Arabs pledge $500 million in east J'lem aid
Roee Nahmias
Published: 25.03.10, 23:55
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1. Very well. Let them do it. More Housing for Jews when
Michael Hess aka BS ,   Charlotte, NCVre   (03.26.10)
Arabs move to Arabia their homeland. But my bet is that Arabs will not invest a dime as didn't in their previous pledges. Arabs are long on talk and short on keeping promises.
stude ham   (03.26.10)
but anyways it was only pledged... collecting it will be another joke.
3. money should be seized by Israel for reparations for terror
bernard ross ,   st anns bay jamaica   (03.26.10)
4. Imagine if they did this for Gaza, where would it be today
William ,   Israel   (03.26.10)
A very different Gaza with a very different infrastructure and economy. Alas, it would have helped Israel and not hurt it. The old adage among Arabs is alive "if it helps my enemy it must not be good for me". Peace is never a zero-sum game, and Israel can easily block any funds, etc. into that part of the city or use it for the greater good of all Jerusalem citizens.
5. Didn't Jordan make "illegal, illegitimate actions"
William ,   Israel   (03.26.10)
when they ethnically cleansed E. Jerusalem of Jews in 1948 and replaced them with Arabs? That very act DID violate the Geneva Convention and something Jordan should probably do a little soul searching on before they speak up again.
zionist forever   (03.26.10)
Another arab attempt to take Jerusalem out of Israels hands and to make the whabis trustees of the Old City. If they want to waste money trying to hurt Israel put it towards the Obama 2012 election campaign or the Jimmy Carter Centre thats how they were spending their money in 2008 when Obama was trying to raise the funds for his election campaign fund.
7. Jerusalem Is the Jewish Israeli united capital
Vardina   (03.26.10)
and no one will take away from us again.
8. To#1: "Arabs are short on promises" is the
Vardina   (03.26.10)
key word. This is why their signature on a peace agreement is not worth the contract paper.
9. good let them give money. The West gives too much
JO   (03.26.10)
most of those so called Arab states give very little but saying that does the Palestinians really need money? Have you seen the poverty of Egypt? far worse than any in Gaza or in the West Bank, I was shocked. The Arabs of Israel are far more wealthier and yet they claim poverty? Housing? Try the clay houses of Egypt with hole in the wall toilets,, no solar heating, no electricity everywhere, no stone or marble, no in door plumping, no good medical, no cable tv, and there is yet more like this in other Arab countries not wealthy. So the wealthy Palestinians can cry. It is about time their "arab brothers" start paying up for their lifestyle and not the West's taxpayers. We are getting fed up of it. As to this so called crisis, there is a shortage of housing in the Arab sector??? and Jews are not allowed to build where? Politics. I've pictures of est Jerusalem a hundred years ago, and the Arab neighbours that are today huge, did not exist then and that is the old places not the new.
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