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Our economic success story
Sever Plocker
Published: 05.04.10, 13:08
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1. Wealth built on theft.
Supreme Deliciousness ,   Sweden   (04.05.10)
2. Something to be proud of
David ,   Switzerland   (04.05.10)
It's amazing to see how well Israel is doing when many (not all) countries are having such a hard time. I don't think an annual growth rate of 6.5% is realistic though. And Britain and Israel having a similar GDP is just plain wrong. They're worlds apart. Still, it seems you're thriving against all odds. I wish you all the best.
3. Two things:
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (04.05.10)
(1) While the pursuit of targets is always good as it fosters a competitive spirit and national pride, doing so must not make us oblivious to a growing economic disparity in Israel between the ultra-rich and the very poor. We cannot have a Jewish Homeland in which a third of the kids are unable to enjoy a single daily hot meal. (2) We have to invest heavily in tertiary education. The days of the primary, secondary and even tertiary sector of production are over. A bright future is guaranteed only to experts in technology, biochemistry, genetics, astronomy, medicine, etc. We have to strive to have as great a proportion of the population as possible with solid college degrees, at least to a graduate level.
Lawrence ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (04.05.10)
I am delighted that the success of Israel makes you angry .
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (04.05.10)
I am a zionist / pro -Israel for just one reason .Because the success and existence of Israel pisses off haters like yourself.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (04.05.10)
But what about the increasing numbers of poor in Israel ,and the growing number of soup kitchens .How can one be proud of this sad side of things?
7. Economy and Iran
David ,   Boston   (04.05.10)
It's wonderful to see the Israeli economy thriving. It has happened after socialism of the fifties was discarded. The downward spiral of the developed world is the direct result of the creation of the nanny states that reward the lazy and the nonproductive. However, it's delusional of Plocker to believe that a peace agreement with the Palestinians would stop Iranian nuclear program. That can be done only by destruction of their nuclear facilities.
8. Wealthy nations debt stats
Gilad ,   London UK   (04.05.10)
I would like to ask where you found the statistics for the UK debt? As far as I am aware the UK debt is expected to peak at 80% or so around 2014. This would include (as far as I am aware) a massive investment in the banking system which is meant to be repaid in full as they recover. While you wrote positive things about Israel, I do not understand where the stats for the UK came from as they are not in line with the budget report provided by the chancellor of the exchequer.
9. Mazal tov!
Dave ,   USA   (04.05.10)
10. Yes!
juan solana ,   san diego   (04.05.10)
All this on the background of over 100 billions from Germany, over 200 billions from USA, besides the billions from Switzerland, Belgium.. and sooo many other europeans countries... and still counting!
11. Hey guys, go easy on #1
redbourn ,   Arad, Israel   (04.05.10)
Sweden is fast and sadly falling under the Islamic heel. Malmo is being completely taken over by Muslims and rape is sky high all over Sweden. How would you feel if you lived there and read about another country's success? Mike
12. Joke about Swedes for #1
Eitan ,   Chicago   (04.05.10)
There's a Russian joke about the Chukchi, the reindeer herders that live west of Alaska: A Chukchi is reading the newspaper, and he tells his wife, "Honduras troubles me." His wife hears this and scolds him: "Don't scratch them!!" Swedes are a similar politically marginal nation, too far from the scene of the headlines they read, and ready to believe anything. Their vacation plans usually involve tanning until their scalps blister in Turkey or Greece, and they could give a damn what they pass by on their way to the resort. Their preferred noble savages, acolytes of Yasser Arafat or Che Guevara, are far enough away that no Swede will be troubled to reconcile his damaged intellect with on-the-ground realities. So Sven, go find your "apartheid" among the staff of Schneider Hospital and Israel's parliament, go find your opposition to the "apartheid wall" among Umm al-Fahm's Arabs, and go find your "seige" in Gaza's food stalls. Don't worry, you can get liquored up and sunburnt in Israel just as well as on Rodos. You fools need to leave your igloos more often.
13. Illusian or deception?
Sidney   (04.05.10)
It is nice to know that the Israeli economy is doing so well. However tying it in with the Iranian threat is a real stretch. If there were no Israel, a nuclear Iran would be an existential threat to many countries. Unless you think that the leaders of Iran are insane, which would make all discussion pointless, the use of nuclear weapons against Israel is not the main threat. A nuclear exchange with Israel wipes them out as well as Israel. On the other hand, the mere possession of nuclear weapons would make a complete take-over to Middle Eastern oil feasible. Who would stand up to them? The American people will not risk a nuclear war for Saudi Arabia. And the Russians seem to be the biggest dimwits of all. While helping Iran to go nuclear do they think that they will be safe from nuclear terror from their numerous Muslim rebels?
14. to supreme
joel ,   luxembourg   (04.05.10)
Off course you have nothing else to say. Wealth is due to our technological inovations. Well we won three nobel prizes in physics. How many did sweden win this year? exactly, so go sell ur cheap furniture and fish KNULA of
15. I love it that you Swedes are jealous
Miriam ,   Miami, USa   (04.05.10)
Imagine a life where work is optional and the state guarantees a minimal standard of living regardless of employment or effort. Such a cradle-to-grave entitlement system has been the centerpiece of Swedish politics since 1932. Official Swedish government report revealed that 25% of the entire population was in need of PSYCHIATRIC treatment! The report indicated that 30% of all medical expenses were for mental disorders. At that point, they reported that there had been a rise of over 400% of alcoholism in one decade. There had been an astronomical rise in teenage drug abuse. The frequency of suicide among teens and young adults had doubled. The official report offered NO proposed cures for the problems but did suggest that: excessive welfare in itself may promote mental illness by weakening the personality and sapping the sense of personal responsibility. GREAT COUNTRY COUNTRY SWEDEN, BUT WHEN THEY SEE ISRAEL IS SUCCEEDING, BOY ARE THEY JEALOUS. I LOVE IT.
16. Severe Poker Why do you eat StateSubsidized Bread if so good
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (04.05.10)
If Israel is a country of 30 000 USD per capita income, compare to others in the same lavel Is there a single country over 10 000 USD whose people feed themselves on state subsidised cheap Bread? Your people is in absolute poverty and we see everyday news about it.
17. Why did the Israeli banks need no assistance?
Elisabeth ,   Amsterdam   (04.05.10)
This is remarkable. The financial markets are so globalized that it is hard to understand that Israeli banks would have needed no assistance as opposed to many banks in (as far as I know) every other developed country. Can anyone explain?
18. #10 No!
So-la-la-na ,   Tijuana   (04.05.10)
Just try to think how those billions get to Germany and Switzerland. And please elaborate regarding billions from Belgium.
19. #10 Wow. Amazing figures
Center-right ,   Germany   (04.05.10)
If it's true, I really admire Israel! Better money flow to Jewish people then to oil reach arab countries. And regarding countries listed...should be the world of fools... as yourself, Juan.
20. A few questions
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.05.10)
1) What about the comparitively poor scores of Israeli students tests in math and science? Doesn't this suggest future problems for the economy? 2) How is it possible to have peace when the other side seems to want only one thing i.e. Israel's destruction? 3) What about the great gaps in income within the society/? 4) What difference does it make really if Israel is super- prosperous? Isn't prosperous good enough?
21. Juan Solana
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (04.05.10)
I think you need to read a history of Israel such as Martin Gilbert's or Howard Sachar's in order to comprehend the industriousness and intelligence of Israeli citizens after the War of Independence as well as those Jews who preceded the war in the earlier part of the 20th century. Your sour view also portends your ignorance on the subject. I hope this helps.
22. could it be?
leonard ,   LA usa   (04.06.10)
God will bless those who bless Israel and then again He does the opposit to those who don't, like sanctions or demand Israel to do this or that? Hmmmm
23. Kudos to Israel
dt804a ,   Ottawa, Canada   (04.06.10)
1. My heartfelt congratulations to the people of Israel for their achievements. 2. Let us underscore: The economic miracle was possible because Israel freed herself from the shackles of leftist ideology and economics. In this connection, see George Gilder's tome, "The Israel test". 3. Time to use the prosperity to refuse any more US financial aid, and to become independent. 4. Re #1, "The Swede", read the site "Sweden-Israel" at http://swedenisrael.blogspot.com/.
24. capitalism works
Alan ,   texas   (04.06.10)
25. After reading Miriam Post,I suggest Swede has better chances
Alan ,   SA   (04.06.10)
in life by moving to Gaza Strip. At least Mental Illness is not as bad there as in Sweden.
26. Elizabeth -SA Banks also dont need assistance
Alan ,   SA   (04.06.10)
Its Europe and USA that have rotten Banks.
27. Wealth built
Ivan ,   Moscow Russia   (04.06.10)
Swedes stole from Lapps in the North , both land and money. Russian people will fight back to get Norland back to Lapp people
28. To Tayfun
joel ,   luxembourg   (04.06.10)
Your jealousy rejoices me. Look at your country, it leaves in the middle ages. Turkey will never enter the EU, its a third world country. SO continue buying israeli made technology to supply ur army, haha
29. Yes!
Juan Solana ,   San Diego   (04.06.10)
All those billions were not because of the industriousness of israel, and all of you know it very well... its plain blackmail!... some day humanity will wake up and get tired of it...
30. Our economic success ??
Anon ,   Israel   (04.06.10)
Then why are high tech computer companies layingoff employees here in Israel, and why is another relocating to the USA? Why have food prices continued to climb faster than our paychecks? Why are so many stores still going bankrupt in my neighborhood? Something is fishy for sure!
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