'Relocation of ER will kill patients'
Meital Yasur Beit-Or
Published: 24.03.10, 12:07
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1. Deputy Health Minister Yakov Litzman please resign
Avi ,   Israel   (03.24.10)
And in future stick to religion not politics as you are obviously clueless about the real world.
2. Olmert's director general and shas agreed to move ER room
jason ,   haifa israel   (03.24.10)
Then kadima hypocritically holds a hearing when they were the ones who agreed to move it. The hypocrisy is breathtaking. Kadima also did nothing to protect the existing structure from rockets. And when Kadima did this the media was silent and they delayed for the next govt.
3. BUild the ER---
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (03.24.10)
--- if anyone has a problem with it, they don't have to use it. They can ask to be taken to Beer Sheva or Asaf HaRofeh. End of problem.
4. Move The Bones - The Dead Are Already Dead
emanon ,   uSA   (03.24.10)
5. No Cohanim Doctors assistants Patients visitors
Martin ,   SA   (03.24.10)
Present facility discriminates and is fraught with halachick problems long term. It seem no way for basic observant jews to resolve. Eretz Yisroel a Jewish country no matter whom is on the commission comprises of, if the basic problem cannot fixed, the unit remains defective and partially unusable. Its a Jewish problem. Its unfortunate that this not sorted out during construction. With minimum vigilance this situation could have been avoided. Now due irresponsible contruction decisions money should be waisted. The people responsible construction and commissioning should pay for all this waisted money.. Thats the facts. Dont blame this cost on those whom after the fact discover this fundamental problem. If halachically viable alternative cant be found what choice to we have.
6. Why Not Move The Graves??!!
Christy ,   Boston, US   (03.24.10)
Is there some Jewish (Religious) Law that would be violated by moving the graves? Lives may be at risk, if the graves aren't moved to build the new ER. Does any Law, or tradition, state that dead bodies take precedence over saving lives? Many modern cities, like London, have had graves uncovered in the course of excavation for new buildings. They usually call in Archaeologists to take notes and gather information, then the graves are *respectfully* relocated. If those graves aren't moved doesn't it mean that land can NEVER be used? Move them now and give them a decent reburial. Seems to me this would be more respectful of the dead than leaving them as they are now.
7. #6 You know the way some American...
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (03.25.10)
..."Christians" care more about fetuses than they do about real alive out of the womb living children? Well these guys care more about bones (if they are supposedly Jewish) than they do about medical care for the living. It's their form of necrophilia.
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