Turkish PM: We cannot ignore murder of Gaza's children
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Published: 05.04.10, 22:14
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1. Oh, stuff it!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.05.10)
How about the murder of all those Armenian children in the last century? How about the ongoing murder of all those Kurdish children? Not to mention the Jewish children that have lost their lives to deliberate Arab violence and terror. Do you know that over half of the children in Sderot and environs have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of nine years of missile barrages? Where's your sympathy and concern for them? If it weren't all so sad, it would be really funny -- Turks preaching about the death of children. But I guess the Turks don't share similar values to the Kurds; is that why it is perfectly acceptable for the Turkish military to murder Kurdish children in the tens of thousands. And Turkey wonders why no one takes them seriously.
2. Ahmadinijad has become a "star" by calling to wipe Israel
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (04.05.10)
off the face of earth, and now the Turkish prime minister is seeking similar "fame" by targeting Israel, its president, its prime minister and in turn the Jewish people of which Israel is its nation-state. I supposed he would not do so so easily had it not for the "green light" provided by the American President in attacking Israel, its elected officials and symbols of sovereignty through a year-long series of humiliations. So, thank you, Mr. President for showing the Turkish prime minister the way...
3. Would that be the child reported murdered who came home?
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (04.05.10)
What children is he referring to? The one reported killed last week who came home Sunday from Egypt? Let's get the facts and the news straight.
4. Worry About Gazas children
CHARLES F FLOTO ,   Phoenix Az   (04.05.10)
Israelies worry also.the difference is that the Arabs in Gaza can stop their worries by puting an end to the constant rocket attacks,they refuse to do this ,and Israeal has a right to defend their children also.if the Arabs stop the Rockets and Israeal continues to attack the Arabs then the United States and the rest of the world would be on the Arabs side.
5. Turkey Slamming Israel (again)....
Rick S. ,   FL, US   (04.05.10)
...and the shmucks in the Israeli gov't send them drones. What a bunch of IDIOTS!!!
6. Apparently never tires of tired hypocrisy.
J.B. Doom ,   Beautiful Gate   (04.05.10)
7. Your old news, boring, change the channel
Yosi ,   Israel   (04.05.10)
8. Erdogan, what about the children in Sderot?
Eyal ,   USA   (04.05.10)
You typical Muslim hypocrite Politician.
9. Turkey's Dilemma
Dr. Honey ,   Gaza   (04.05.10)
Every Century or so , Turks have an identity question arising. This time, They wanted to see themselves a part of the European Community, but they were shocked by the negative feedback. Which has strengthen the voices that rejected the whole pro-western thing as well as islamists. Now, Turkey is playing the role of a regional power using the Gaza card in hope that it might be treated with more respect next time.
10. i know what he's talking about
al-kafir al-yahudi ,   usa   (04.05.10)
he's talking about the children that are reported as killed by a lying press, but are truly alive and well. maybe he's mad that the children that are alive weren't martyred.
11. Who cares of this clown
Frank ,   Canada   (04.05.10)
12. You Forgot to Help in Banda Acha
Stan ,   Johannesburg   (04.05.10)
Where were the Turks after the Tzunami hit ? Why Turkey not allow Palastinians to live in Turkey like brothers? Erdogen, you are a warmonger and a hypocryt.
13. turks
buchalter ,   tel aviv   (04.05.10)
How does he dare to speak about such a subject as everybody knows what turks do to the kurds people ???? why nobody puts him his nose in his own sh+t ??
14. Erdogan the DOG is an Armenian & Kurdish murderer!
ruff ruff   (04.05.10)
15. Worried about Gazas children, Erdogan...?
Paul ,   USA   (04.05.10)
Then tell your buddies in Gaza to cease commiting war crimes, and terror attacks, that lead to Israeli retaliation. Hamas has no qualms about strapping bomb belts on the children that you are so worried about. And in case you haven't read the papers, the children in Haiti are victims of an earthquake, not terrorist attacks.
16. Turk=Mongolian Barbarism + Islamic Fanaticism
Eitan ,   Chicago   (04.05.10)
Ataturk is rolling in his grave - he would've splayed Erdogan alive for betraying Turkey's secular governance. Turks are eager to play the propaganda insurance game, accusing the West or Israel of crimes that they themselves commit at home. May the Kurds, Armenians, and Greeks pillage Ankara for 3 days in revenge for the Turks' carnage during the conquest of Constantinople. The Mongol-Muslim occupation of Anatolia is as abominable now as it was 500 years ago.
17. This too is part of the "Obama Intifada" against the Jewish
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (04.05.10)
community. If Mr. Obama permits himself to humiliate Israel's prime minister during a whole year, show total disrespect to Israel's symbols of sovereignty, institutions and laws and in turn to the Jewish people, of which Israel is its nation-state, why not the Turkish prime minister. Why should he fall behind...?? Thank you Mr. President of the US for allowing the anti-Israel intifada to take place; for signaling to some that it is OK to attack the Jewish community, be it in gestures, words or at gun point and explosives...!!!
18. Hey, Erdogan.
Brad ,   USA   (04.05.10)
Many "children" died in the Armenian Massacre. Clean up your own house before you point fingers at others. .
19. Turkey is cynically and hypocritically criticizing Israel…
Ron B. ,   Lod   (04.05.10)
Turkish government, has demolished hundreds of Kurdish villages, deprived the Kurdish people of their freedom for a hundred years and eliminated thousands of them brutally, not to speak of the Armenian genocide which remains as a stain on their national conscience, and which they continue to deny instead of repenting, paying indemnities and beg for forgiveness. They have even threatened to recall their Ambassador from Israel, as if his presence here were a favor and grace. What happened to turkey? Consult :
20. Turkish PM: murder of children...
Dany ,   Toronto   (04.05.10)
What about The ARMENIAN CHILDREN, Mosolem/Arab & Your Own Children ? As usual, Arabs, & YES, HE IS AN ARAB, As Usual > 2 FACED & in a 1001 Nights Stories... Besides the Drones & Water in Ships, what does Israel benefit from them, For Not Reminding Them About The ARMENIAN MASSACRE???
21. 1.600.000 Armenians murdered and
jerry   (04.05.10)
Erdogan & country lies about that what a disgraceful place
22. Erdogan, back up your words with actions like Iran or shutup
USA   (04.05.10)
Sever all ties to Israel if you really mean all that bull crap. If you a real muslim do it. Don't let down all those poor and innocent Palestinians down.
23. From the same mouth that uttered...
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (04.05.10)
"The mosques are our barracks, the domes are our helmets, the minarets are our swords, and the faithful are our army" Please be silent mr. Erdogan. NY Times 2/16/1998
24. so do something about it you coward
arshile gorky ,   NYC USA   (04.05.10)
or are you all talk and bluster?
25. Israel should slam Erdogan
Brod ,   USA   (04.05.10)
Israel should slam this loose canon Islamist-Jihadist Erdogan back for his big mouth CRAP. It is time for Israel to defend itself against the verbal abuses of the Islamist-Jihadist world.
26. S'derot
Shoshanna ,   Toronto   (04.05.10)
Perhaps it was not a good idea to destroy the Palestinian villages that stood where S'derot stands today when we annexed it in 1967 making the inhabitants of that village refugees for the second time at the hands of Israelis.
27. Turkey and genocide
Steven ,   L.A USA   (04.05.10)
Israel shouldn't ignore the murder of heroic Kurdish children by the Turkish occupiers of their lands. I don't understand why Israel does not make an issue of this as well as the genocide turkey perpetrated against the Armenians. Israel should remind Erdogan and the world that people in glass houses shouldn't throw bricks.
28. We cannot watch the murder of children in Gaza
Daniela   (04.05.10)
BUT YOU ENJOY THE SENDING OF QASSAMS FROM GAZA! YOU AGREE WITH QASSAMS RIGHT? you are not different from ahmadinejad and nasrallah. poor Turkey.
29. No Respect
Shoshanna ,   Toronto   (04.05.10)
Mr, Ben Israel, with all due respect to you as a fellow Jew, I have to point out to you that Israeli politicians have behaved in a disgusting way since this government was formed and in particular the PM and FM. Why the Americans are still helping you financially the world cannot figure out, but it should stop - you are totally out of control as a people and country. To be respected you need to learn to respect others and by the way we as Jews are only equal to all others not better or superior in any way and the sooner we realize that then we will be far more welcome in this world.
30. er-DOG-an
Rick S. ,   FL. USA   (04.05.10)
Yoy are criticising Israel's right to defend itself, but what about Turkey's attacks on the Kurds? Have you not killed Kurdish kids? You are a slime bucket.
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