PM: Remarks about Obama inappropriate
Roni Sofer
Published: 28.03.10, 11:51
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1. Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine, even after 1000 years
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.28.10)
We don’t mind the Jews living here, but based on justice, equality, freedom. I should be able to go and plant a flag in West Jerusalem in my mother’s house.....We know that the ultimate "Israel's" goal is to evict the Palestinians from Jerusalem and annex their land... But you will not find one in the world recognizes the legitimacy of what you do ,not even America
2. obama HUSSEIN is a marxist communist trojan horse
in the ,   White House   (03.28.10)
i dont care what BB says!
3. Is it not appropriate to ask whether Obama has been ...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.28.10)
... influenced by his spiritual leader of many years, Rev. Wright, in his perception of the Jewish people and its national homeland of Israel? Is it not appropriate to wonder, to what extent his old friend, Min. Farakhan, has had an influence on his thinking regarding the Jewish people and its individual members. And, how should one need to understand the drive of this "progressive" President to single out Jews, only because they are Jewish, and expect only of them to refrain from residing in certain villages, towns and even city neighborhoods of Jerusalem DC (Jerusalem, David's City)? I understand Netanjahu's need to act properly and politely, but why should a Jew like me who is being spit on by the President and his sidekick, Clinton, only because he is a member of a particular people, a particular race (as the concept is understood in British English) should keep silent...?? Never Again!!!
4. You better believe it!!!
Israeli 2   (03.28.10)
B"H for Landau, Lieberman, Begin, Erdan and others like them.
5. # 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.28.10)
Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel. You have Mecca & Medina where you can raise your flag.
6. #1 Salma
Madeleine ,   Israel   (03.28.10)
You are brainwashed, aren't you. There were no Palestinians 100 years ago or even 100 years ago. You invented yourself as a nation post-1948. Read a real history book, not an invented one.
7. #1 Arab fairy tale called "Palestine"
Menachem ,   Israel   (03.28.10)
We both know that "Palestine" is simply the Roman name for Judea. An "Arab Palestine" has never existed. Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish people for 3000 years and will always remain our capital, regardless what the rest of the world thinks. As long as Arab imperialism in the Middle East is attacking the national independence Jews and other indigenous people, a genuine peace won't happen.
8. Jerusalem has never been the capital city of any people but
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.28.10)
that of the Jewish people. Indeed, Jerusalem should be viewed as Jerusalem, DC, that is, Jerusalem, David's City, and as such it has been the capital city of the Jewish people for over 3,000 years. If the Arabs of Eretz Israel (Land of Israel) wished it, they could have turned eastern Jerusalem into their capital city during the years 1948 and 1967 during which period the city was "cleansed" of its Jewish residents and was under total Arab rule. But the Arabs did not set up Jerusalem as their capital city nor have they set up their own independent state when the entire so-called West Bank and Gaza Strip were totally under Arab rule. They did, however, went along and with the Arab League set up the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), 1964, three full years before Israel captured these territories in a defensive war. Which "Palestine" were they to "liberate", I wonder...??
9. Obama's full Arabic based name is: Barakeh Hussein Obama!!!
Avigdor Ezrahi ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (03.28.10)
Indeed, Mr. Obama was proud to refer to the fact that his first name means the same thing as the name Barukh in Hebrew. In both Arabic - Barakeh - and in Hebrew - Barukh - the name means "the blessed one". And as for Hussein, no need to elaborate on that. So, why shouldn't people refer to the man who appear to love to hate the Jewish people and its nation-state Barakeh Hussein Obama?
10. #1
Marc   (03.28.10)
I don't know if you know this israel already annexed the part of jerusalem they captured from jordan problem solved. i like how you cry about big bad israel but the arabs who stayed in israel after israel captured jerusalem became israeli citizens and have the most religous freedoms out of any arab country ironic aint it. by the way israel isnt going to evict anyone they are buying the land fair and square from the arabs and taking back jewish land with money.
11. #1 - remember how well Jordan took care of Jerusalem?
Ralph Haglund ,   Lund, Sweden   (03.28.10)
He killed or expelled every Jew from the Old City, destroyed every synagogue, used 38000 Jewish tomb stones to put on the street. He had no wish to make it his capital. And by the way - how many Arabs living in Jerusalem want to live under Fatah rule? How many Arabs in Israel? Why do the not move to Ramallah?
12. Remarks about Obama
Bruria   (03.28.10)
I accept that Bibi has to be diplomatic, but I do not! I applaud the members of the US congress and Americans who support us, but I do not believe that their president has good intentions towards Israel. He praises and arms our enemies (who spit in his face) and demonizes Israel--demanding more and more concessions. I am still waiting for the PA to make a single concession--how about removing their pledge to wipe Israel off the map? The world wants us to remain peace with people who have our destruction as part of their constitution? Psshht!
13. Shuafat
Barry ,   Boston   (03.28.10)
After the 1967 war Israel annexed not only East Jerusalem, but a number of Arab villages. Does Israel really want Shuafat, Beit Hanina, Sheik Jarrah, etc. to be part of Israel? Are these areas really part of what we consider the Jerusalem we refer to each Passover?
14. As Rev. Manning of Harlem, NY USA Says
Charles Allen ,   Charlotte, NC USA   (03.28.10)
Obama is a long legged Mack Daddy!!!
15. 1, no Arab wants the Palestinian in his land, jerusalem
only place   (03.28.10)
16. policy
Michael ,   Haifa   (03.28.10)
"On Passover eve, the festival of freedom, the Americans must be told that this is Israel's policy," Erdan said. More important than that is that after Easter we shall hear what American policy is to our bravado policy.
17. To Salma
Yosssef ,   Rehovot   (03.28.10)
I don't know where do you live in "Palestine" but if your mother had a house in west J'lem and you have the documents which prove it, you can try in the process of negotiations on the final status of J'lem to get back the house. Jerusalem will remain jewish but it doesn't mean that you have no right to what belongs to you.
18. @1 : LOL! How dare you talking about freedom ?!
Free citizen ,   Israel   (03.28.10)
we have seen how you, the arabs, treat your women and how Hamas expelled all the Christians from Gaza strip. we remember all the 1929 Palestine riots in Hebron and Jerusalem. Do you really think we can put Jerusalem in your hands and trust you will give freedom of religion and movement there ?! we already have been to this movie in the past. Only a lunatic will trust you with this again. give me a break. fight for freedom in your own society before preaching about it to someone else.
19. The Arabs have 22 Capitals. Jews have only 1.We will keep it
undivided and free ,   for all religions   (03.28.10)
20. Uzi Said It!
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (03.28.10)
"It is inconceivable that Jews will be told where to live." That sums it up. We will not be told to live neither in ghettos nor a constricted Israel any longer for any reason - no more than would we agree to wear yellow stars "as a goodwill gesture". Our population is growing rapidly. We need the land.
21. No Jews in parst of Israel = No blacks in parts of Alabama!
Levi ,   Canada   (03.28.10)
i said it in the subject, how is it that a nation that worked so hard for civil rights say to another country that they shouldn't folloe the civil rights laws. btw, Israel is just building some more houses, there is nothing saying that arabs cant buy them. also, do u guys believe that texas should be given to mexico? i mean, it was their land a 100 years ago. or, i don't know, give washington dc to the native americans? NO! this is stupid, it was stupid to start with and it is stupid now. Peace/Shalom
22. #5 and the others are absolutely right
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.28.10)
Jerusalem is, must and will be the undivided capital of Israel !!! To the Muslims every town with a big mosque is one of their countless "holy" towns, all around the world. The Muslims live in total disrespect to religious feelings of the whole rest of the world, in fact everybody who is a non-Muslim, a so called non-believer is fair game to them. If one makes a funny remark concerning their religious convictions, he endangers his life - Islam is really a "peaceful" religion !!! The no longer so secret Muslim Hussein Obama also wants "peace" in the Middle east, at the sole expense of Israel...
23. The Arabs of the Land invented themselves as "Palestinians"
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.28.10)
only in the late 1960s!!! United Nations Security Council Resolution 242, one of the two most important resolutions regarding the Arab Israeli conflict - the other being 181 - does not mention the concept of "Palestine", "Palestinians" or "Palestinian state" even once. It didn't not by coincident but rather because such a people has not been in existence at the time and only came into being in the later part of the 1960s and into the 1970s. The Muslim-Arabs residing in the Land have maintained their affinity and loyalty all along to the Muslim-Arab Ummah, nation, and to this day many if not most Muslim-Arabs of the country perceive themselves as first and foremost part of Pan-Islam and Pan-Arabism as is reflected so well in the Charter of Hamas. The "narrative" we here every once in a while is just that, a "narrative" of a fictional story being told by those whose motivation has always been the denial of the right of the Jewish people to set up its own nation-state on any parcel of land in its historic homeland of nearly 4,000 years.
24. # 23 (and the rest..)
Ollie ,   TX   (03.28.10)
I love it when 4,000 year old arguments are used for you really think that the UN, the world, heck even your own PM is using this argument?! Please join us in the year 2010 and stop worrying about what "David" said or what is in the bible...just plain silly to think modern day negotiations even consider these "stories"
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