MK proposes creating special town for African refugees
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 23.03.10, 11:58
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1. While you're building
Israel   (03.23.10)
Build a neighboring town for the non-Jewish russians who are also a threat to the Jewish demographics.
2. Does MK Katz listen to what he himself is saying?
Apa ,   NYC   (03.23.10)
His love for ethnic purity has led him to propose a separate area to be able to control impure and undesirable elements of society. Did he seriously propose this? Does he not understand the connotations of creating separate work-camps for parts of the population he deems undesirable?
3. Yaakov Katz - you sir, are sick and evil
Talula ,   Israel   (03.23.10)
Have you forgotten how 6 million Jews died, and it all started with the same concept. You should be fired immediately - you a clearly mentally unstable, not to mention sick in the head.
4. the new town won't be as glamorous as Tel Aviv !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.23.10)
So It is a ghetto not city..I guess that you're kidding..nothing more than
5. Katz shall never be forgotten.
Israeli 2   (03.23.10)
I am indeed sickened by his mentality and his statement. For the first time, I realize that there are sickos in Israel.
6. African town in the Negav.
Yochanan ,   P.R./Yasur,US/Il   (03.23.10)
Is this MK nuts?? Imagine what the world press could do with the news that Israel is building a town just for black-goys. It is no wonder why Israel is losing Amer. Jewish support.
7. I read on another IL websiteabout Murders and Crime by these
Alan ,   SA   (03.23.10)
8. Wonderful new Ghetto
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (03.23.10)
Mr. Katz is in good company. The concept was championed before in Poland. It was called the Ghetto. Unwanted humans could be fenced in, controlled and eventually disposed of. The idea that a MK would have the audacity to propose something, even remotely similar is an affront to every person who struggled to make Eretz Israel a reality. Someone so myopic, having such poor judgement and ethics should not represent the interests of the people of this country.
9. One sided article as usual
m   (03.23.10)
Where are the stories about Sudaneze gangs in Tel Aviv? All you liberals out there do you really want all poor Africa on your door? I know, the work they do is cheap and you don't have to pay them any insurance. Once they were running europe, now that the EU got fed up and stopped the invasion Israel has become an easy target.
10. Familiar sounding...
John ,   NYC, USA   (03.23.10)
Maybe the Africans will have "Arbeit Macht Frei" placed above the entrance to their town. And they could sing, "Yisrael Uber Alles" whilst they work. Nice to see NOTHING was learn from WWII in Katz's head.
11. Welcome to south africa/israel!
one EYE jack   (03.23.10)
12. ???
makao ,   FFM Germany   (03.23.10)
Israel ,Where do you think you’re going?
Yitzchak ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.23.10)
The more you sick self-hating leftists and Arabs scream and holler the more you just prove how "Jewish" a statement or concept is. Thanks for re-inforcing my conviction that Katz is our glorious true Jewish future.
14. העבודה משחררת
Humphrey Appleby ,   Whitehall, UK   (03.23.10)
I wonder who will "guard" those poor wretches?! Maybe some advice from former SA police officers on how to do a "proper" job - kitskonstabels? Sick, disgusting and no lessons learnt.
15. MK Katz, just get the fence built
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (03.23.10)
Just like America is building a fence along the Mexican border to keep illegals out we need to build the fence along the Egyptian border as soon as possible.
16. kneejerk talkbacks
tom ,   toronto, canada   (03.23.10)
nowhere has mk Katz suggested moving israelis to a newly built ghetto in the Negev. dark-skinned israelis are not "illegal immigrants". however, every normal country has the right to hold economic migrants masquerading as refugees, and to deport them back to where they entered (illegally) from. every normal country except israel, it would seem.
17. MK Katz's proposal regarding illegal immigrants
Joseph Ziv ,   Modiin , Israel   (04.09.10)
MK Katz has to be reminded that at one time or other we were all fleeing refugees, if not us, our parents were. They crossed many borders illegaly to run away from the persecuters and programs and the Nazi's. Katz does not represent any real Jewish Values,in the Torah, or Gmarah or Halacha, especially at this time of Passover when we remind ourselves that we were slaves in Egypt. Fortunately no one in the Knesset would ever agree with his"insane" proposal.
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