Biblical Zoo is Israel's No. 1 tourist destination
Published: 07.04.10, 07:40
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1. thank you Teddy & Tisch Family!!!!
Teddy envisioned it and the Tisch Family paid for it! This is really a wonderful place to visit and enjoy!
2. giggle you won't be able to miss
ghostq   (04.07.10)
the pinguines compound, you can smell it from kilometers, and I rekomand visiting in the spring during the mating season the lions gave really good show.
3. If you want to see monkeys try the Knesset
Avi ,   Israel   (04.07.10)
4. Who's No. 1?
MAJ ,   Israel   (04.07.10)
Hello? Anybody home? With all due respect to the Biblical Zoo- THE KOTEL HAMA'ARAVI. THE WESTERN WALL. This is a no-brainer. All the places listed above, please move yourselves down one notch. That's it. You're numbers two through eleven. What genius (at Dan or Dun & B) published this misinformation?
5. to #3 you haven't seen the parliament
ghostq   (04.08.10)
in the faar east they literaly went fist fighting.
6. #4 list is clearly based on paid admission fees collected
perhaps you missed that subtle point because the article is unclear on that point! :)
7. Add the holyland compound
all of us ,   Israel   (04.08.10)
to the top of the list of the 10 ugliest places
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