PM: Building in Jerusalem is like building in Tel Aviv
Roni Sofer
Published: 21.03.10, 10:56
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1. Telegraph reporting that Bibi rejected Clinton's demands
jason ,   haifa   (03.21.10) He refused to cancel construction of 1,600 settler homes which lie at the heart of the crisis, offering instead to delay their construction - a proposal understood already to have been made and rejected "Netanyahu thinks that Obama has blinked, but he's wrong," the source said. "This is not over yet." Also Washington Post reported that the document Bibi gave to clinton were only suggestions. Please correct the headline. he didn't cave
2. Bibi should leave his office. He betrayed his voters.
Israeli Jew   (03.21.10)
Jerusalem is more important to jews than anything else. It's more important than the peace agreement, our relations with the US, and even our security. We will never give Jerusalem away. Not when we've finally liberated it from foreign conquerors after 2000 years of exile. This is the opinion of over 90% of Israeli jewish population. No PM, no matter what the Americans will say or do, could give Jerusalem away.
3. To israeli jew yeshiva reporting bibi will still build
jason ,   haifa israel   (03.21.10)
Yeshiva world reporting it is business as usual in jerusalem construction and nothing has changed and the israel land authortiy has been told nothing has changed.
4. Stay strong Bibi
Lioness ,   Israel   (03.21.10)
Jerusalem is our eternal capital forever. It has been our eternal capital for over 3000 years and will remain that way. You must remind everyone that the only time Judea and Samaria were occupied is from 1948 until 1967 by the Jordanians. We liberated the area. Jordan was known as eastern Palestine part of the mandate. Jordan occupies 78% of the mandate land with a Palestine population of 77% of the people. Jordan IS Palestine.
5. FINALLY....
FO ,   Belgium   (03.21.10)
Finally PM Netanyahu voices the same words as the Late Eugene Rostow, in an article that appeared in The New Republic on April 23, 199O, and I quote: "The Jewish right of settlement in the West Bank is conferred by the same provisions of the Mandate under which Jews settled in Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem...". Pr. Rostow was US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs between 1966 and 1969, and was the co-author of UN Resolution 242 which spoke of withdrawal "From Territories" and not "From THE Territories" when the Sinai Desert was still in Israeli hands.
6. Why not ?!!! An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.21.10)
If so .....Jerusalem, such as Tel Aviv Abu Mazen must be brave and announce that Tel Aviv such as Ramallah .....Tal aviv which its original name was Tal- Al- Rabie at the time of our ancestors, the Canaanites....
7. Voters abandoning bibi will get livni and obama's wish
jason ,   haifa israel   (03.21.10)
Obama wants livni. She and olmert offered saudi arabia and five arab states control of jerusalem holy sites. kadima offered 100,000 palestinian refugees in israel. Kadima offered road from west bank to gaza. Kadima was going to agree to UN ships off gaza border and UN troops in gaza and un troops at border with gaza and israel. Kadima set up EU between israel and gaza. Kadima left gaza for iran.
8. #2 No problem in giving East Jerusalem, it's Arab
Israeli Jew2   (03.21.10)
East Jerusalem was never liberated - it's still Arab and I prefer thta part of city is not becoming part of Israel.
9. Netanyahu still didn't get it yet; East J is occupied
Realist   (03.21.10)
and Tel Avib is not. Build in Tel Aviv and Israel proper as much as you want but settling in East Jerusalem remains a crime because it's part of the occupied territory.
10. Actions speak louder than words Bibi so dont talk do
zionist forever   (03.21.10)
Build the 1600 homes in Ramat Shlomo now and if Clinton, Biden & Obama say stop tell them this same speech your making now and continue building. Prove your not the Bibi of the 90s who gave away Hebron which is the second holiest city to jews. Are you going to give into the demands of a communist, Israel hating president and his racist policy that parts of the capital will be off limits to jews? Surrender to the enemies demands and your coalition partners will pull out and Likud will never forgive you.
11. To ask a Jew, only because he/she is Jewish, to refrain from
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.21.10)
residing in certain villages, towns or city neighborhoods is racism, anti-Jewish racism. Sadly, this is what the Obama/Clinton team is engaged and they still call themselves "liberal" and "progressive". How pathetic...!!
12. Israeli jew Livni offered saudi arabi jerusalem holy sites
jason ,   haifa israel   (03.21.10)
Livni and Olmert offered saudi arabia and five other arab states along with un control over jerusalem holy sites and jewish quarter. Livni and olmert offered abbas 100,000 refugees and a road from gaza to saudi arabia. I give up it is happening again first time bibi was taken down by a clinton and we left lebanon and gaza to iran, hezbollah and hamas. Get off bibi's back. telegraph reported he rejected her demands. Enough with the bibi bashing. The right couldn't stand mccain and they got obamacare now. The people abandoning bibi are destroying israel and making obama and clinton get livni. I am sick over what people are doing to bibi.
13. Bibi kicked out and Israel left lebanon and gaza to iran
jason ,   haifa israel   (03.21.10)
yeah kick him out again. The israeli voters have done more damage to israel than anyone with their bibi hatred. Olmert humiliated israel against hezbollah making soldiers stay in homes and not move. I give up with the isreali voters with their bibi hatred. Enough is enough.
14. Israel jew voters like you will make Livni PM
jason ,   haifa israel   (03.21.10)
get ready to lose more wars and be humiliated by hezbollah. Livni was architect of gaza withdrawal. Get ready for more UN 1701 resolutions. Livni wants UN troops at gaza border into israel and un forces stationed in west bank and on israel/gaza border and UN ships off gaza's coast. Livni's whole deal is with restricting israel's military and she agreed to un resolution 1701 that puts un ships off lebanon's coast and they don't even restrict hezbollah. Olmert wanted strong UN forces at lebanon border but livni and olmert don't realize the french almost shot down israeli jet and UN forces have their weapons trained on israel not hezbollah. Livni restricted mossad in southern lebanon because of unifil and has restricted what idf can do because of unifil. Livni kisses butt to the europeans and when they cancelled the upgrade on her watch she turnerd around and blamed bibi and was silent when it happened.
15. Fooling yourself for past 42 years
Rob   (03.21.10)
East Jerusalem is under occupation; annexation by Israel was never recognized. The entire world made that clear, including US. Netanyahu should know that. Just because International law was broken for almost 42 years doesn't mean thinks are kosher when Netanyahu goes pariah too.
16. what a clown
Michael ,   Haifa   (03.21.10)
The first headline in YNET today "Netanyahu caves in to the Americans"...the next headline "his message to the American administration will be sharp and clear"...he is a genuine circus performer...a clown who tries to walk the tightrope...
17. Absolutely not the same if East Jerusalem included
JJ   (03.21.10)
18. 43 years of self-deception: Jerusalem Law not recognized
Yariv   (03.21.10)
Ever wondered why there are no embassies in Jerusalem?! Annexing East Jerusalem areas was never recognized; believing otherwise is self-deception. It's good that border discussions have become important part of forthcoming negotiations.
19. 7
zionist forever   (03.21.10)
You hit the nail on the head. Bibi is trouble and we need somebody stronger but the problem is Likud has not yet found themselves somebody capable of replacing Bibi and winning elections. Sadly Yisrael Beitanu can't win an election because I think that Liberman has potential to be a good PM given the oportunity. Hold an election now and we will probably get Livni and Obama running the country and Jerusalem in the hands of the whabis. Likud need to find and build up somebody who can replace Bibi and at the same time work on destroying Kadima. Livnis popularity is starting to improve both within the party and nationally and so Likud need to destroy Kadima before the election and its too late.
20. Ramat Shlomo is Arab? There's no east and west in Jerusalem
Israeli Jew   (03.21.10)
It's located to the west of Hadasa Hospital and Har Atzofim campus of the Hebrew university. Do you find these sites Arab as well? The whole city of Jerusalem must stay Israeli. There's no occupation in Jerusalem since all its Arab citizens have equal rights. Sometimes, like now, they even have more rights, since they are free to build where ever they want without the entire world protesting againt it.
21. Bibi
zznhl   (03.21.10)
Wow, what a dilemma...Who to lie to, Obamibama or your own people! Looks like you chose us this time.
22. 6 & 9
zionist forever   (03.21.10)
Salma You really do need to learn a little about history Your ancestors were not the Cannaites. Your people are and always have been ARABS and all the arabs came from ARABIA not this part of the Middle East. The arab settlement of this area started mid-late 19th century and even then they were not there in substantial numbers till the zionists arrived and nomadic arabs from as far away as Iraq folowed the zionists who needed laborers. As for Tel Aviv originally being some Cannanite city called Tal-Al-Rabble I think you will find once again your wrong. in 1909 Terl Aviv was built from scratch by the zionists because their numbers were growing and there was a shortage of land in Yaffo. It was built on empty sand dunes not the remains of some ancient city. If your going to make claims I really do suggest you get your facts right first. Realist Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and Israel alone. It has never been anybody elses capital. In 1949 the city was artificially divided for the first and last time in its history. Israel got the west and made it the capital and Jordan got the east and it became just another city and the jewish population were expelled and arabs moved into their homes. That is where the myth of arab east Jerusalem came from. Before the city was divided in what was Palestine arabs mostly lived in scattered villages or cities like Jaffa whilst the jews were urban and Jerusalem ( the whole city ) was mainly jewish. Its only occupied territory because the arabs say it is and considering the palestinians own history is a myth then their claims to Jerusalem are even weaker. Jerusalem must remain united under Israeli control and we certainly can't give up the Old City.
23. to #19 zionist forever
fady egypt   (03.21.10)
you said that lieberman is good as pm ok lieberman positions pa state without tough conditions divide jerusalem no strong positions on jordan valley or judean desert,7340,L-3678816,00.html while bib said pa state but with recognizing israel as jewish state united jerusalem keeping the blocs jordan valley judean desert the difference between bibi and liberman bibi is right wing lieberman left wing bibi is weak under pressure lieberman is strong bibi hasnt leftist vision lieberman has a leftist vision
24. #22 Al-Quds is Arab
Nour ,   Palestine فلسطين   (03.21.10)
Not only is it Arab, but in 1948 even the Western villages (today's "West" Jerusalem) was filled with Arabs, in fact many thousands, who were expelled during the Naqba into the West Bank and Gaza Strip. East Jerusalem is an Arab city and will be the capital of Palestine. You on the other hand will be destroyed if you continue to lie to yourself and impose your fairy tales onto the entire world!
25. :: It doesn’t matter what Israel thinks…
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (03.21.10) only matters what others agree upon. The fact that Israel cannot get the international community to recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel only goes to demonstrate that Israel is not a sovereign nation. It is quite simple: a nation is only considered ‘sovereign’/legitimate by international popular vote (this is known as External Consensus Sovereignty). Obviously Israel is not generally recognized by many countries (eg: the Arab nations) and most other nations treat Israel as a lonely pariah state which, in fairness, they don’t give a damn about. By not recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital the International community is not affording nor recognizing Israeli sovereignty. Without such International agreement Israel will never be accepted as a modern sovereign nation.
26. The temple was jewish before muchamad was born
shai ,   israel   (03.21.10)
there is no palestine stop spreading your lies all you want is to destroy the jewish nation you dont give a damn about this territory
27. To # 24
Leah ,   Israel   (03.21.10)
Noar you are delusional. Since the 1800s the Jews in Israel including Jerusalem were the majority. You are fed with a lot of lies by your so called corrupt leaders who keep most of the population poor and hungry so that you can be angry with Israel. Your best bet is to join your people in Jordan which is Palestine as it has a Palestinian majority 77% of the people and Jordan occupies 78% of the mandate land. Jordan IS Palestine!
28. To Noar # 24
shulamit ,   Israel   (03.21.10)
Jerusalem is not mentioned once in the Koran. Jerusalem has been Israel's undivided capital for over 3000 years. It is the eternal capital city of the Jewish people and will always be our undivided eternal capital. The only time it was divided is when the Jordanians captured it from us in 1948 but thank G-d we liberated it with G-ds help in 1967. When the Jordanians occupied Jerusalem Jews and Christians were not able to pray at their holy places now under Israeli rule everyone can pray in jerusalem. It is you who lives in fantasy land.
29. NOUR
even i , as a muslim educated person, an iranian muslim, know that prior to 1948, THE JEWS WERE THE MAJORITY IN JERUSALEM, ESPECIALLY EAST JERUSALEM, NOT TO MENTION WEST JERUSALEM. the jews prior to 1948 were numbered 80,000 present in jerusalem on east and west part. arabs lives in east jerusalem in small numbers and mainly in surrounding villages, most like hovels in the sand. jerusalem has been mostly jewish with greater number of jews in there prior to 1948 or your naqbah. this city has never been arabic in any sense of the word and has never been important to arabs at all. it has not been important because NO SINGLE ARAB LEADER, IMAM, OR PERSON OF POLITICAL IMPORTANCE EVER VISITED IT PRIOR TO 1967. the east part was under jordanian occupation from 1948-1967 and in that time, it was filthy, held no importance to any arab leader or religious personality and not even a single imam or arab leader ever made a pilgrimage or visited the eastern part or the arab mosque. EVER! what the arabs did from 1948-1967 was to neglect east jerusalem, to not ever allow jews their religious right to pray at the western wall, to desecrate jewish cemetaries and use jewish head stones to pave arab latrines and roads and to treat the western wall as a place where donkeys pooped and the garbage never picked up. this is not how you treat a place that you claim is the most important place to arabs. not to mention that you, "palestinians" NEVER DEMANDED A STATE OF YOUR OWN DURING 1948-1967. YOU NEVER REBELED AGAINST THE HASHEMITE KINGDOM AND NEVER DEMANDED YOUR RIGHTS AND YOUR OWN COUNTRY AS A SEPARATE PEOPLE. THIS IS BECAUSE YOU WERE ARABS, NOT PALESTINIANS PRIOR TO 1967. it is only because the jews finally won east jerusalem in 1967 that you arabs all of a sudden appeared as palestinians. if you want to study history, be my guest. but do not be under the illusion and lies that arafat sold to you arabs for eternity. YOU HAVE AS MUCH RIGHT IN EAST JERUSAlem as jews do since they constituted the majority priot to 1948 when you still called yourselves arabs rather than the fictitious "palestinians". as to your you recognize the naqbah committed and perpetrated on one million jews living in all arab lands for millenia even before the advent of islam???? one million of them were kicked out of all arab lands when israel was born. before that they were persecuted, mutilated, pogromed against and often hanged in public squares out of arab vengeance and hate for jews. NOW, THIS IS A CORRECT ACCOUNT OF HISTORY, NOT TO MENTION THAT ARABS (HAJ AMIN AL HUSSEINI) HAS NOT BEEN BETTER TO JEWS LIVING AS MAJORITY IN JERUSALEM PRIOPR TO 1948. if you want to comment about history, start with the truth rather than a self interested lie. go back to school. not the "palestinian" school, but the school of real doccumented history. hameed aboughaze, iranian
30. What the Arabs think as well
Jackie ,   Florida   (03.21.10)
The problem is that the Arabs also regard Tel Aviv the way they do Jerusalem. Both they falsely claim are Arab cities as is all of Israel. Take a look at their maps, the history they teach their children. No peace is possible with them.
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