Leverage the crisis
Steven M. Goldberg
Published: 01.04.10, 12:13
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1. Goodness
op ,   NI   (04.01.10)
gracious - a bit on the incendiary side Steve. I suppose you won't feel the heat from the states anyway.
2. Obama hurting Israel-America relations
David Ha'ivri ,   Israel   (04.01.10)
Responsible Israelis and Americans should take to heart the wisdom of Steve Goldberg. The relationship between the two countries can only be based on the foundation of mutual respect. It is very sad the US president Obama is set on shaking the foundations of this relationship. Israel can and will survive with out America. The question is what will become of the great nation of America after its leaders turn their back on the people of Israel and the Jewish State.
3. Brave leadership - a different version
Steven ,   Tel Mond, Israel   (04.01.10)
Thanks for your comments. I think that for you its easy to sit in LA and propose such outrageous threats to the whole world (a serious form of Russian Rouletet). SA President PW Botha tried it. The rand dropped to a 1/3 of its value in 2 months and in the end result is history and SA was exceptionally lucky. A better solution is to accept what the whole world knows is a just solution and then let the financial benefits flow into the area after which there will be a lot to lose for all the residents. I propose an enduring peace through justice and creation of a large middle class.
4. All these ideas would backfire & hurt Israel
Zionist forever   (04.01.10)
All these proposals would backfire and hurt Israel. Threaten Obama with the idea of Israel using tactical nukes he would stop talking about Iran as the threat and go on a crusade against Israels nukes. In time he will be going after Israels nuclear program but let's not create the problem sooner than nececarry. Obama is not Nixon and Bibi is not Golda. Annexing Judea & Samaria and offering the Arabs civil and religious rights but not political would be playing into the hands of the binational state people which include Obama, Europe and all Palestinian groups. They will in this case rightly argue apartheid so Israel would be under global pressure for a binational state and the pressure would be so great we would have a hard time refusing. The Balfour Decleration is not something that would ever be proposed in the 21st century so let's not look to that as an example we need new ideas not look back to early 20th century ones which worked because attitudes were different. Israel does need to point out the fayed plan may allow the Arabs to declare a state but it won't lead to agreements and won't deal with issues like settlements, water & transport and if this plan is adopted Israel will no longer negotiate anything and do things it's own way and we will almost certainly have more violence. There are no quick fixes here so let's not rush into anything which may backfire and hurt Israel & benefit our enemies.
5. We, Isrussians,-Russian Israelis, trust you,Bibi
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (04.01.10)
We, Isrussians, more than a million in Israe. "Likud " has almost 13 mandates from us ,including me and my family.Don"t give up to any american blackmail!!! And if you can"t withstand it, we have Liberman , our own blood and flesh.
6. I agree with Goldberg
Israeli 2   (04.01.10)
Good article. What I fear most however is that at the end, the USA will support Israel tactically and militarily, but as ALWAYS, the strikes against Iran will be so limited and this whole climax of finally having attacked Iran, would be better of not having done so. BECAUSE A few more years will then go by and finally will come the biggest sneekiest attack on Israel. Or attack and obliterate, OR Remove the regime Mission Impossible Style.
7. Tactical nukes
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (04.01.10)
An excellent article, pointing out the bottom line: Israel has no reason to help Obama by committing suicide. If Obama wants to exterminate the Jews, Israel should not make his life easy. But Goldberg errs in suggesting Israel use nuclear weapons. Attacking Iran with nukes will kill some Iranians, but will only set-back the Iranian plans for a short time and give the anti-Israeli forces justification for destroying Israel. As long as Israel holds Judea and Samaria as shelter for her populace, the worst Iranian nuclear attack won't destroy Israel. Instead, Israel should help the enemies of Saudi Arabia. Iran's primary interest is defense against American aggression through control of the Persian Gulf. Israel can help. China's primary interest is securing its Middle-East oil interests and trade routes through the Suez Canal. Israel can help.
8. Leaders cannot lead faint-hearted population
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (04.01.10)
The population must learn the POWER inherent in the historical truth, factuality and scientific underpinning of Torah (as contrasted against some rabbinic misconceptions). Nor can any Israeli leader lead a fragmented people that insists on going infinite different directions "after their own heart and their own eyes." Yet, unity can only be found in the solid, historical, factual pristineness of Nosakh Teimani. Israel cannot have the leaders you describe until we have people with the guts to follow them in dire straits and not only in good times.
9. Great article...totally agree!
JAy3 ,   Israel   (04.01.10)
Arn. ,   SWEDEN.   (04.01.10)
Converting Israel's crisis into an opportunity will require extraordinary leadership. Israel's leaders will need strategic vision, decisiveness, steady nerves, unflinching determination, and absolute confidence in the justice of the cause ABSOLUTELY RIGHT !!!. Ominous as all this seems, Israel has the opportunity to seize the moment and secure its future. The actions required are not for the faint of heart. ALSO TRUE !!!. With regard to Iran, Israel can let the United States know in no uncertain terms that it will take military action against Iran, with or without American assistance. If the Obama Administration balks, and perhaps even threatens to withhold military hardware to Israel that might be necessary for a successful conventional strike, Israel can advise the US, discreetly yet firmly, that it has non-conventional options, i.e., tactical nuclear weapons. PRECISELY !!!. I SALUTE THE OF RIGHT VISION !!!. Arn.
11. A nuclear strike on Iran is the worst idea possible
daniel   (04.01.10)
Beter to accept the Iranian nuke. Anyway they won't use it against Israel. They will use it to blackmail the west.
12. good riposte
alexi   (04.01.10)
Thhis is a good riposte to marcus, verter, barnea, benn and shavit of the appeasement and kiss rear end paper haaretz. Israel has to be decisive, and not beg the world.In his previous term, bibi did better than all of them before on terror(barak and olmert were the worst) but he is not likely to fire at iran. He is too insecure and needs lots ofpeople to decide for him. Begin woud have already sent them.
13. Nationalism is tribalism
Cosmopolitan   (04.01.10)
Conservatives either nationalists or religious are the sources of most conflicts. I see no difference between Goldberg and Nasrallah, between Khameinei and Lieberman, between Likud and Hamas. They only think about their own security. What saddens me the most is that most Arabs and Israelis follow their lead like scared puppies.
14. Change of heart apparent
David Lev ,   Shilo Israel   (04.01.10)
I fully agree with Goldberg about the annex proposal and offering non-political citizenship to Arabs. Although given the current mindset of PA leaders, they are likely to put self-interests before the needs of a great many of their people who would also prefer the peaceful option with greater economic benefits. In this annexation proposal, I sense a change of heart amongst many of the staunch right wing who could be prepared to accept such an option which also safeguards the Jewish presence in the land. I tend to disagree with the Iranian solution. Yes, we have to tackle it, but we also need to be fully aware of the dimensions of the beast we confront. I personally favor a joint military approach, but to include assisting Persians who are brutally trapped inside this mad regime. In my opinion one of the biggest mistakes during the Iraqi war was not having a viable 'victory' plan before destroying Sadam Hussein. I would like to think that there are enough sane Iranians (Persians) in that country to warrant a careful campaign. Otherwise, a great article that also serves to vindicate MK Hotlevy's plan for the annexation solution. Please understand that we are a tiny nation consisiting of parents having our children serving in the IDF. Sending our family to war is not a light matter to satisfy the concerns of Jews living comforatably in exile! However, we will prevail.
15. #13 the difference
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (04.01.10)
It's not that difficult: Nasrallah, Khamenei, Hamas, Fatah, Fayyad, Abbas and their supporters call for genocide of the Jews. Goldberg, Lieberman and Likud are against genocide of anyone.
16. NR 11.
Arn. ,   SWEDEN.   (04.01.10)
17. Goldberg, you're clearly mad
Mark ,   Canada   (04.01.10)
It is almost unbelievable for someone to continue denying the existence of an entire population, now exceeding the number of jews within 1948 lands. Grant civil rights but no political rights? Are you mad? Are you inviting more Anti-Apartheid attention onto Israel? Peace my friend starts when you acknowledge that the Palestinian people are an indigineous population which WONT be transfered anywhere. When you accept this, a solution will be that much nearer. Peace
18. Wonderful article. Let's hope it gives our leader
Average Zionist ,   Israel   (04.01.10)
strength to seize the moment.
19. Your concept is flawed
JAy3 ,   Israel   (04.01.10)
These so called Palestinian Muslim Arabs are NOT indigenous to this land and majority only came here after 67. They came from Egypt, Syria and Jordan, and should go back there if they dont want to live in a peaceful co existance with Jews. But unfortunately fools like you wont accept the fact that this isnt about land.... the Arab Muslims use the pretext of land issues as a catalyst to vent their hatred of Jews. They dont want a Palestine,,,,,just Israel destroyed and the Jews dead! The Quran and the PA Charters clearly backs up my claim that you cant deny!
20. Too many holes... nothing here... move on
Jose ,   CA USA   (04.01.10)
This is so flawed. I expected better points which would at least make me think. Israel does not talk about military action. It just attacs. Israel talks about military action on Iran for the simple reason that Israel can't. It is just not possible - miltarily, politically, financially. Go back and re-read Israel's past strikes.
21. Can Obama think rationally when it comes to the Jewish...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (04.01.10)
...state, when its Jewish elected officials are the players, when Israel's symbols of government are still in place? Obama is one of the most sinister people when it comes to Israel, the nation-state of the Jewish people, and its right to exist as such and defend itself. In some respects Obama is not much different than Ahmdinijad of Iran: his motives are rooted in a place in which Jewish sovereignty is an insult, in which Jews don't have history and their connection to Jerusalem and the Land of Israel is none-existent. One must take his lack of rationality and certainly lack of knowledge of the Jewish people, its homeland and the national liberation movement of this people, Zionism into consideration and assume that his moves with regard to Israel are not rooted in clear and rational thinking but in....!!
22. goldberg column
jack hoffman ,   grand rapids, mi   (04.01.10)
It is beyond shocking that YNET would publish this. First combat use of nuclear weapons since Nagasaki in order to create an apartheid state. This is evil and shameful.
23. An idiot and a coward..
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (04.01.10)
So, Israel should use tactical nukes against a country which 1) hasn't attacked it and 2) doesn't have nuclear weapons. And there will be no consequences, least of all for Mr. Goldberg who will continue residing in California, safe from the idiocy he promotes. Also, the promotion of an outright apartheid state doesn't bother Mr. Goldberg in the least. Therein lies the problem. Israelis and Jews want to believe that somehow they could live with the consequences of their actions, or that there would be no consequences at all. That the Americans would not shoot down any Israeli attack on Iran, especially when it would put US trioops directly in the line of fire of any Iranian retaliation. That using nukes would not result in immediate sanctions against Israel including, but not limited to, a world-wide blockade of the so-called 'Jewish' state. And that apartheid would not result in the tightening of economic and diplomatic pressure leading to the eventual destruction of said state. And all the while, Goldberg will sit in California, fiddling while the Jewish 'Rome' burns.
24. I agree
Hertzel ,   Tveria Israel   (04.01.10)
100% my thinking! Tactical nukes are something I mentioned in talk back 2 years ago... Strength is only admired on this earth, and by these enemies. At this point Israel seems to be attacked left and right by every termite on this planet, it is time to decide the FINAL COURSE OF ACTION, AND STICK WITH IT COME HELL OR HIGH WATER.
25. Rantings of a madman
StevieT ,   USA   (04.01.10)
While his ideas about Iran are still open to debate, unilaterally usurping the entire West Bank will be tantamount to suicide for Israel as we know it. Mark (#17) is absolutely correct by surmising that the weight of apartheid will eventually bring this plan to a crashing failure. Leaving one state and demographics that are not favorable to the Jewish people. If this expansionism is the objective of the current Israeli leadership, I will keep the candles by my side.
26. Hmmm
Ash ,   Jerusalem   (04.01.10)
I saw the headline and got excited, actually thought I was going to read something intelligent. Guess not...
27. #2 - ?
op ,   ni   (04.01.10)
Trouble is David that countries act in there own interests - as Israel has done. There is no penalty to pay at home or abroad if the US joins the rest of international opinion. Israel would feel it sorely however.
28. paranoia ..
brett ,   TA   (04.01.10)
You're describing how could start another global war. In this scenario, you're forgetting many actors of the conflict, first of them, the hamas, hizbollah and the arab world ... The way you see the behavior of the Obama administration is pretty naive. Today, unconventional weapons are efficient only in a manner of deterrence. Using MDW would only isolate Israel. Be a true and modern zionist and accept the palestinian people living in a demilitarized economically viable state, which means peaceful. Shalom !
29. The meaning of the credible deterrence of the I. D. F.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (04.01.10)
Whatever our interests are, we can only defend them by having independent strength, as we demonstrated in 1967, and that requires sacrifices. The United States didn't build an alliance with Israel after 1967 because Mr Nixon loved Jews, but because our victory in the Six Day War showed that Israel was a regional power that could not be ignored. We could win wars with or without US support, and that was frightening to them. But recreating the same reality requires making the IDF a credible deterrent once again. Some details about the I. D. F . at : http://xrl.us/ostjf
30. Israel can do self-annihilation all by itself, a recipe
Carl ,   America   (04.01.10)
It's almost shameful to read such an article from a lawyer who is supposed to have a certain sense of intellect and critical thinking. The auhor must be confused or at best is thinking in reverse. The outcome if his argument would be a full recipe of an annihilated Israel as we know it today and intends to make it better which is essential to it's survival. Hopefully there are a very few Israelis who adhere to this senseless point of view.
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