'Haredim who defaced memorial not religious'
Shmulik Grossman
Published: 04.04.10, 14:48
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1. Stupid, Misleading Title , Arab Terrorism caused monument
Truth Sayer ,   Israel   (04.04.10)
Let's see if Ynet prints this and dares to be politically correct
2. How sensitive and moral
Arie ,   Israel   (04.04.10)
"Even Arabs would not have done that" what a statement, I am worried as to where all of us Israelis heading with these mindsets. Arabs, is that like a low form of being or is it Jews that are the supreme beings. Level heads so you can see reality, what a shame
3. No, Israeli occupation caused monument.
Fred ,   World   (04.04.10)
4. YOur Article
AJ ,   Jerusalem   (04.04.10)
What Do you mean ? Even Arbs would not do this . What The Hell is this statement? You Jews think you are better than Arabs, Wake up you are no difference ,you just like to act Machos all the time . God is watching and one day it will be settled by him believe or not.
5. some of these Haradim lack respect for everyone!
Recently I visited the graves of the Sanhedrin here in Jerusalem and found a garbage dump!!!! The entire area of the graves is filled with Religious Newspapers and magazines, broken bottles, dirty diapers, old and broken down washing machines, baby strollers etc etc. These are the graves of our Sanhedrin and they a garbage dump and the garbage is from the Haradim living in this area. Some of these Haradim have no respect for their fellow man!
6. I live in Montreal far from Jerusalem in a
Al   (04.04.10)
religious Jewish area of town. In Montreal we seperate our garbage between those things that are recycled and those that are not. Each morning save Shabbos I have to go out and pick up the candy wrappers, bambi packages,super kosher milk containers and extra super kosher orange juice containers imported from the holy land of NYC on my front lawn that my religious neighbours throw out without securing them in a recycling bin. I dont know what goes on in their homes but if they cant afford to respect their neighbours I dare say they may not even respect themselves.
7. looks like they lighting shabbos candles
dave ,   uk   (04.04.10)
8. "Even arabs won't do it"yet israelis claim they aint racists
JayZ ,   jerusalem   (04.04.10)
9. The objective f the defamation is so obvious
Marlene N. ,   New York City   (04.04.10)
It was carried out with the intention of making it look as though it were done by Palestinian Arabs. There is no need for anyone to scratch their heads and wonder why. Anything to create justifications for attacks or other problems for the Palestinian Arab population has always has been the sole objective. The civilian population merely follows in the footsteps of the government.
10. On the contrary, they ARE religious!
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (04.04.10)
We have witnessed many an outrage committed by the 7aredim and mafdalnikim against the State of Israel. They are just as willing to attack our courageous forces serving in the Territories as are Arab terrorists. They daily try to impose their Taliban habits and mores on the vast majority of the Israeli populace that does not follow their religious path. Make no mistake about it: Jewish religious fanatics are as dangerous for Israel as our hostile Arab neighbors, even more so.
11. 1996 Bombings
Eddie ,   london UK   (04.04.10)
This was one of the many rewards of the Oslo process, and under the brave leadership of Peres. It is also a sample of what awaits us when the new Palestinian state is set up.
12. Haredi garbage
Madeleine ,   Israel   (04.04.10)
Walk round any haredi area and you will find more garbage in the streets than most other neighbourhoods. The concept of a 'Beautiful Israel' is totally alien to them.
13. Disincentive needed
Robert ,   Brisbane,Australia   (04.04.10)
Their families homes should be razed to the ground as a disincentive for further acts of vandalism.
14. Too true Al + +
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.04.10)
The worst part of this is that even though they were caught red-handed they will get off scot free - - - and that will not be in the newspapers!
15. The religious can also be mentally ill.
JMK ,   NYC   (04.04.10)
The religious can also be just stupid youth with too much time and energy on their hands like eveyone else. Which is my point religion is of no help to solve any personal problem or social problem. Such problems are solved by medicine and therapy.
16. these aint religious hareidim
mei1 ,   yaffo   (04.04.10)
i grew up in a hareidi area and all my neighbors were the nicest people, these guys in j'lem are from neturei karta and are bringing a bad ame out to the whole hareidi world
17. All memorials on streets and highways are sick.
US   (04.04.10)
All should be removed.
18. JAY Z
AMERICAN ,   not a jew   (04.04.10)
Agree, what a telling statement. What if people were saying, " even Jews wouldnt do that ". It really is awful.
19. To Arie AJ and JayZ [#2,4,8]
N.G. ,   Jerusalem   (04.04.10)
As much as I do not relate with this sort of expression and perceive it as 'not PC', to say the least, when the widower of a woman that was killed in a horrible, devastating, suicide bombing terror attack (a woman which is one of the victims to which the memorial is dedicated to) says 'Even Arabs wouldn't do such a thing', could it possibly be that he's trying to say in his own way (even though it's, perhaps, an inconsiderate way of putting it and is an inappropriate generalization) that even individuals from the Arab sector, which from his perspective (supposedly) do not relate with the Jewish Israeli society and it's values as much as the individuals form the Jewish sector (supposedly) do relate to it, (and keep in mind it is the same Arab sector from which those suicide bombers came to execute that terrible terror attack which brought about the unfortunate death of his wife as well as dozens others) could not have done such despicable act, and in this manner emphasize the despicableness of the act of those two shameless 'Haredim' -individuals- Perhaps it was not the appropriate manner to express one self, however when some of you talkbackers respond in criticize in a manner such as: --- "What Do you mean ? Even Arbs would not do this . What The Hell is this statement? You Jews think you are better than Arabs, Wake up you are no difference ,you just like to act Machos all the time . God is watching and one day it will be settled by him believe or not." --- "Even Arabs would not have done that" what a statement, I am worried as to where all of us Israelis heading with these mindsets. Arabs, is that like a low form of being or is it Jews that are the supreme beings. Level heads so you can see reality, what a shame --- (even though this is more reasonable reaction from my subjective perspective) Don't you think you show unwillingness to try and find the meaning beyond the flawed aspect of the expression? Especially by recognizing there where also remarks as: --- Masudi Amar's widower, 80-year-old Meir Amar, told Ynet he expected the act to be answered with a harsh punishment. "I am no judge, but they are not religious as far as I am concerned. Why did they decide to destroy the monument in memory of my late wife of all things?" --- His son, Haviv Amar, said he was not interested in defaming anyone, but added that the family was in a lot of pain. "This place is really important for us. It tells what this city has been through, what we families have been through. We hope the memorial is restored quickly," he said. Haviv added that he used to visit the place in the past and maintain the monument, but that it was now emotionally difficult for him. "The eye was always drawn to the monument. People would pass by and see the names. It was built shortly after the terrible attack. One must hope that such an incident will never repeat itself." --- "All the people I have spoken to in Eda Haredit, and I am talking about the community leaders, are strongly against such acts." "The people I spoke to," he said, "would like to stress that such an act is wrong, it hurts families and its non-religious." --- Don't you think that by reacting in such a manner you're behaving in the same inappropriate manner you're (seemingly) trying to critic? And if so, what could be the meaning beyond the 'flawed' aspect of you're expression? As for #8: ' " Even arabs won't do it"yet israelis claim they aint racists ' "yet israelis claim they aint racists" – you're hypocrisy screams...(IMO) Note: I hope you'd consider the fact I'm not a native English speaker (I would try to consider the same…)
20. To Ynet. Why?
N.G. ,   Jerusalem   (04.04.10)
i have submitted a talk-back well over 30 min' ago and it was not published yet... may i know what was the matter with its content (if at all)? My Email is included. An answer would be appreciated...
21. "even Arabs wouldn't do such a thing"
William ,   Israel   (04.04.10)
Yeah, instead, they'd focus on attacking the living civilians and uprooting synagogues and cemeteries. What planet are you living on? Of course they would do despicable acts like these, they just aren't getting the opportunity as much.
22. #3- sorry Fred, more like Arab racism and egotism
William ,   Israel   (04.04.10)
In 1999, "Pals" had absolutely everything they are demanding today. Everything. There was freedom of movement, the fastest growing economy i the world, and lots of hope for a 2-State solution. No roadblocks and no fence. Then to gain concessions, Arafat started a bloody terror campaign and the "Pals" gave it all up. Why? According to polls right afterwards - the majority of "Pals" agreed with suicide attacks on civilians and to expel all Jews from the region. How do they still have that belief if the path to Statehood and an end to "occupation" was in the near future?? Pure racist hatred...nothing else.
23. #4 - please cite when Jews did this to Arabs?
William ,   Israel   (04.04.10)
I can give you a long list of macho, racist, emotional acts by Arabs in knee jerk reactions but not many with Jews. It's not a comparison of who is better than who (except in your own mind), it's a fact based on years of precedent. Deal with reality and stop painting people bent on emotional violence, usually based on unfounded rumors, as a peace-loving people. They can't even live peaceful among themselves.
24. #9 - Arabs create their own justifications all the time
William ,   Israel   (04.04.10)
snipers, rocks, molotov cocktails, rockets, theft....and the list goes on....on the average of 35 incidents a day!!! "Pals" don't need help creating justification for Israeli actions. Their constant hatred and manipulations pretty much take care of that...since 1919! By the way - "Palestinian" and "Arab" are the same group - an oxymoron....delivered from a moron.
25. #8 - has nothing to do with "racism", just 90 years of fact
William ,   Israel   (04.04.10)
Care to learn some history or shall you recluse yourself into your own mind where you make up history and facts?
26. #18 - PA already made that statement
William ,   Israel   (04.04.10)
Back in December, tensions between Hamas and the PA increased and Hamas attacked Fatah installations and did some nasty stuff. The PA statement about the atrocities included the sentence "even the Israelis wouldn't do such a thing". Are they now racists, or do you have a different opinion....making YOU the racist?
27. "Even Arabs wouldn't do such a thing"
Sagi   (04.04.10)
Right !!! They just take out skyscrapers in New York, two at a time, and if they manage a wing of the Pentagon as a bonus then they get an extra blessing.
28. Charideem at play again
Avi ,   Israel   (04.04.10)
Just one more of their accomplishments, of which i am sure they are very proud of. What sick people who do not deserve a place in civillised society.
29. To all the comments complains of 'racism", logic says
m   (04.05.10)
Does your brain ever work, or just reacts? No, Arabs don't destroy monuments, they "just" killed the people on the bus. So I would ask myself which is worse, defacing a monument to the rememberance of people or destroying the people themselves?
30. #17 go tell that to all of those who have lost a loved one!
what kind of insensitive person are you? BTW clearly you haven't traveled beyond your door because all over the world there are memorials. I have seen them all over Europe and South America. Examples that come to mind are in France and Northern Ireland. since you are so judgmental the judgment you give to others really refects are the sick one!
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