Mahmoud al-Zahar: Qassams helping Israel
Ali Waked
Published: 21.03.10, 07:25
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1. jerusalem is pali violant riot the rockets
ghostq   (03.21.10)
r also pali violant, he blame Israel for his own behavior, ammm no he just can't face the fact that palis got violant nature and they send their children to do it for them, they can't even control themselves, so with this thing Israel suppose to make peace? no nobody can. let them rot in that situation.
2. Everyone's an Int'l Law Expert/Prior J/lem Arab Experience
Dallas ,   Canada   (03.21.10)
1) Hamas... Hello pot meet kettle. International law goes both ways. 2) Anyone care to remember what Jerusalem was like during Jordan's ILLEGAL occupation 'til '67??? How short is everyone's memory.
3. Qassams helping Israel -
Psalms 83 ,   Selah   (03.21.10)
Qassams helps no one .... they were the number one reason for cast lead.... had they not been fired Gaza would not be in the mess it is today.... convince hamas factions to quit and many things will improve....
4. Zahar is correct
Robert ,   Brisbane, Australia   (03.21.10)
Qassams create very little damage. It is rare anyone is hurt let alone killed. Last week's death was one in a million. But Zahar is right, Israel appreciates the firing of these home made squibs because of the imagined sympathy from the rest of the world and to retaliate with the latest state-of-the-art weapons that invariably slaughter Gazans on a disproportionate scale
5. Missiles a conspiracy to help Israel
Peter O ,   Dallas, U.S.A.   (03.21.10)
If Dr. Mahmoud al-Zahar is right, then after 14,000 missiles it appears someone in Gaza is crazy in love with Israel. They should stop the missiles and other terrorist activities and teach those Jews a stiff lesson. As usual, the Palestinian leadership seems to be on LSD.
6. to #4 last week someone got killed by rocket
ghostq   (03.21.10)
he was foreinger from Thailand.,7340,L-3864628,00.html you r literaly trying to justify murder. mmm you incorage criminals.
7. This is True
Ezra ,   USA   (03.21.10)
By firing rockets at Israel, the bi-polar Iranian proxies are actually shooting themselves in the foot in terms of public opinion. However, this will not end because HaShem sends disorganization and chaos into their camps to keep them off balance, fighting against one another.
8. al-Zahar is our own joke. :)
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.21.10)
9. #4
mark ,   West covina usa   (03.21.10)
Yeah no big deal. How would you like to have rockets shot in your neighborhood shmuck. It is an act of war. No big deal.
Ali ,   Villanova -USA   (03.21.10)
Isarel supllies them to their Agents in GAZA..and they FIRE.. GAZA is an OFFTELAVIV theater for Israel and Ochestrates all this.. WHY..and WHY NOT..Israel Plays as it likes and puts the WHOLE show on...Israel is in charge of the WHOLE Play...and the SCRIPT never Changes.... Poor Israel ATTACKED..No serious DAMAGE... and always...The GAZANs pay with their Lives... Who gets SYMPATHY..ISRAEL..
11. #4
Stan ,   Melbourne   (03.21.10)
What's your problem? You have taken over from Bannister being the number 1 anti semite on this Ynet. Notice you haven't been to Israel and are talking through your backside. No clue just hatred.
12. the 1967 borders and jerusalem
tom ,   toronto, canada   (03.21.10)
with the twisted logic that only a palestinian terrorist leader can imagine, fayyad argues for the 1967 borders, but wants jerusalem. jerusalem was considered "occupied territory", NOT because of israel's conquest in 1967, but because of the illegal occupation of jerusalem in 1948, BY ARAB FORCES, in contravention of united nations resolutions and international law. not only do the palestinian claims to east jerusalem have no legal foundation, but they also would reward an illegal occupation (by jordanian forces), as well as the illegal ethnic cleansing of east jerusalem and the destruction of jewish holy sites in the city. in fact, this week's violent arab outrage that the israelis have "dared" to reconstruct a synagogue in the old city's jewish quarter is evidence that their hatred and intolerance has not changed, and more than ample proof that they should NEVER be allowed to have control over ANY religious sites. "east jerusalem" and "west jerusalem" are not separate cities, any more than any other city and its suburbs are separable.
13. oh sweet paranoya I told you
ghostq   (03.21.10)
that people who based their entire lives on hate end up hurting themselves.
14. What kind of idiot believes Hamas isn't behind these rockets
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (03.21.10)
Hamas, with 20,000 "troops" plus as many "police", is easily capable of controlling rocket fire from this tiny area, as well as rocket manufacture - not as easy as the media portrays. Do you see angry Israelis retaliating daily with their own "homemade Qassams"? These are Hamas rockets - internded to continue to disrupt Israeli life, which is the purpose of t-e-r-r-o-r-i-s-m!!! Zahar's goal is to continue firing rockets into Israel even after peace treaty, claiming inability to stop them. If world community doesn't want israel to retaliate, world community can accept unlimited financial liability for all rocket damage, direct and indirect, and reimburse Israel without question in hard currency within 24 hours, however much they demand (e.g. US demanded $250 million for pilot killed by Cuba). Notice that nobody is offering to do this, or spend billions to reinforce Israel's homes and schools. So massive retaliation will continue. No country in the history of the world has put up with this. Thinking Israel should is a form of anti-semitism - that Jews have no right to fight back.
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