Netanyahu gives Clinton lesson in bureaucracy
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 23.03.10, 00:31
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1. Dinner with Joe Biden
Marty ,   Toronto Canada   (03.23.10)
Rumour has it Bibi will be eating Crow with Humble Pie for desert.
2. ...tries to demonstrate Israel's government not in control?!
Observer   (03.23.10)
3. Sounds like kowtowing to me
Jonny Gee ,   Boston, MA   (03.23.10)
Enough with the excuses. Bibi, get a spine.
4. Sounds like
Paul ,   Trinidad   (03.23.10)
Sounds like an an episode form the british comedy "Yes, Prime Minister". Maybe I am thinking of Monty Python or maybe... Anyway all a big joke, right Bibi?
5. White House
Daniel Freedman ,   Cleveland Heights   (03.23.10)
I am wondering if this time Bibi's meeting at the white house was during the day rather than at night like last time and if he was able to enter the front door rather than the servant door in the back, also like last time. He should have walked out.
6. Judiasm is 5,000 Years Old, Hillary 60
Dav Lev ,   Burbank, CAUSA   (03.23.10)
Make me P.M. of Israel, and I would have said something to Hillary (Obamas mouthpiece) that really would shake the rafters. " Build baby build" and then some, from Jerusalem north to Lebanon, south to Eilat, from the W. Bk to the Med. We in Israel make our future NOT the EU, the US, Arab League or Micronesia. We have fought 10wars started by the Arab world, their goal obvious. From El Fatah, to Fatah, to the PLO, to Hamas/'s all the same, a Judenrein Palestine. Make me P.M. folks, and you aint' seen nothing yet.
7. To #2 ...Just saying Israel is not a dictatorship.
Alex ,   Canada   (03.23.10)
8. #2
Galut ,   Selah   (03.23.10)
just a sovereign government with laws and procedures already on the books that should be honored
9. "Private Dinner" Tuesday night with obama, but the spirits
Jae ,   Lynn US   (03.23.10)
of Obamas anti Zionist friends and reverends and imams will be present as well... watch out Bibi. the trap is more than laid.
10. Peace or no peace
Jacob Edelman ,   Burke, USA   (03.23.10)
Peace or no peace... that is the question. I am convinced that if Israel was serious about peace making we would have peace by now. Israel seems to be living with the present in mind forgetting that the future is equally important.
11. Netanyahu is ever so cordial and gracious. Clinton appeased.
Daniel ,   Los Angeles   (03.23.10)
Netanyahu exemplifies quality statesmanship.
12. US aministration seeks its own downfall
Jaacov Baumann   (03.23.10)
Written since thousands of years and proven many times in history is the fact that those who seek to harm Israel only hurt themselves ! The US needs a goverment change !
13. To #2
mordechai ,   jerusalem   (03.23.10)
correct. the central government is not controlling municipal building application process. why should it and what's so strange here? unless as usual you're looking to fault israel in another crime.
14. inept bibi with bs
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (03.23.10)
why not tell hilary straight out, we will build in Jerusalem, keep your nose out and return the USA to the Indians and Mexicans, except for Florida which was bought up honestly by the Jews, honestly...
15. funny story
Eddie ,   london UK   (03.23.10)
It might be entertaining to the Americans to see bureaucracy at work, in any case it should demonstrate that it was not a deliberate snub to Biden.
16. Blaming the bureaucrats instead of the Palestinians
Settler Bureau   (03.23.10)
Now, that's what I call progress!
17. Netanyahu, even Israelis don't buy that excuse
Tuki   (03.23.10)
Trying to sell it to Clinton makes you look dumm!
18. Soon the bureaucrats are hold responsible for the occupation
Alitar   (03.23.10)
19. Bureauyahu gives Clinton a lesson in governance
Frodo   (03.23.10)
Pariah state governance.
20. Is there also a sketch illustrating the...
More sketches please   (03.23.10)
SHORT bureaucratic process entailed in preventing building permits for Arab houses?!
21. neither ُEast nor ًًWest Jerusalem recognized as Israeli
observer   (03.23.10)
No country has so far recognized Israeli sovereignty in either West or East Jerusalem. With regard to West Jerusalem, the European states have de facto accepted the applicability of Israeli law. The case of Yossele Schumacher; this young ultra-Orthodox boy was abducted in the 1960s by his father from Jerusalem to the United Kingdom. The British court applied the law in force in West Jerusalem, i.e., Israeli law. Interestingly, foreign states have not claimed that the law of occupation should apply to West Jerusalem." Another example is the Regency Hotel, formerly the Hyatt Hotel on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem. It is partly built in an area where there was an Israeli enclave from 1949 to 1967 and partly outside it. When official European representatives come to the hotel they go only into those parts located on land that belonged to this enclave.
22. Bibi 101
Jose ,   SJ USA   (03.23.10)
This is the best the Prime Minister of Israel could do? Show how complicated government proceeding are? To an American bureaucrat? To America? Embarrassing. I think the Obama Administration is correct in their ideductions. Bibi ain't all up there. He is not so smart. He is starting to look like the Sarah Palin of Israel. And I bet he can see Ahmadinejad from his window.
23. What a dumn title!
24. hope bibi showed up 90 min late for dinner with biden
zionist ,   miami   (03.23.10)
25. Support for Israel
john collignon ,   albany united states   (03.23.10)
Whatever happens to Israel should happen with the U.S.A. standing side by side with our closest ally[in my opinion]
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