Iran says Muslims must act over Jerusalem
Published: 26.03.10, 13:16
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1. Destruction of Islamic and Christian sites?
SNS   (03.26.10)
1) Where is there evidence of such destruction? 2) Since when due Iranians care about Christians and their sites?
2. What sites are destroyed?
Yosi   (03.26.10)
Apart from the Jewish ones before 1948?
3. #1 and #2 Muslim holy site
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.26.10)
One of the holy sites Muttaki is talking about is the garden of the Prophet Sulayman son of the Prophet Dawud, both mentioned in the Koran. Under Israeli rule, this beautiful holy site was covered with buildings.
4. Mind your own business
Joseph ,   The Netherlands   (03.26.10)
The Judaization of the Jewish land is of no concern to any Iranian minister, let him worry about lack of democracy in Iran instead. Only since Jerusalem is Israeli again can members of all faits freely exercise their respective religions. Jerusalem is and stays the undevided capital of Israel and the Jewish people.
5. Iran says Muslims must act over Jerusalem
Joe ,   Brooklyn, NY, USA   (03.26.10)
Referring to Jerusalem and to the Temple Mount as Quds and Beitulmoqaddas in the Iranian news agency's article "Mottaki brushes off Zionists' impudent claims on Beitulmoqaddas" starkly demonstrates Iran's hypocrisy (or inability to recognize the truth). Both terms refer to the Beit Hamikdash, the ancient Jewish Temple, not a Muslim holy site, but one to which the early Muslims directed their prayers until changing to face Mecca instead. See
6. The cause for Israel's isolation
Dan ,   NY, USA   (03.26.10)
It is now acceptable more than ever before to bash Israel and blame it for every failure, including the Obama's administration failure to deal with Iran. The French ambassador to the UK was, approximately 10 years ago, caught on tape blaming the Jewish state for terrorism and the rise of extremists. And now it appears that our own president - through a policy of appeasement - has created such an environment that serves to further isolate Israel and play into the hands of Islamic radicals. Under the watch of the naive and foolish Obama administration, the ME today is further radicalized and closer to an all out war than at any other time since the Oslo accord. It is hard to accept the notion that smart people can be so blind so as to not understand that it is Arab culture and its failure to accept and endorse democratic values, to respect human life, dignity and equal rights to women and the rejection of violence so glorified by many, that is the cause and root of the problem. There will never be peace among nations who exist in such close proximity with such opposite values and cultures. After all, can anyone expect the US to live in peace and coexistence and make dangerous terretorial concessions to a nation next door run by radical mullahs with Osama Bin Ladin as its leader? Why should we ask that of Israel? The sad truth is that most people do not care about Israel or the Jews and they feel that there will be one less problem in the world today if Israel simply dissappeared.
7. Iran
Robert Nagyhasi ,   Budapest, Hungary   (03.26.10)
As usual the Iranina keep lying and lying.
8. Just one of the many things to come
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.26.10)
One of glorious and accurate prophecies are that; prior to the end of 'time and space' as is the natural order of the 6,000 year history of the present world, those that harassed Israel in the past will be reincarnated. Obama is definitely Pharaoh, see how he becomes more and more arrogant and hostile to Jews, regardless of the rational, his heart is becoming harder and harder.
9. Has nobody told this moron..
Janice Cohen ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.26.10)
that Islam is long on diatribe and even more so on impotence ?
10. Of course muslims will react and act,but what about Christians?
Hasan ,   Kazan, RUSSIA   (03.26.10)
What they are waiting, who will protect their holy sites? Pope Benedict is busy with protecting pedophiles in Austria and Bayern, so we muslim must also take action in favour of our Christian brothers.
11. Muslim Holy Sites
Kevin Ingram Zionist ,   Kigston,Jamaica   (03.26.10)
The response by number 3 shows the true nature of the Middle East problem. What Islam did whenit was formed 1600 years ago was to usurp the prophets and Holy places of the two major religions that preceded it. When Muslims started claiming KingDavid and Solomon as their prophets too it was bound to cause conflicts with Jews and Christian. The same is true for the tomb of the Patriachs in Hebron they are also being claimed as holy by Muslims and the UN and the world in general have fallen for this trick. Jerusalem which is mentioned over 500 times in the Old Testament while not mentioned even once in the Koran. The Muslims claim the Jewish holy sites while theirs Mecca and Medina is exclusive to them and when they cant have their way they threaten violence. I am convince as a Bible believing Christian i know the land belongs to the descendants of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob . The Bible states clearly that Ishmael was sent away from Isaac and he was provided for as well but the promised land belongs to the Jews forever. I implore everyone to read Ezekiel 38 and 39 and you will see what will become of the enemies of Israel who will attack them. GOD bless those who blesses Israel and curses those who curses them. Shalom Christian Friend of Israel
12. # 3 so called Israeli
Yossi ,   Israel   (03.26.10)
Listen so called Israeli tb number 3, can you stop being such an idiot? Prophet Sulayman son of the Prophet Dawud you've mentioned are actually the Hebrew King Solomon and Kind David as in the Hebrew bible...... The areabs and muslims such as yourself take everything and I mean everything and turn it to an arab and a muslim Maybe we can call prophet muhamad prophet Mordechai and turn him into a Jew and then say that all the muslim sites throughout the world are actually Jewish...... Please number 3... stop talking like an idiot
13. #3
juan solana ,   san diego   (03.26.10)
Prophet Sulaiman and Prophet Dawud, are Salomon and David, I think you know this and should have mentioned it clearly. :)
14. What next from the The Iranian Mullahs ?
AlbertoGA ,   St. George, USA   (03.26.10)
It is time that the world isolate those terrorists. The only thing they prepare is a Nuclear destruction of the ME as a start.
15. Obama, Mottaki - united we stay
Center-right ,   Germany   (03.26.10)
16. #3 plaguesrism at its finest
Jay3 ,   ISrael   (03.26.10)
You talking about the Jewish King Solomon and King David? The first Kings of Israel?
17. What about the Islamization of Iran?
frJay3 ,   Israel   (03.26.10)
18. To no 3 – why?
Crystal Barnes ,   Boston, MA, USA   (03.26.10)
Why did Israel destroy this holy Muslim site? Didn’t Israel state that it would protect ALL holy sites of ALL religions? I am shocked to hear that Israel would destroy such an important holy Muslin site and cover it with illegal settlements.
19. Stop destroying Christian and Muslims sites
Sarit ,   Hadera, Israel   (03.26.10)
Every non-Jewish holy site that we destroy only propagates further hatred towards Jews (both at home and abroad) for the sake of all that is holy please stop this madness!!!!!!!
20. # 4. israel should mind its own business
Paco ,   Canada   (03.26.10)
when it comes to not putting its nose in the internal development of Iran's nuclear progress (which is at least part of the NPT while Israel is not), leaving the stolen lands of Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. so eye to eye
21. Muslims must act
MKL ,   USA   (03.26.10)
The sooner the Muslims form the confederacy that will attack Israel, the sooner the bible prophecies will be fulfilled. Guess what, according to the bible it is the Muslim confederacy that will be destroyed by G-D personally. Repent Muslims while you still have the opportunity.
22. destruction of Mosques and Churches
Jewish ,   Jerusalem   (03.26.10)
Israel has never distroyed any Mosque in the democratic state of Israel. And why in hell would we ever want to distroy a church???? these are lies Jerusalem has never been so open to diffrent religoins before. usually i just read on and on and let rubbish be bygone. but this is over the top. We build in Jerusalem cause its our capital, a Jewish city over 2000 years old... many hundreds of years older that Islam itself!! this world is bling and dumb. I do not agree with building on settelments. but Jerusalmem will never be divided.
23. Looks like Obama has more in common with Iran than Israel
Cynic ,   USA   (03.26.10)
24. to #12
Barney ,   USA   (03.26.10)
you have hit the nail on the head. Muslims feel entitled to all as it is their duty to make the world one of islam. the more that countries and govts try to please them the closer they will get to their goal. the backlash is beginning but too slowly. Let the muslims stay in their muslim countries and enjoy their way of life there. nobody will bother them. those that don't enjoy the life under sharia law-let them move IF they accept the culture of the countries they move to otherwise they can stay where they are also.
25. Iran & the arabs know Obama is on their side
zionist forever   (03.26.10)
The Arab League summit is focussing on Jerusalem, Iran is encouraging muslims to take action. Palestinians are acting much tougher than they would have ever tried to be under Clinton or Bush. They know all they need to do is get noticed by Obama and he will rush to take their side and punish Israel. Israel is going to be without friends until 2012 at the earliest and now Obama has passed his healthcare bill he will be going all out into hurting Israel now he doesn't have to worry about fighting for his domestic legacy. He wants to say he deserves his Nobel Prize and the best way to do that is by hurting Israel. Doesn't matter if he manages to create an arab entity or bring peace attacking Israel makes it look like he is doing something. We need to break away from America now and learn to say NO
26. perfect alignment
Ariel ,   US   (03.26.10)
So, Iran is in perfect alignment with Obama administration. No surprise then that Obama is so nice to them. I am sure that if Ahmadinajad comes to the White House, he will be invited for dinner and treated with great respect.
27. #11 and #12
Eitan ,   Israel   (03.26.10)
You are both wrong, neither Jews nor Muslims have a monopoly on our collective forefathers. We both worship the same g-d we just use different names or variants of names for the prophets. We are simply cousins who have become separate over time, if anything Muslims have stayed truer to the faith while we were in Diaspora. I have great hope that Israel, and the return of the Jews, will be the lynchpin that will reunite wayward Jews with our greater Semitic family.
28. it will creat reaction of the Christian and Muslims
Rahman ,   Bajaur Pakistan   (03.26.10)
Jerusalem is the holy place for the world three religon. For the muslim, for the Christian and for the Jews. No one should have the right to sieze . if Israil did it, i think the Muslim and Christian will react strongly.
29. Utter nonsense!!!
oxo ,   USA   (03.26.10)
Nobody for one second believes Israel destroys "Christian sites" ...these Iranians are such jackasses and/or instigators!!! BTW I am Christian and the Holy Land is safe in the hands of Israel...will NEVER be safe in the hands of Islamo-fascists!!! Besides everything Jewish is also Christian. Mottaki is a raving idiot!!!
30. christians speak for themself,do not need iran
Anna Maria Sedda ,   Rome-italy   (03.26.10) Mr Mottaki i am Christian and you do not speak for me not for speak for Iran ONLY..Thank you for not using and abusing other religions ....beside we have Jewish roots,not muslim...OK?
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