouk will not bode well for your body, your soul and your society.
5. #1-2 Torah Way or the highway, or the airway, or seaway.
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (03.21.10)
6. G-d gave us a day of rest and some people are too stupid to
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.21.10)
take the gift. For once a court had some good sense.
7. Response for Number 4
Richard ,   USA   (03.21.10)
Oh, Al - so much prejudice and so much non-sense. if you don't like the beautiful nation of America, think twice before you take advantage of the fruits of hard work that goes on here. If the people here are so dumb, enjoy the smartness that the Israeli education system provides, with children scoring less and less, every year, on standardized international tests. If you despise so much my beautiful country, what about refusing to use technological and medical advances and me, and others, spend our days and nights developing and perfecting? As far as a family meal being a once a year event - you are quite misinformed, and that is pathetic. Get informed before you express your libelous and derogatory opinions. And if you have anything more to say about my beautiful country, make sure you are informed first, and make sure you do not lie and twist the truth.
8. this is a jewish state
zionist forever   (03.21.10)
Israel is a jewish state & until they are legally classed as adults the youth have certain extra restrictions over what they can do and not do. It seems kind of out of touch with reality but lets be glad that the country still hasn't forgoton its not only a jewish state when it comes to international politics.
9. Seperation of synagogue and state
James   (03.22.10)
Just a suggestion. Practice the values your "trying to teach" the arab world. Unless your trying to teach the Arabs something else?
10. # 8 this is a democratic state
Avi ,   Israel   (03.22.10)
hate to break it to you but the modern state of Israel is a democratic state. You can not and will not impose religious law on those who dont belive or follow such rules end of. If you want to keep Shabbat thats your choice but we have a choice. Israel is not a state run according to Jewish law and never will be so deal with it.
11. Everyone should keep the Sabbath
SarahSue ,   USA   (03.22.10)
Why? Because it is part of the Ten Commandments. Those that think otherwise will have a chance to explain why they think they can pick and choose on Judgement Day. Good luck with that! I have never understood why people that think it is wrong to steal, think that they to not have to keep the Sabbath. The Sabbath is part of the same Law. Keep it all, or ignore it all and accept the consequences. No one where I live keeps the Sabbath but me. How lucky you Israelis are to have a whole country that honors the Sabbath. Wish I was there.
12. #8
mark ,   ca   (03.22.10)
So if a teenagers want to make few extra Shekels on the day off, he/she can't do that? What about rest of the week?Pathetic approach.
13. Obviously they work because they have to
israel   (03.22.10)
Better in McDonalds than washing car windows on motorways or selling beigals at motor intersections.
14. Shabbath rest IS the LAW OF THE STATE
Sergio   (03.22.10)
it's NATIONAL CULTURE, not religion; it's STATE LAW, not Synagogue; it is HUMAN RIGHTS not slavery. ONE of the most important contributions of the Hebrew civilization to the world, and the most derided, opposed, idea by brutal civilizations like the Babylonians, the Greeks, the Romans, etc., has been the idea of A HOLY DAY OF REST FOR EVERYONE, an idea by which ultimately NO ONE is a rights-less slave to a master, or to a job. Try to break blue laws in the US, you who, slave to profit-├╝ber-alles logic criticize Shabbath Laws!
15. #11 Sarah Sue how out of touch you are
Avi ,   Israel   (03.22.10)
First of all Israel is a democratic state, the majoirty of people are secular. You can not impose religious law on non belivers. Why should i observe something i dont belive in? If you wish to observe Shabbat then thats your choice. Obviouly you have not driven along the coast road on a saturday afternoon !
16. To #11 SaraSue and the other Damn Yanks!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (03.22.10)
Mind your own business and don't tell others how to live! People have a right to chose the way they live and you and the other religious fanatics do NOT have the right to dictate to others. If they did then the Christians in the USA could tell the Jews which day to observe as the Sabbath. What you "proclaim" is religious coercion and the more you try to force people to do what you want the more they will rebel. Ask President Obama and he will tell you about that after he meets with Netanyahu! If you are so envious about the Sabbath and keeping Jewish Law then why do you live in the USA? As for your "How lucky you Israelis are to have a whole country that honors the Sabbath. Wish I was there." why don't you make Alyiah and then you will have earned the right to meddle in OUR system. Until then, BUTT OUT!
17. Are you serious?
Karl ,   Australia   (03.22.10)
I thought Israel was secular. Does it include ethnic Jews or only religious Jews? This is insane. The country seems to be turning into just another barbaric religious theocracy.
18. #14
mark ,   ca   (03.22.10)
"'s NATIONAL CULTURE, not religion; it's STATE LAW, not Synagogue; it is HUMAN RIGHTS not slavery." This is a paradox. State law interfires with a human rights.In the civilized world if you like,you can work 7 days a week as lond there is no damage to others.
19. noN COSHER
hANZALAHNAJI   (03.22.10)
20. Shabbat
Dave ,   Bs.Aires-Argentina   (03.22.10)
Excuse me, but as a Jew living outside Eretz Israel (And a lot of relatives living there), I'm realizing that, in the last times, it's an advance of the religious issues over the secular Israeli people. If a Non-Jew or a secular Jew likes to work in Saturday, he has the RIGTH to do so, because Israel is a DEMOCRATIC STATE. If not , the State will be a THEOCRACY , and I think it is like a Talibanization of our beloved Israel, that must be the LIGHT of THE FREEDOM in the Middle East. Please don't mix the CIVIL RIGHTS with the HALACHA , because the latter is a matter of FAITH, and should not be applied forcefully to all of the people living in a DEMOCRACY, instead it should be followed (or not) by the choice of the individuals. If this trend continues, it will be another fact that will be used as a propaganda against Israel by the Anti-Semites in the world. I was discussing the issue of the Sabbath with my Jewish brothers here, and more than half of them agree with my point of view. Respectfully
21. Laws and Money
ben Ish   (03.22.10)
Without respect for the Laws of YHWH, then you have nothing to prevent the laws of greed from dominating society. Once you remove religious morality from your system of government, then those who make the rules will continually make legislate more money and power to themselves, at the expense of the liberty of the people. As long as money rules the day, the governments of man are doomed to fail. Enforcing the Sabbath on businesses is a blessing for you mindless seculars, and you are too blind to understand. Not only do those business want you to work on *any* day of the week, they would have you work on *every* day of the week, and without the extra pay, and as many hours as you are awake. I suggest you reconsider your objections to the State standing between corporations and you. It is a protection and a blessing. Corporations have a vested interest in depriving you of your humanity. Religion and morality are the only brakes in the process. Like I said, you need to reconsider the value of a legislated day off.
22. Give up on Shabbos..G-d's day or rest
Al   (03.22.10)
and soon G-d may just give up on you. Read your history if indeed you can read to get an idea of how things have gone down all throughout Jewish histoty. Keep the Shabbos for thats whats keeping the Jews in Israel, otherwise move to Canada and buy my dive. I accept US Dollars only. 479K will get you my dive.
23. No. 7 Richard
NYC Girl   (03.23.10)
Before you go off on your own rant against the Israeli education system, you should know that Al is a Canadian...not an Israeli. Not only that, but this particular diatribe against America is nothing compared to his unrelenting criticism of Israelis, ranging from the fact that they're not religious just about anything else you can think of.
24. #23 you're damn right honeybun
Al   (03.23.10)
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