Rightists arrested over Pesach sacrifice
Shmulik Grossman
Published: 29.03.10, 15:12
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1. The Goat
conspiracy theorist ,   Essex, UK   (03.29.10)
He should have brought a sheep. That is why he was arrested!
2. :: Why stop at slaughtering animals?
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (03.29.10)
Hmmm, off to slaughter young goats to sate a blood thirsty god eh? I wonder how many Ynuts here feel it is good that these rightwing nutters are keeping the ‘old ways’. Of course why stop at slaughtering animals? Surely stoning blasphemers, those who desecrate the Sabbath and rebellious children would be in order as well? And to think some people here call Islam a backward religion.
3. Barbaric
J ,   South Africa   (03.29.10)
These extremists with their messianic crazy have fallen to the level of African tribes, Killing poor defenceless animals in the hope that some imaginary thing in the sky will answer their prayers.. Next time they should consult with President Jacob ZUma, he is an expert at painfully torturing bulls for religious nonsense .
4. Glick and Federman... arrested in possession of young goats.
Erastus CoupeDeVille ,   Ong's Hat, NJ USA   (03.29.10)
AAAAHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA.... an inauspicious start to the budding careers of two young Temple Priest wannabees. AAAAHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA....
stude ham   (03.29.10)
6. The temple mount was jewish before muchamad was even born
Shai ,   Israel   (03.29.10)
Dont let islam take over our lands ! they already do it in europe and USA
7. Poor goats getting entangled in Middle East politics.
Ali ,   Washington, DC   (03.29.10)
8.  federman,sacrifice ur son,leave the secular goat alone
secular beast   (03.29.10)
9. #1
yy ,   israel   (03.29.10)
obviously this was an insane excuse made up by Federman (probably a joke by his standards), had he had a sheep the police would have also arrested him
10. matty
chris b. ,   jerusalem   (03.29.10)
seriously, look harder for a job dude, we can see the depression by your tb's. we'll pray for you too though... good luck and happy holidays.
11. Refuse Muslim entrance to the Temple Mount
John B McGinnis ,   St. Louis, USA   (03.29.10)
The Temple Mount is Jewish property on Jewish owned land. It's an abomination to have idol worship, moreover a Muslim place to grant that idol worship on the Temple Mount. The Israeli police should be denying Muslims entrance to the Temple Mount, not the other way around. As a Gentile, I support Israel's right to exist and their right to all of Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount. I apologize to the Israeli people for America's leadership, or should I say lack of leadership in our Liberal establishment's lack of support in pushing you to divide your land. I'm ashamed of our leaders and their decisions.
12. freedom of religion?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (03.29.10)
it would seem that there is freedom of religion in israel for everyone except jews?
13. Let's see now
Sagi   (03.29.10)
A thousand years before the Temple, our ancestors in Babylon, Assyria, Elam, Chaldea ( Abraham, remember, he came from Ur ), they practiced what was called a Spring Rite, at the time of the seasonal change. In full regalia and in full view at a public festival, the King would impregnate a young virgin as a symbol of fertility in the hope that the "Gods" would bless the land with a bountiful crop. At least there was some logic to this rite as the land is also "impregnated" when seeds are sown. It was not barbaric in the sense that someone suffered. The King obviously did not suffer and the young virgin and her family were considered very kucky to be chosen. Perhaps Federman et al should persuade our leaders of today to reenact this ancient custom. It would certainly increase holiday tourism. Oh ! how these people have twisted minds. I dare to say that most of them are candidates for the Funny Farm.
14. what did he pay for the goat?
velville ,   atlanta   (03.29.10)
two zuzim? if he paid more he overpaid. and what did they do with the goat? ran it for knesset or for US president? maybe new UN Security General?
15. Was the Goat Cute?
Mike ,   Portland, USA   (03.29.10)
Was the goat cute? Was it giving him that smiling look of...."You're kind of special" Maybe the goat spoke English or Hebrew or even Arabic. Maybe it signed all the consent forms in 3 languages offering its consent to a "special" relationship....that did not involve its being slaughtered. Maybe the whole idea of temple sacrifice was just a cover story for the "love" that dare not speak its name. I find it easy to acknowledge my biologicial relationship to gorillas and dolphins. Its acknowledging my relationship to religious zealots that sometimes strains my humanity.
16.  The animals God is the"BIG-BANG"&LUV VEGANS!
DOLLY the sheep   (03.29.10)
17. Are you SURE he was ONLY going to sacrifice it?
Ha!   (03.29.10)
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (03.29.10)
Other peoples sex lives are none of my concern ,but this loaded headline really gets my goat.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (03.29.10)
We all love a Good Old Animal Tale.
20. I'd rather a goat over explosives
Chris ,   Toronto   (03.29.10)
I find it funny that he was arrested for possession of a goat. Not Explosives, firearms, or even rocks, just an innocent goat. I think I'd prefer a religious person with a goat and the desire to serve G-d, than one with the desire to serve through explosives. Am I alone in this?
21. # 20 Chris
Sagi   (03.29.10)
No, you are not alone but still both are loonies of the first degree and both are dangerous.
22. I didn't know having a goat was a crime
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.29.10)
And here I own two of them already. I also have three sheep. I guess that knocking on the door must be the police, gotta go,
23. #20,,The goat was stuffed with religion EXPLOSIVES
big bang ,   Garden of Eden!!!   (03.29.10)
24. Stop with all the pathetic distractions
Ari   (03.29.10)
I honestly cannot believe that this is making front-page news. The real extremists who pose an actual threat to peace are the leftist provocateurs who provoke violence in Judea and Samaria on a regular basis, and who regularly delegitimise Israel as often as they can - not to mention those such as Peace Now who receive foreign money to spy on and subvert the State directly. Yet in spite of all that, it's some guy with a goat who makes the news? Give me a break.
25. next time in disguise
eporoue ,   europe   (03.29.10)
maybe with a dog-coat, leash and muzzle they would have made it...
26. prevent the poor from get their right
esther ,   tiberia (israel)   (03.29.10)
Its does not seems as if is good for people whose being robbing and cheating the Jews and prevented them from doing what is right. even thought the animal burn sucrifice offering is not more exist. you should tell them the truth. that ,the sacrifice of God are broken spirit,(humbleness) a broken and contrite heart. the bible also says he who sacrifices thanks offerings honors him, and he prepares the way so that He may show him the salvation of God". if you prevent the poor from get the right is a sins, you are even insulting God the creator who made them poor, and God himself would fight for them, so do not try please to block someone who is willing to come out from the pit assist the victim with your heart. thanks enkono
27. They probably had other plas for the goats
lydia ,   Brisbane   (03.30.10)
28. 26"Robbing and cheating the Jews? roflmao
lydia ,   Brisbane   (03.30.10)
What do you call stealing Palestinian land and destroying their livelihood, uprooting their trees poisoning their wells etc. as well as breaking your covenants with God?. To prevent the poor from get their rights is a Sin.
29. If you can take yr bird for a drive,you can take yr goat for
Alan ,   SA   (03.30.10)
a drive
30. This story gets my goat!
Yisroel ,   USA   (03.30.10)
It makes a laughing stock out Israel's Police.
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