'Haredim who defaced memorial not religious'
Shmulik Grossman
Published: 04.04.10, 14:48
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31. Did they served in the Army?
Ariel   (04.05.10)
May be it is time to recruit them and send them to dig trenches along the Gaza Strip? Would Tal agree with this?
32. #19,29 and all that claims its not about racism
JayZ ,   jerusalem   (04.05.10)
Regardless of what arabs did, the sentence stated here is drenched with racism. There is no way of denying it. and to no. 19 i say again yes israelis, because racist israelis are the ones who usually generalize when speaking of arabs. I don't see the hypocrisy mentioned by you.
33. To All Complaining about racism.
Ari ,   Romania   (04.05.10)
What hapened in 1948 when the Arabs(Jordanians ) Came in the Old city and vandalized the Jewish Quarter, destroyed more than 50 synagogues including the Hurba, And then the Commander of the Jaodaninan Legion said. "Finally in 1000 years the Old City is clean of Jews". In the case of Joseph's Tomb, the Pals desecrated it. The Mount of Olives Cemmetary what Happened? Whats happening today in Irak with the Tomb of Ezequiel? What happened with 17 Synagogues destroyed in Cairo with the beneplacit of the Government in 1947? What happened in Marroco in 1913 whith many Synagogues destroyed and the Anti Jewish Progrom killing more than 1000 Jews? . So maybe some comments were not necessary, but to pretend that Palestinians are not able to such a thing is stupid, or that most of them are antisemitic it is the true, they have been educated to hate. The comment "Not even Pals will do this" Is stupid because is like praising the Pals for their innocence. If they can blow themselves in buses, or go arround with a tractor destroying cars in Jaffo Street, or kill 8 Yeshive Students unnarmed, they can also vandalize monuments. If they can say no land can be sold to Jews in the future Pal. State or in Jordan or in most arab Countries, then let's not complain about some remarks that are being used, as a new excuse to again defiled the Jews with accusations of racism. The Koran is racist against Jews and Cristians, So some remarks are not compared by far with the deeds of the arabs and Palestinians. It's a Joke. The birds Shoting at the guns. When a lie is spred many times it becomes a truth. You know who said this? Goebels. And this has become the tactic of the Pals and arabs. Spred as much lies against the Jews and sooner or later they will be believed. Like the Goldstein Report....Like the masacre of Jenin. etc
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