Britain: Israel responsible for misuse of British passports
Ynet and AP
Published: 23.03.10, 19:00
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1. Time to kick out British Diplomats
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (03.23.10)
Time to kick out British Diplomats for spying in Israel. Funding left wing organizations. For God Sake fight back Israel
2. Go Miliband Go. ;)
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.23.10)
3. silly british
me   (03.23.10)
you will be sorry!!!! to salema whatever your name is.....thats applys to you too...
4. It's not the first time England expelled Jews.
Michael   (03.23.10)
When walking with Brits always check your back before they leave. In order to return the dagger they usually leave in peoples' back.
5. Ever think?
And what would the Israeli repsonse be if another country forged her passports?
6. brit investigation "reveals".........
les ,   canada   (03.23.10)
first; CONGRATULATIONS girls and boys for a job well done!!! who ever you are. second; to me "revealing", or PROVING something is a greatly different concept. i am sure the wonderful british mi5 or mi6 has never ever used fake passports :)). finally; kick out all their "diplomats", send them back to britistan to be happy in their caliphat. enough said!
7. British anti-Semitism
RayS ,   USA   (03.23.10)
The Brits fume over "pasports" but not over Iran's terror activities or pending Nukes. The sun long ago set on British civilization but the Foreign Office won't leave the Arabs behind..Terrorists make home in London.,but an Israeli diplomat must leave..What swine.
8. Israel should kick out the UK's counterpart in response
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (03.23.10)
Let's face it. The UK gets more intelligence from Israel than the reverse. The UK is what we used to call a "sunset power" - declining in influence and significance. The fact that they recently voted to confirm Goldstone shows just how friendly they are. For Israel *not* to retaliate suggests not just guilt but weakness. And it will only encourage others (Ireland, Australia, to do likewise.
9. And what are these...
Michael Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (03.23.10)
"Compelling reasons"? Where is the evidence for this accusation?
10. Oy vay, Miliband is a jewish Marxist!
The 11th Man ,   London.   (03.23.10)
11. The weak and spineless British government
Noel ,   Cork, Ireland   (03.23.10)
The double standards applied by the UK are sickening – they have no direction or focus in their government, they just move the way that provides the most political expedience to the current ruling party. Screw them, expel a diplomat and stand up for what Israel stands for. If Israel were ruled by Muslims, Zuma’s or Mugabe’s they would be to scared to do anything!
12. Hamas is operating from Britain!!!
Udi ,   Haifa, Israel   (03.23.10)
There are multiple Hamas 'charity' organizations operating from Britain, which sponsor terrorist activity against Israel. Britain is turning a blind eye to maintain status-quo with the Muslim population. In essence, Britain is aiding and abating Muslim terror against Israelis and Jews. Time to kick out the British diplomats from Israel!!!
13. No surprise. Brits expel Israelis while inviting Hamas/Hez.
Cynic ,   USA   (03.23.10)
14. killing of "Hamas man?"
DaniEl ,   CA USA   (03.23.10)
Naw! They just tucked him in for the night as a friendly gesture to our partners in peace.
15. David Miliband admits no proof
Mike ,   Oxford UK   (03.23.10)
This is a political not a judicial decision. David Miliband has admitted that there is no proof. The Israeli diplomat has been expelled on basis that Israel has the motive and the means of carrying out this mission alone. This explusion, weeks before an election is aimed 100% at the 15% British Muslim electorate, which is important in what is expected to be the closest election in this country in many years.
16. The island colonists side with terrorists
Jeff ,   Brussels   (03.23.10)
The Brits side with terrorists. Should be instantly kicked out of the EU.
17. Ha ha ha..
Ram ,   London   (03.23.10)
They saw a diplomat catch a plane to join his family in Israel for Pesach and presto.....a perfect way to appease the muslims. How cowardly the british and how dumb the muslims! Notice no name was given so when the diplomat comes back... who is going to know?
18. Putting Britons at risk ? That's...
Paul ,   USA   (03.23.10)
laughable ! How many attacks and attempted attacks occured in Great Britian before this passport episode happened ? The Brits are starting to sound like the US State Department. Hey Mossad - you have my permission to use my passport if you need to get rid of any terrorists !
19. Why doesn't the UK expel diplomats who support terrorism.
DR ,   Gwent, UK   (03.23.10)
Why doesn't the UK government have the integrity and courage to expel the diplomats in our country who support terrorism instead of those of a country that fights terror on a daily basis. This is a decision to attract the massive Islamist vote in the UK in the weeks before an election. The move is too late. This UK government will fall and it's fall will be mighty.
20. smile Israel! youve been caught!
Paco ,   Canada   (03.23.10)
21. expel a british diplomat now dont act weak
zionist forever   (03.23.10)
We need to show the British that two can play at that game and if they want to expel one of ours we will expel one of theirs and we can go round and round in circles. If this was all about the passport scam why wasn't it done at the peak of the problems? The thing was starting to die down and suddenly the British government sparks it again through this. This probably has more to do with Jerusalem than passports. Lets just expel one of theirs now and any other country that follow Englands example will also have a diplomat expelled.
UK   (03.23.10)
23. Britsh=Enemy of Israel
shmujew ,   unholyland   (03.23.10)
The British sentenced 6 million jews to death in Europe and then Allowed the enemies of Israel into Israel and now they disallow Israel to defend itself.....these are the worst enemies of the Jewish People , perhaps the worst enemy in all Jewish History
24. Miliband is a jew hating jew & one of Israels biggest critic
zionist forever   (03.23.10)
25. David Miliiband should be ashamed of himself
Leah ,   Israel   (03.23.10)
He is a self loathing Jew who would sell his mother out!
26. To#2: Don't hold your breath
Vardina   (03.23.10)
27. Her Majesty is already wearing "burka"
Vardina   (03.23.10)
28. Trying to appease the local Arab population
Maurice ,   Montreal   (03.23.10)
Milliband has shown NO PROOF! He is talking of "compelling reasons" without given any real proof. He is doing that to get the Arab vote in the next elections.
29. The last paragraph says it all
William ,   Israel   (03.23.10)
I've read several articles on this issue and the only "compelling evidence" that seems to be mentioned is that, at one time in the past, the authentic passport of which the copy is claimed to be made touched Israeli hands - either in Israel or another country. That's not really proof at all. By that same logic, one can deduce that several Western countries are the culprits of the forgery as their officials also handled the passports at one time in the past. It does sound more like a witch hunt to desperately prove what outcome they want...and just ahead of elections. Interesting.
30. #20 - I am smiling....
William ,   Israel   (03.23.10)
but not even close to being caught. No evidence means no evidence...except in Leftist/Islamist circles. That will bite your ass one day, my friend.
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