Rightist MK: British are dogs, who are they to judge?
Amnon Meranda
Published: 23.03.10, 13:36
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1. Mike's place three israelis killed by british bombers
jason ,   haifa israel   (03.23.10)
It could have been far worse if the second suicide bomber hadn't been stopped in time.
2. British are dogs says a suine
ezra ,   London   (03.23.10)
3. Time to kick out British Diplomats
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (03.23.10)
Time to kick out British Diplomats for spying in Israel. Funding left wing organizations.
4. speak for yourself
oferdesade ,   israel   (03.23.10)
he might be like YOUR dog. i happen to love my dog very much
5. his father not him mmm
ghostq   (03.23.10)
wow if that the case Britons should be banned from Israel and big parts of the blue plannet after Anchor mission the massacre they did to the arabs. Brits like to blame others while they did worse, and that includes "helping" in china they r the reason to communism in china since the boxers war. they tryed to drug the masses with oppium, mmm they distroyed families so they can rule there. they make me sick.
6. These MKs are only voicing what they learned
Erastus CoupeDeVille ,   Ong's Hat, NJ USA   (03.23.10)
a long time ago in shul. Not to worry though... this was all preceeded by a barking mad Prime Minister who recently gave a speech before the UN General Assembly while waving "recently found" blueprints of a WWII concentration camp.
7. Calm down - UK annoyance is over their perception
Bruno ,   Haifa   (03.23.10)
that UK passports were used wrongfully. There's nothing antisemitic in that.
8. Rightists
Marco ,   US   (03.23.10)
mark my words like this MK will be the first step in what will become the fall of Israel.. people like him drives our allies away...
9. to #2 according to Chirchil pigs r very
ghostq   (03.23.10)
loveable gentle creatures, unlike dogs who sniff each other in the reer as hello greatings.
10. UK lets in hezbollah spokesperson but bans michael savage
jason ,   haifa israel   (03.23.10)
The govt is scared to death of their core base the muslim vote and there is an election coming up and the best way to rally them is to pound israel. There are a lot of leftist govt's up for election in the next few years from spain to u.s to australia to uk. The new leader of chile is a right wing anti chavez leader. The left with their run away deficit policies, kissing up to dictators like assad, and their immigration policies will be put to the test. A lot of the voters they are appealing to don't vote and they are kicking core constituencies.
11. anti-semitism and anti-zionism.
sjoerd van der veld ,   hoorn- the netherlan   (03.23.10)
anti-semitism disguised as anti-zionism is an eternal silencer, just as the term: self-hating jew. these are 2 different phaenomanians. anti-semitism means: anti-jews, anti-arabs, anti-palestinians, anti-semitic peoples. anti-zionism means :against zionism, against an ism, against a political current, against an ideology, semitism is from sem, one of noach"s sons from the old testament of the bible, zionis m comes from zion (jerusalem/land of zion) the alyjas (back) to zion/israel/palestine.
12. Calm down. Let's first see what the Brits do.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (03.23.10)
Israel typically turns a blind eye to local offenses by their critical allies - quietly shipping US spies home rather than making a big stink of it, for example. But if the Brits do expel an Israeli diplomat over the matter, Israel should do likewise.
13.  british passports gave us that right
tony   (03.23.10)
btw we are the ones who let you have your state. do not forget that
14. There's still no CONCRETE evidence of our involvement
Talula ,   Israel   (03.23.10)
It's all hear-say - There's absolutely no clear evidence we were involved. If the UK kick out our diplomatic because of a hunch, then sod them! Once again, it just goes to show how weak, feeble and stupid the Brits are – and all to appease Islam. Tze Tze Tze!
15. anti-semitism?
Robert ,   France   (03.23.10)
claims are ironic as David Milliband(british foreign secretary) is jewish
16. Cats and dogs?
jeff ,   IRELAND   (03.23.10)
What is he ranting about? I heard the sun can get to people's heads in your part of the world. Now an MK is dribbling on about cats and dogs being evil/righteous, wtf? ; ;0D
17. England is lost to the radical Muslims
Richard ,   Boca Raton, USA   (03.23.10)
This is not the same England that I learned about in history which stood up to the Nazis. This is not Churchill's England. England today is a putrid collection of leftist pigs and Muslim radicals and is one step away from Sharia law. England is the country that bans a brilliant commentator such as Michael Savage, but allows radical clerics all over the country spew their anti Jewish BS. So goes England , so goes Europe.
18. #13: dog is too kind a word
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.23.10)
The British received control of Israel in order to create a Jewish state. They proceeded to divide it amongst their Arab allies, importing massive numbers of Arab colonists while preventing and discouraging Jewish immigration. This was a violation of International Law. Later, the British consciously collaborated with the Germans in the Shoah. Instead of allowing the Jews to escape as they were mandated to do when accepting rule over Israel, the British closed the gates of Israel dooming the 6 million to the ovens. In 1948, the British turned over bases, fortifications and weapons to the Arab armies hoping that the Arabs would extinguish the nascent Jewish state.
19. :: Digging a deeper hole
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (03.23.10)
Call the British people ‘dogs’ might not be the best response to this move, I see that the British news medias are starting to report this slur. Perhaps Aryeh Eldad should explain in more detail why the British people should only act like ‘loyal dogs’ in all matter pertaining to Israel. Attention should be given to explaining why these ‘British dogs’ should be loyal to Israel as most Britons will have trouble understanding why they should have more loyalty to a foreign failing pariah state than their own country. Maybe Aryeh Eldad could clarify why the British people should act like obedient dogs and not get uppity when Israel forges/clones British passports and blackens Britain’s international name. Most importantly Aryeh Eldad should explain why the British people (who are merely dogs) should never judge Israel for any wrongdoing, clearly Eldad needs to explain that as mere dogs the British people have no right to judge a superior people in their actions.
20. Keep it up, cousins
Suha from Beirut   (03.23.10)
Your arrogance is a joy to behold. One can just sit back and watch you self-destruct.
21. Ben Ari and Eldad playing the victim
Avi ,   Israel   (03.23.10)
How predictable Ben Ari screaming antisemitism, no smoke without fire, Just another pathetic attempt to divert attention from Israels activties. MK Eldad might want to ask who gave Israel the right to copy British Passports? Naturally he avoids that subject, if he has nothing to hide then he has nothing to fear. Seems the world is no longer buying the israeli propoganda machine.
22. No. 11
NYC Girl   (03.23.10)
If you think there's such a profound difference, you might want to read Dr. Martin Luther King's opinion on whether anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are the same. Frankly, as the preeminent civil rights leader in the history of this country, I'd be more inclined to take his word for it.
23. noise of a dying civilization. nothing more.
ralph   (03.23.10)
24. True, but...
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (03.23.10)
Yes, the Britishers can be likened to dogs, but saying it out loud publicly makes this jerk look no better than the Tehran monkey. A pathetic spectacle.
25. #13 You are the ones who let us have our state?
Lee Lipman ,   Leeds   (03.23.10)
Yeh right. The British kept the Jews in concentration camps in Cyprus. The British could not fight the Jewish resistance anymore and handed the problem to the UN. The UN then voted to give us our state and Britain abstained. Oh yeh you really helped give us our State. Get your facts right next time please.
26. To no : #11 Van der Velt
Yosi   (03.23.10)
Do you know what Zionism is? If you are against the idea of Jews living in their home Land, yes you are an anti-Semite. Arabs got their share from the Ottoman Empire, why wouldn`t the Jews who have lived there for thousands of years?
27. the british could have disarmed jewish militias
tony   (03.23.10)
within days. remember Operation Agatha? hagana and others were neutralized. but later the british decided to let you keep your weapons and get even more. they let the jewish leadership declare israel's indepedence
28. Political not legal "guilt"
Mike ,   Oxford UK   (03.23.10)
1. UK is a few weeks away from a general election. Muslims make upto 50% of the population in some regions. (British politicians elected on basis of regional representation). 2. Dual nationals entering Israel must by law enter Israel on their Israeli passports, so story of UK passports being taken away for 20 minutes for "checks" does not sounds likely nor does it prove guilt. 3. David Milliband is an antizionist jew.
29. #13 Needs a history lesson
Israel   (03.23.10)
30. Israeli hysteria.
INQUISITION ,   Britain   (03.23.10)
Que the usual Israeli hysteria about Britain being islamic and anti semetic.Look you got caught using our passports and got the dipomatic equivelent of a slap on the wrist ,big deal.We're one of your only friends in the world, i have yet to meet an anti semite that apparently Britains so full of.
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