Report: Current Knesset most racist of all time
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 21.03.10, 12:45
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1. Democratic state LOL
Avi ,   Israel   (03.21.10)
Israel is a democratic state, as long as your Jewish, religious, and hetrosexual. The rest of you please be quite and dont make to much noise, what ever next, equal rights for everyone ? Well we cant have that can we ?
2. Acts violating loyalty to State of Israel costs citizenship
Gila   (03.21.10)
If I don't support those Apartheid laws, will I get my citizenship revoked?!
3. Welcome to the ME: Israel adopted Arab system
Sam   (03.21.10)
4. Why going half way, Pals must no longer be allowed to vote
Baruch   (03.21.10)
Arabs, left wing traitors and anyone who does not swear loyalty to G-d and Torah must not be allowed to vote in next Knesset. This is a Jewish state.
5. The current Knesset has passed good legislation
zionist forever   (03.21.10)
WE HAVE ALREADY WITNESSED THE KILLING OF ARAB CITIZENS BY THE POLICE IN OCTOBER 2000 In October 2000 rioters ended up getting killed by the police, it had nothing to do with the fact they were arabs it was because they were rioting and throwing rocks they forget to mention. Also a jew was killed by one of those rocks I don't see them mentioning his death. Alot of the non politically correct legeslation its passed is long overdue like public funding of nakba memorial events. Why should taxpayers fund events designed to mourn the fact Israel was created? No other country would have done. It has passed legislation demanding that even arabs swear loyalty to the state and forbids the desecration of national symbols. Why shouldn't we demand arabs swear loyalty to the state if they want to be citizens of? If they don't want to be loyal Israeli citizens then we will gladly let them move to Gaza in exchange for their Israeli passport. This Knesset has been one of the best ever with regard to legislation and not one to be ashamed of but if the Mossawa Centre don't like it thats their problem they don't make legislation in Israel.
6. Democratic State?! AHAHAHAHA
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (03.21.10)
I deny that Israel is a democratic state !!! Should I go to jail now? LOL ! They are so ridiculous !
7. #4 Baruch how about only those who pay taxes
Avi ,   Israel   (03.21.10)
How about giving the vote only to those who pay taxes, work , contribute to the state and serve in the army? So thats your ultra orthdox friends out of it. Do you really expect a secular person who does not belive in God or your Torah to swear allegience to the state based on a religious belief they do not share ? I see rascism is alive and well ! In case you have forgotten we still have free .This is a democratic state not a state run accoriding to Jewish law and never will be so deal with it buddy.
8. China also offers democracy
Mao   (03.21.10)
as long as you stay loyal to the communist party.
9. Every second student opposed to grant right to vote to Arabs
Bush   (03.21.10)
Carter was right, Israel is turning into an Apartheid state.
10. Jewish state vs democracy
Yitzchak ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.21.10)
I'm a little confused. All you leftists want separation of State and Religion, but yet the Israeli Declaration of Independence itself refer to Israel as a "Jewish" (first) democratic (second) state. The term "Jewish" is a term referring to RELIGION. So, I'm confused as to why the original secular founding fathers of Israel declared Israel a "Jewish" state and not simply a "democratic" state? And don't give the argument that it says that "Israel is a home for the Jews" - Nowhere in that document does it say that. What? Were Ben-Gurion and Weizman so stupid?
11. Oh, do tell!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.21.10)
Funnily enough, if someone were to shatter the windshield of my car, I'd probably be a little bit upset. If someone were to burn tires and throw cinderblocks, I'd probably be a little bit upset. It is the Palestinians who are racist. Israel is merely responding to their violent racism. As any other country would do.
12. 'Mossawa Center' is anti-Israel organization
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem   (03.21.10)
Does it make any sense at all that an organization which incites against the right of the majority top determine the character of the the state, refuses to participate in its defense, has members of Parliament who regularly support the state's enemies present themselves as a 'right's group'.
13. Israelis become more racialist
Goliath   (03.21.10)
Based on the facts, it can be concluded that Israelis are indeed racialist, but now they are more racialist. It appears that the trends are moving more and more to the racialist extreme. Finally, it is really strange that many talk-backers on this site say that Israel is a Jewish state, but as far as I know the vast majority of Israelis are secularist and the government is run dominantly by secularists. Therefore, the claim of Jewish state is not correct. Of course, it may be correct if the statement is changed to Juice state, that is a state producing juice products.
14. Perhaps it time to ask the Muslim-Arabs who conducted this
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.21.10)
study: Why do you single out one people, the Jewish people, and refuse to accept its right to national self-determination and independence? Singling out a people, a race, is a racist act, a racist attitude from which, in our preset context, many acts of anti-Jewish racism are derived. But the "learned" people conducted the study didn't ask this question and continue to refuse to answer positively in response: Yes, the Jewish people, as all other peoples, has the right of national self-determination and independence. Thus, I hold them to be racists, anti-Jewish racists. And when their racism will cease perhaps we could all sit back and review a variety of policies, including the demand that an Israeli citizens not only demands rights but also meets all responsibilities of all other citizens, and that includes Muslim-Arabs...!!
15. AVI - Thank you <3
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (03.21.10)
16. #10: Did you read all?
Uri   (03.21.10)
"it will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex"
17. New Israel Fund money at work in the Mossawi terrorist group
eli ,   haifa   (03.21.10)
New Israel Fund money at work in the Mossawi terrorist group
18. to AVi nearly forgot, in real democracy
ghostq   (03.21.10)
minority as your sector or as Arab sector don't dectate the majority main stream policy, that would make it totalitarion regim, you want change join the main stream instead of accusing it in racism, you don't do any good by accusing main stream in racism cause usualy the counter normal reaction would be SHUT UP, none will say "oh you right, I am sorry" everyone knows it is not realistic.
19. none of those bills are in any way racist
soludo   (03.21.10)
And who the hell are "Mossawa Center"? Another basement outlet of NIF? LOL.
20. to #7 boss setlers serve the IDF,
ghostq   (03.21.10)
You r confused with ultra orthodox, now you say about racism? cause the last time I checked Setlers not onlt serve the IDF, but going fot the comander position. your blind hate to everything that religious blind your judgment.
21. to #13 ammm y there r not any minorities
ghostq   (03.21.10)
in palestinians area, and the few that left run away from there. mmm sound like racist entity for me, how many jews r in the Mukata? oh not one, how many chritians in the Mukata? on not even one Druz maby, mmm so you got only Muslims Arabs there, gees before crying racist look in the mirror.
22. Zionist forever
Rosie   (03.21.10)
Thank you for your post.
23. #16 not possible
Yitzchak ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.21.10)
It's not possible to ensure "equality" for all and to retain the "Jewish" character of the state that is mentioned first and foremost in this document. Especially when G-d's idea of the Judaism IS NOT DEMOCRATIC. Nowhere in the Bible is the concept of democracy mentioned. So Ben-Gurion and Weizman were morons.
24. Legislation
"Academic scholarships for soldiers who served in combat units – initiated by MK Robert Tiviaev (Yisrael Beiteinu) and MK Arieh Eldad (National Union" What is racist about this?! What is wrong with it? These soldiers, that sacrifice their lives, - Jews, Druze, Beduins, Cherkesians, Russian, Ukrainian, etc.,- MUST get not only scholarships, they MUST get FREEEEEEEEEEE! higher education and maximum assistance with jobs and housing. And those who don't sacrifice their lives, should pay the FULL cost of it. What are we talking about here, for God's sake? It is insane!!! Amendment of the Citizenship Law stipulating that a person who committed an act that violated loyalty to the State of Israel may have his citizenship revoked by the Interior Minister – initiated by MKs David Azoulay and Avraham Michaeli (Shas) Amendment of the Citizenship Law stipulating that a person who committed an act that violated loyalty to the State of Israel may have his citizenship revoked by the Interior Minister – initiated by MKs David Azoulay and Avraham Michaeli (Shas)
25. jewish state jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewish state
26. More Soviet poison
5th generation ,   Israel   (03.21.10)
THEY and their compulsive Orwellian mind control steamrolling are no less enemies of the state than any Islamic extremist - Arabs today, Jews tomorrow. No, already Jews today.
27. why confuse nationalism with racism?
OZ   (03.21.10)
many of the bills introduced and deemed"racist" ,are bills and laws for the state of israel and its citziens ,its jewish citizens. just iagie the arab response if jews in any of their contry demand laws tat acmodate hebrew signs ,for example.
28. How to Solve the Mossawi Problem:
bill ,   haifa   (03.21.10)
One camel and a one-way ticket to Syria!
29. Legislation
Rosie   (03.21.10)
"to revoke government funding for organizations acting "against the principles of the State" What sane state under High Heaven would FUND organizations acting against its principles?! What has it to do with racism???
30. #23, ohh, it's plenty possible
soludo   (03.21.10)
There is no contradiction between Jewish and Democratic. There is no "inequality" between citizens, just between cultures. And that's not anti-democratic in any way. Democracy is just how you elect the governing officials--by voting. That will NEVER change, not even if we completely end all subsidies to the Arabs and all support for their culture, something that is long overdue. They can be equal as individuals,. but NEVER as a community.
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