British MPs slam weapons exports to Israel
Published: 30.03.10, 10:04
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1. ruined Palestinians homes, lifes & everything else
Palestinian   (03.30.10)
2. with Jews like Miliband who needs enemies.... HAG SAMEACH!!
Shazza ,   Tel Aviv   (03.30.10)
3. Her Majesty's MP's r naked!
Sally Forth   (03.30.10)
Disarm Israel Arm Iran with Nukes that makes sooooo much sense! Bloody British Public School boys have been in love with the Arabs since the days of Laurance of Arabia and finally they are coming out of the closet and into the streets!
4. Just the beginning...
Michael ,   Haifa   (03.30.10)
...if we continue with our arrogant and uncompromising policies. We don't live in a "spritual" vacuum of divine rights.
5. This is indeed shocking!
Paul Freedman ,   Falls Church, USA   (03.30.10)
Who knew the British nanny state was still capable of manufacturing sophisticated equipment anymore!!!???Wow. There's always India. Korea. Pacific Rim. Maybe Brazil. & so on.
6. Israel"s military export is the third in the world
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (03.30.10)
For your attention! May be your are buyers and we are sellers. Make a homework. Love Tanya
7. And where exactly should they be used?
Ozraeli ,   Australia   (03.30.10)
1. I would like to see a list of these tuches lekking hypocites, & to which parties they are affiliated; 2. Where exactly should the weapons parts be used? In the streets of Tel Aviv? 3. Oh, I get it! They should be used in Iraq & Afghanistan by the IDF Expeditionary Forces there (sic), just like where British forces unapologetically butcher local civilians while: * "Maintaining peace & civil order", or: * Inadvertently have "collateral damage" of HUNDREDS of civilians when targeting "ticking bomb Iraqi/Afghani terrorists" who threaten British citizens on British soil (from 7000 km...), or; * Who fire 10,000 rockets at London civilians from across the Thames, or: * Polish them for parade ground usage! Man, talk about gutless, cowardly, hypocritical, sniveling wimps. The "Whinging Poms" have done more to create chaos, upheaval, strife, & conflict in the ME since Sikes-Picot, BP, Kitchener, Lawrence, Ibn Saud, the British Mandate, & Suez than any other single nation, but they are the moral arbiters! Kipling, Shakespeare, Churchill, Nelson, Raleigh, etc. must be spinning in their graves.
8. Londonistan anyone?
9. my reaction as pm of israel:
israel   (03.30.10)
would be pulling back the ambassador, cut all ties for two years. stop all the intelligence help they get from mossad and all research, technical and educational cooperations. you'd see them crawl back on all four (including the queen) asking for forgiveness...
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (03.30.10)
Am truly surprised. I didn't think that Britain made anything of any use / value these days.And who needs their stupi Snatch Armoured (unarmoured is more apt) rubbish vehicles? Good Idea .I believe that every country should refuse to sell arms ,of any kind to Israel .Then Israel can rely on nuclear weapons and solve the Israel / arab question once and for all.Then we can all live in peace.The only British product Israel needs are ......Passports.
11. while others kill civilians are killed
mark ,   london england   (03.30.10)
It seems that the price of human blood differs according to political popularity. If war crimes are committed by Israel ,what differs it to war crimes commited by all the other countries of the world. A war in Gaza is no different to a war in Iraq or Afghanistan. Perhaps the conception of what war crimes are needs to be reviewed before the hypocrites are allowed to point fingers. Should Britain choose to support the underdog even though he may be an undemocratic terrorist whose ultimate goal is the destruction of a working democracy, it shouldn't be under the pretences of something Britain may well be guilty of itself.
12. The sad results of Muslim immigration
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.30.10)
Britain was once a sovereign state, due to the unchecked and totally unnecessary immigration of radical Muslims from all over the world, it has lost its former status. Britain has now become a country infected by Islam and sick to its bones...
13. brits want to protect & enable pal terrorists
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (03.30.10)
no surprise since they have their own islamic intifada waiting to erupt in the heart of england. call it the UK government's 'preemptive submitting' of the dhimmitude to their future masters.
14. Milliband you are on the right track
Nour ,   Palestine   (03.30.10)
The BDS initiative is gaining momentum - keep the pressure up on the apartheid entity until they repent from occupation and subjugation of the natives! Milliband, I do like your style and I'm a big fan of yours - keep it up. Palestine is willing to forget Britain's dark past and the catastrophe that was Zionism, so long as you carry on this action to the finish line...
15. "Israel Knesset Bans Anti Terror equipment to the UK" ?
Jonathan ,   South Africa   (03.30.10)
I wonder what would happen should we see an article "Israel Knesset Bans Anti Terror equipment to the UK". "It is regretatable that Security exports to UK were almost certainly used to counter terrorist activity in the UK, we reafirm our position that the UK government cannot eat their cake and have it"
16. No arms to Israel from UK
damon mccann ,   tlhib LA USA   (03.30.10)
Do you really think anybody is envious of Mossad these days. The UK does not need any Chicken-Twurling War Criminal Land thieves. Never should of sold these juvenile psychopaths weapons in the first place. Zionism will soon be over.
17. Bluntly speaking, what we sell the UK is far more what they
The Dude   (03.30.10)
sell us... So go ahead, but we should also in turn ban any drone sales to them (or any second country from selling to the UK). We shouldn't be part of what the UK is doing in Afghanistan...
18. It's good that elections are coming....
The Dude   (03.30.10)
19. i think that britain
JL   (03.30.10)
could be compared to a gazan toilet bowl
20. So what makes a great nation or people?
Ken ,   Switzerland   (03.30.10)
Is it the amount of love they inspire or the amount of hate they generate?
21. Yeah,Should not give weapons to the extremists and crazies
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.30.10)
"Israel" should be punished in some way....Brown should stop hypocrisy and fight terrorism everywhere, halt British weapons exports and insist the EU do the same ...and must suspension of the EU coperation agreement with "Israel", that "Israel" is using illegal cluster munitions and white phosphorus !!!! "Israel" today is a racist state that accepts only Jewish immigrants, denies equal rights to non-Jews living here.....Britain you have a moral responsibility toward the Palestinians to do something before it’s too late Happy Passover to Ynet
22. #9
Nour ,   Palestine   (03.30.10)
You have a false sense of self-grandeur. Israel is a shitty little apartheid country and you're going down...the drain.
Arn. ,   SWEDEN.   (03.30.10)
24. Still grinning :-)
Noel ,   Cork, Ireland   (03.30.10)
As the British election draws closer, so do the politicians riduculous asertions get more commonplace. I think that Milliband and Brown are attempting to woo George Galloway into their fold. As far as my knowledge goes, Britain is no longer a recognised major supplier of armaments, having become an importer of such items from countries as farflung as South Africa. Who are they trying to fool by their threats of arms embargo's.
25. Keep dreaming Nour
jb ,   canada   (03.30.10)
while you shovel camel shit and ask yourself what you pathetic little evil buggers have contributed to the world lately...except terror. FOAD
26. Who needs England &its products anyway ?
Jaacov Baumann   (03.30.10)
From today on I will boycott english products wherever possible and encourage everybody to do the same ! Antisemitic states and their products must be boycotted ! England is a financially and socially almost bankrupt state - but very few people will shed a tear when its finally history !
27. Oh Shut up! British baby! Waaaaa!! Waaaa!
This guy is an a total twit. Like who cares? "Dont arm Israel" ...what a load of shit. If this wasnt supposed to be'd be an absolute joke. Why doesnt Britain just sever ties with Israel and join Iran?
28. Weapons for love
Daniel ,   Netherlands   (03.30.10)
Uk shoould make condoms not to be used for sex. Israel should make sure weapons and agriculture exports for the UK are not to be used for the Falkland islands, lets start supporting Argentina and call them Malvinas!
29. Can We Stop The Fantasy?
Dan ,   Titusville, FL   (03.30.10)
There are NO occupied territories. The Palestinians lost the West Bank by virtue of losing 5 wars they initiated Jerusalem was never theirs at all. Can we finally stop this nonsense of "occupied" territories?
30. And what weapon u use in Iraq, Mr. FM?
Londonistan   (03.30.10)
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