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Tzohar rabbis to PM: Remove Barzilai graves
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 02.04.10, 08:01
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1. Where were they then?
Rafael ,   Yerushalayim, Israel   (04.02.10)
When Jewish graves were dug up in Gush Katif as part of the government ordered expulsion and destruction of the the Jewish communities of Gaza, the United Torah Judaism party did not make a peep.
2. There's no room for debate
Loyal Jew ,   Efrat   (04.02.10)
After R. Eliashiv ruled, there's no room for debate. If the facility is built in desecration of the dead, it will not be able to save the living. Hashem runs the world, not liberal "rabbis".
3. Uh, yes. There IS room for debate.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (04.02.10)
#2 writes, "After R. Eliashiv ruled, there's no room for debate." Some of us do not follow Elyashiv, nor do we mindlessly follow every edict of a single authority. Stop forcing the public to pay the cost for YOUR stringencies. Move the graves. Build the ER.
4. bones
colin   (04.02.10)
The hell with the rabbis. Unknown bones might be from a dog or animal Stop this religious foolery and build the hospital emergency wards.Even with the idiot the assistant minister of health claiming he will resign GET THE RESIGNATION POSTA HASTE
5. To so-called Loyal Jew
Avi Rosenthal ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.02.10)
Hashem rules the world, not R. Elyashiv. Stop serving R. Elyashiv and start serving Hashem.
6. It was in Daf Yomi two days ago.
Avi Rosenthal ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.02.10)
The Tzohar Rabbis ruled according to Sanhedrin 47b.
7. Barzilai
Albi ,   Ashkelon   (04.02.10)
Let us hope the deputy health minister is an honest trustworthy person and follows through on his threat to resign if the ER is built in a sensible safe place. Perhaps we should move the hospital synagogue into the parking lot and put the present one to medical use. Good for you Rabbi Stav. There may be some hope for our religion afterall.
8. There have been a number of cases...
dorothy friend ,   tel aviv   (04.03.10)
...where the rabbis declared the bones not Jewish when in suited them. For example, a high cost orthodox construction site near Rosh Haayain. And, in the case of the ritzy spa in Tiberias, they set up a system of mabic pipes with holy water to purify the site without moving the graves. I still say, build the ER, and let those who don't want to use it carry cards directly that they be taken to another hospital.
9. Quite a chutzpa
Israeli Mother ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.11.10)
#3 has quite a chutzpa to tell Israelis to move anything when he can't move himself to throw in his lot with those of us living here. Rav Elyashiv is one of the gedolei hador and has much more right to issue psak than some American am ha'aretz. If you don't like his psak then stay in America and don't bother us.
10. #9; You want to tell me that with all Judaism's wisdom...
Ozraeli ,   Australia   (04.14.10)
...there is no religious process or procedure for disinterment & reinterment at a new location? No awareness or acknowledgment of previous inhabitants that the living go through to "kosher" the ground? Towns have been expanding for thousands of years. An event like this has never occurred before? Do they need to be 100% certain that the dearly departed were Jewish before commencing such a procedure? The monumental idiocy of even THINKING about committing TENS of MILLIONS of shekelim for such a fallacious project is mind boggling. By distancing the ER, the increased danger to emergency care FOR THE LIVING was multiplied. What does the esteemed Rav have to say about this? IMO, there had to be some kind of political leverage or advantage sought for such contradictory logic. With all due respect to history, tradition, consecration of (supposedly) hallowed ground, & INTERPRETATION of religious law, Judaism is about life, constructiveness, & advancement, not foundering on the shoals of hair splitting paleontology of an unknown origin. Last: 1. With all due respect to any & all "Gdolei HaDor", there are several, if not many, such acclaimed rabbis, just like there were various Gaonim scattered all over Europe a few hundred years ago. Not everyone is an adherent of a particular rabbi, &/or is obliged to follow all of his decisions; 2. I would much rather have concerned, knowledgeable, & interested people outside of Israel constructively contribute to the discussion, rather than have the perpetual stinking Israeli political miasma, machinations, & manipulations continue without any external perspective. Would you prefer that the interested & connected worldwide abandon Israel to her own devices?; Talkbacks & the Internet have probably contributed more to communications, democratisation of society, & dissemination of information than any other single invention since Gutenberg (another [probably] nefariously politically involved Jew!) invented moveable type; 3. BTW - Although I think it is irrelevant: yes, I have personal knowledge of, & experience with Barzilai Hospital.
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