'Diplomat to be expelled: Mossad rep'
Hagit Klaiman, London
Published: 23.03.10, 13:54
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1. Time to kick out British Diplomats
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (03.23.10)
Time to kick out British Diplomats for spying in Israel. Funding left wing organizations.
2. United Kingdom is a new islamic country
Karine ,   Israel   (03.23.10)
With massive immigration of muslims, United Kingdom has become an islamic country. Don't forget that muslims have there a religious courthouse working on the charia principles.
3. the next phase is to expelle jews
ghostq   (03.23.10)
cause they might have connection to Israel or their families and from that point they will return to the getos that existed only 100 years ago in the UK, mmm sound like racist nation who IS ASKING for troubles, as I see it expelle Brits from Israel for killing jews among them holocaust survivors, the exodus ship won't be forgotten it was their responsibility and they killed jews who just wanted to go home after the war, I hope that rotten kingdom will go down.
4. we are on the up escalator, britain going down. just sounds
ralph   (03.23.10)
of a barking dog not even knowing its chasing its own tail. have pity for a once proud nation and culture. and let us learn from this. it won't happen in our life time, but israel will now outlive the british empire also just like rome, egypt, greece, nazi germany and christaindom.
5. They'll thank us in the long run...
Talula ,   Israel   (03.23.10)
just like the world condemned us for taking out the nuclear reactor in Iraq. It caused an uproar when it happened, until the Brits and the US were sent into Iraq, then it was more like - phew! thank god those Israelis took out the reactor, well done Israel. Islam is taking over in the UK - they said themselves that their flag would be flying high above Big Ben - something tells me they were not fantasizing. The Brits are too arrogant and dumb to even think it could happen – but it is, even now. Islamic law has been officially adopted in Britain, with Sharia courts given powers to rule on Muslim civil cases. If they have infiltrated the judicial system, which is supposed to interpret and apply the law of the land – then the sky’s the limit. Killing this terrorist surely must have slowed down the process, if not just a bit. Guess the sun is about to set on the British Empire - and I couldn't give a damn.
6. To #5 No more British empire , it is only a little dog
Philippe Delaporte ,   Marseilles, France   (03.23.10)
barking while arabs pass by in London
7. David Miliband...
jeff ,   IRELAND   (03.23.10)
... is Jewish. Sorry, ynuts, but no anti-semitism there. Just irate Brits annoyed at the taking the piss on part of Israel. I know, I know, it's a much more mundane explanation. No drama for you drama queens, but that's life
8. At least he won't be leaving on British Airways
Charles ,   Cleveland   (03.23.10)
beacus of BA's strike.
9. Good to know that the Brits have our back.
Meshal ,   Damascus   (03.23.10)
10. the british are hypocrites or dumb
in england today, at least dozens of ani western muslims and known muslim terrorists as well as imams calling for johad live in england, protected by the very same british echelon that is pointing a finger at israel as a possible colprit WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE AT ALL. the brits have FULL EVIDENCE OF THE JIHADISTS IN THEIR MIDST, YET, NO ONE IS PLANNING ON EXPELLING A SINGLE ONE OF THEM. funny how diplomacy works here in england. a country like mine that refuses to see who its friends are compared to its enemies from within, is a country doomed to fail and collapse under the jihad cells and terrorists that now enjoy living here and protected by british law. while england sticks needles into the only country (israel) whose intelligence has helped england avoid countless terror attacks in this country and has aided the mi5 in countless security and intelligence operations. without the mossad intelligence, the brits are dumb and ignorant as hell. they still do not know what hits them when all is said and done. the rits should rather expell all these islamic terrorists and imams calling for the death to england on a daily basis. but, no! they woud rather expell someone that has been on our side all along. despite all that, the brits have no proof whatsoever that mossad really did this deed. how do you explain that two of these operatives ended up taking a boat from england towards iran and another two ran to jordan. i do not see any mossad agent ending up in iran or joprdan after such an operation. additionally, mossad never sends nearlt 30 people for one scummy individual's elimination. they are smarter than that. it was an arab job. pure and simple. just the botched operation points to a poor organization, poor execution and this is not mossad style by a long neasure. malcomb spinterling, jr. manchester, england
11. Passport officials
Shimon ,   London   (03.23.10)
As is common knowledge all Israeli citizens enter Israel on their Israeli passports so there is NEVER any exposure of a foreign passport to the Israeli officials on entering Israel. I have a British passport and no Israeli official has ever seen it since by law I enter Israel on the Israeli pasport. This is all nonsense!
12. Retaliation
David ,   Petach Tikva   (03.23.10)
I suggest Israel retaliates by limiting or suspending intelligence sharing with the UK authorities, specifically intelligence that might save British lives. Announce this to the media and watch the UK government wriggle!
13. #3
as an english man, i have news for you. our country, once a great power and a colonialist subjugator of millions aqround the world HAS ALREADY GONE DOWN WHEN IT LOST ALL ITS COLONIES. now it is going down again and for good because of the muslims living in our midst. the england that i knew and loved is no more. it is indeed called englanistan for a very good reason. what is going down here with full government approval is scary beyond belief. england will be doomed and this time forever in 25 years from now. we are leaving this country by droves to canada and other parts of the world to escape the muslim invasion. they are using our freedom, democracy and western laws to conquer us from within and this is done with full british government cooperation. malcomb speling, jr. manchester, england
14. wrap up the entire embassy/consulate
Jhan   (03.23.10)
and kick out all the British diplomats from Israel - it's the only self-respecting response. However, Israel doesn't respect herself, hence there will be no self-respecting response. Especially not from the mosrim in charge.
Winston ,   chaddsford-PA   (03.23.10)
This is just to APPEASE Tamim of Dubai..and to make a point... Hey Mossad..You ain't what you used to be... This MOssad is making all Israelsi, Good and Bad..Look Bad.. The Mossad AFFED up...and it is time to PLAY in the OPEN.. Israel may be FORCED to GO for PEACE, and stop its expansionest, Occupationest & Cock behavior.. Israel may have to get CIVILIZED
16. Which passport will he use? lol
18. #7, Jewish blood, atheist mind
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (03.23.10)
That makes him a greater menace.
19. And yet the Brits open their arms to baby killers and
EST ,   Miami USA   (03.23.10)
genocidal maniacs calling for the destruction of the Jews and the delegitimatization of the only Jewish state. Way to go Londonistan!!!! You will be sorry when they impose Sharia law on ALL of you ...not just their families as they currently do...
20. Britain is a huge pot......looking in the mirror...
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (03.23.10)
to afraid to call itself black! They'd rather beat on Jews like Hitler.
21. Churchill's England is DEAD! "long live" Islamic England.
23. Diplomat
Ray stuart ,   Zurich   (03.23.10)
I am an non jewish british citizen holding dual nationality .I am disgusted by the decision to send an Israeli diplomat home The two faced british.I am proud to hold my Israeli passport but not my British one .Hey Mossad you can have it for free. Long may Israeli continue to survive and deal a strong hand to those who seek to destroy it and at the same time look for a true partner in peace Ashamed to be British Ray
24. well....
Well done Brits!!! If it was the Mossad which probably was, they did a lousy job, Israel should understand that they are NOT standing above the rest of us...I'm sure there are plenty dual citizenship holders in Israel that are willing to work for the mossad, so why to fake passports from our allies....Shame on you Mossad....
25. Hmmm
Stefan ,   Switzerland   (03.23.10)
You guys just keep making friends everywhere. Reading some of these posts, I came to the conclusion, that you people are really not as smart as you like to think you are!
26. of course, british spies never use fake passports
david ,   new york   (03.23.10)
i am quite certain that birtish spies use their own passports and go under their own names.
27. to 15
Barney ,   USA   (03.23.10)
Israel is one of the few civilized nations left unless you are of the mind that saudi, iran, iraq, sudan, indonesia, afghanistan, dubai, and the likes of these places are civilized where you incindentally would probably be jailed or caned for stating your opinion.
28. Can't blame them
David ,   Switzerland   (03.23.10)
A man broke British law. Therefore it is Britain's right to expell him. This is not about anti-semitism but about the rule of law. I mean I'm more than grateful for what Mossad did in Dubai but how can you expect other countries to respect Israeli laws if you take every chance you get to show you don't care about other nations.
Inyaki ,   Bilbao, Basque   (03.23.10)
30. remember chamberlain
alexi   (03.23.10)
Since tony blair, england has had chamberlain like figures who have it in for israel for a few reasons- 1) UK does not forget that the jews drove them out of mandated territory in 48 after they screwed up the whole mandate by awarding 80% to Jordan which does not need enough space for 2 states. 2) England like france is trying to appease its moslem population(which blair's cheri loves) ib israel's neck. Israel is almost on its own given UK, spain Turkey, france, scandinavia. The US congress and various militaries know the real story and admire israel. So, england, say hello to allah and prayer 5X a day. And millibrand-when you need israel's military, don't come running. Israel will manage on its own. In the meantime, richard goldstone's report is being ripped to shreds as a pack of hamas lies and liber, that the right thing for this 5th rate lawyer to do is to get a gun and blow his head off. He is worthless scum along with haniyehm, zohar and ahmadinejad.
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