Obama: US-Israel ties 'solid as rock'
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 31.03.10, 00:11
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1. obama HUSSEIN needs to but out of Israels domestic politics!
arabs need to take ,   bold steps for once   (03.31.10)
2. Bold steps ?
Paul ,   USA   (03.31.10)
Why is it that BiBi has to take " bold steps " ? Is it possble that I'm more informed about the Israeli / Palestinian conflict, then the US President ? Mr President, Secretary of State Clinton, try checking a few sites like Palestinian Media Watch, before asking BiBi to take " bold steps ".
3. Bold steps
Robert ,   Brisbane, Australia   (03.31.10)
#2 Bold steps Mr President. Check out the talkback section of Y-net news. The beligerent, twisted, selfish, ungrateful and one-eyed views of the bulk of Israeli posters here should indicate to you who needs and desereves your support. It is very evident that the people of Israel, after the support it has received in the past from the US are acting like spoilt children because someone like you has emerged who is willing to look at the middle east situation with un-biased views. Congratulations Mr President, you are a breath of fresh air.
4. Obama is a coward?
john ,   fairfax, va   (03.31.10)
Israel must understand that it is not above international law. It should not get away with murder every time. Obama must stop being a coward every time the jewish lobby objects. It is Israel strategy every time to put US leaders on the defensive. God bless AMERICA.
5. #1,2 because the palestinians already did it
saher   (03.31.10)
befor you watching arab media (which im sure u didn't) better to watch your own rightist speeches and Why is it that BiBi has to take " bold steps " ? because the palestinians already did it stopping violence capture hamas ppl resolve the resistance cells that's why or ohhh you woud say "coz all the world against us" u moral ppl
6. Lets hope so for the USA !
Jaacov Baumann   (03.31.10)
Its the USA (like any other nation) that depends on Israel - not the other way ! Why ? Its in the scriptures and proven many times, that if you fight Israel, you will fall ! Why ? Israel is the people of the book - you touch Israel, you touch the author ! Be really smart, Mr Obama, and think about that carefully - otherwise you could lead the USA into desaster (which I hope you dont want to) !
7. Obama
Luiz Felipe Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (03.31.10)
I fully regret the offensive comments about U.S. President Barack Obama. You have to understand he is a true friend of Israel. He wants a permanent peace among her and the Arabian neighbours, through mutual concessions. Think about it, my Jewish brothers and sisters. Luiz Felipe Haddad, Brazilian Christian.
8. Everything is as solid as a rock.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (03.31.10)
Obama has Bibi in Handcuffs with a big rock tied around his waste. He's going to throw him off of a cliff into a water filled crevice. Hold onto the rock Bibi! That's what Obama will be shouting as Bibi plummets into negotiations with his Friends????
9. Obama is right
Adam   (03.31.10)
Israel needs to take bold steps. I call on Israel to immediately, verifiably, and unilaterally withdraw from Lebanon and Gaza. Oh, wait... At what point in the "peace" process do the Palestinians have to take bold steps? I'm sick of general remarks requesting the Palestinians consider refraining from incitement while Israel is hammered no matter how many risks she takes for peace.
10. Ties between Israel and the US, of course, but not between
Deb ,   Boston, MA   (03.31.10)
Israel and the present, temporary US President who has done nothing during the past year but humiliate Israel, its people and its democratically elected officials, and all only because they are Jewish; people for whom Israel is home and not a theoretical concept, defending the sovereign nation and its people in the face of those so eager to wipe both off the face of earth, and in the face of the US President who indirectly appears to side with them.
11. Respect for Obama
Jane ,   Tel Aviv   (03.31.10)
There has been a great deal of criticism of Obama lately, due to confusion, fear, misunderstanding... but I believe that he deserves a great deal of credit.
12. Obama, Powers, Rashidi, Wright, Jones
BJL ,   usa   (03.31.10)
Solid as a rock? Sandstone? Obama has surrounded himself with anti-jews and Bibi is supposed to make hard decisions?
13. Obama should be telling Abbas to take bold steps
Brod ,   USA   (03.31.10)
He should be telling Abbas and his Islamist-Jihadist cohorts to take some bold steps toward peace, instead of always telling Israel what to do. It is time Hussien understands that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews since the time of their forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob 4000 years ago, long before there were Islamist-Jihadist marauders, terrorists and thugs that sprouted in the 7th century.
14. If BHO needs to say
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (03.31.10)
B"H If Barack Hussein Obama needs to say that the underlying relationship between the US and Israel is "solid as a rock", it means it's not. The recent diplomatic rift over Israel's decision to build additional housing units in Jerusalem shows that Jews have only one friend: G-d.
15. Who does Barak bin Hussein and his staff think they bluffing
Alan ,   SA   (03.31.10)
16. And Arabs and Americans can do whatever they want?
Look in the mirror, Obama.
17. what is "is" as what is "solid rock"
jay ,   tarzana USA   (03.31.10)
Netanyahu and the Israeli Government has given in, given in and given in and has compromised numerous times. What has Abbas given or compromised on. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Obama is either blind or ignorant. Obama is correct in one thing, that Israel has to take some bold steps. Tell Obama to find some other patsy and start running TV ads showing the truth to the American people instead of the media being like a donkey following the carrot on a stick (Obama)
18. Obama
Garry ,   Katy, TX   (03.31.10)
Please, never believe word zero says. He's a lying muslim that hates Israel. We know it over here....every move he makes is to further destroy Israel. Don't ever buy his lies...he's the ultimate liar.
19. Israeli cabinet! Don"t get in to BO provocation!
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (03.31.10)
I do not think that Obama is that stupid or naive that he doesn"t understand the relation between his "PEACE now" preassure and WAR.
20. #3 No such thing as unbiased views
Cynthia ,   USA   (03.31.10)
Just look at your stereotype of Israeli posters....."beligerent, twisted, selfish, ungrateful and one eyed". You consider Obama a breath of fresh air because you believe he will work against Israel and take a pro-Palestinian stance. I'm waiting for Obama to take bold steps in solving American problems along with the Iranian threat rather than dishing out ultimatums to Netanyahu.
21. To #2, Robert
Howard ,   Dallas, TX   (03.31.10)
Obama has done more to muck up peace negotiations in 1 year than the last 4 presidents combined. Your "breath of fresh air" had better move quickly because he's quite likely to be a 1 term president. He went from one of the largest approval ratings ever seen to a negative approval rating in 1 year. He's alienated virtually all of the independent voters here, including me. I know who I'm voting for in the next elections -- and it isn't him!
22. Hate to the US is part of a deep and sincere ideology.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (03.31.10)
PMW Director Itamar Marcus spoke in the US Congress several month ago about the dangers inherent in the creation of a PA state. While US President Obama and other senior politicians have touted the creation of a PA state as beneficial to American interests, a PA state would in all likelihood ally itself with America’s enemies, he said. Among the statements quoted in the report: “Allah, take hold of the Americans and their allies… Allah, count them and kill them to the last one and don’t leave even one.” Ahmed Bahar, speaker of the PA legislative council, on PA TV in April 2007. Click to understand :
23. It is solid rock but RIGOR MORTIS
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (03.31.10)
24. Obama needs to take some bold steps
Ben ,   Gush Etzion   (03.31.10)
#1 Unseal his records to prove that he is qualified to be POTUS #2 Admit that he is a Muslim who is prejudiced against Israel and Jews andthat he is a socialist whose goal is to turn the USA into the USSA (United Socialist States of America) #3 Run an honest Administration and stop bribing Congressmen and Senators to do his will and let then vote according to the will of their constituents #4 Get rid of ACORN and SEIU thugs and their corruption When he is done with all of that then he can voice his opinions regarding Israel
25. A lie
Alexandre Chinovich   (03.31.10)
It's a lie from the very beginning to the end. They would suffocate Israel while repeating their friendly exclamations.
26. With Israel, yes. But not with Bibi & his circus.
Mark   (03.31.10)
27. Obama and America are pro- Isreal
Mike - Los Angeles ,   USA   (03.31.10)
28. You will know Obama by his friends
Zev ,   Yerushalayim   (03.31.10)
This is what he said in the campaign Who are his friends? Bill Ayers Bernadine Dohrn Rashid Kalidi Khalid Al Mansour The Saudi King Senator Richard Luger Louis Farrakhan Jeremiah Wright Tony Rezko Zbigniew Brzezinski Samantha Power and the self hating Jews: Sorros, Waxman, Greyson, Axelrod etc. Now do you know how much Obama loves Jews and Israel?
29. Col HaCvod Bibi
Yonason Herschlag   (03.31.10)
Bibi didn't buckle under the pressure, and after realizing that the American people are backing Bibi on this and upset with Obama's treatment of Israel, Obama is forced to say that Israel's standing firm is okay. Stand firm Bibi!
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