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FIFA dress code rules Iran's girls out of Olympics
Associated Press
Published: 06.04.10, 15:07
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1. omg look at them
ghostq   (04.06.10)
cause dead human cells aka hair is very atractive wonder y nails r ok . mmm
2. FIFA's rules must be adjusted...
Persian CAT   (04.06.10)
The Iranian female athletes should not be prevented from participation in the games because they have no other choice. They are caught between the all-male Iranian authoritarian and despotic regime's diktats a FIFA run by bigoted male board members. These female football players are being victimized by both sides.
3. #2 persian cat
if ahmadin ejad was not your president, these females would have played.
4. #2
you are calling your adored president, ahmadinejad "all male iranian authoritarian and despotic regime"? but i thought you liked ahmadinejad.
5. to #2 not really not especially for you royal A$$es
ghostq   (04.07.10)
the rulles must be obay as is, you don't change rules you obay them like the rest of the world, and that is also true for the rest of Muslim immigrants in Europ.
6. legal interp
sir atherton III   (04.07.10)
very poor interpretation of the fifa rules. law 4 states that the equipment must not have any political, religious or personal statements," i.e. you can't have stuff like "i (heart) jesus" sprawled on the back of your jersey. i highly doubt the rule contemplates the equipment itself functioning as a religious statement.
7. Let'm Lose On Their Playing Ability (Or Lack Of)
emanon ,   USA   (04.07.10)
8. not fair.
eporue ,   europe   (04.07.10)
the head scarf doesnt hinder, giving advantage, bringing anyone into danger. i dont see the question about "religion", but more about CULTURAL aspects of the sports dress. the ban according to the fifa-ruling might be ok, but the fifa-ruling itself should be changed.
9. to #8 yes it is, in order to recognize terrorists
ghostq   (04.07.10)
you need to see them, other wise they might put in jail the wrong person.
10. Let them play
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (04.07.10)
I would be against it if they had any Islamic slogans or symbols on the uniforms, but if they want to play in hot weather with long sleeve shirts, long pants and a hijab, they should be allowed to play. They shouldn't be allowed any accordances to their clothing, no timeouts should be called if a hijab comes off or some of their skin becomes revealed. Soccer(Football) is a great symbol of international relations when teams from all over the world can play together, and this isn't something that should keep that from happening.
11. discrimination
Moshe Robinson ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.07.10)
This is insane. The western world needs to learn something about tolerance.... and clean up their own backyard before they start complaining about ours
12. when are jews going to understand
aiman ,   jersey US   (04.07.10)
the same people that hate us hate you they hate us cause we care what our kids are doing they hate us cause we dont want paris hilton to be our kids idols cause we want our daughters to love themselves first and not just loving how they look.
13. One point of fact
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.08.10)
Hijab is not a religious requirement. So it's required used by the fascist regime of Iran is a political statement. Hence the reason for the ban.
14. #11
Norman ,   Philippines   (04.08.10)
Discrimination? i don't think so. Rules are rules. I remember the Cameroon men's team once wore tight fitting uniforms that FIFA have it (their uniform) banned.
15. I agree with Gee # 13
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (04.13.10)
16. Iranians do not generally wear burkas
SAS ,   Atlanta   (04.14.10)
The Afghan style burkas shown above are not generally worn in Iran. Iranian women usually wear chadors which typically leave the face uncovered. If Iranian women wearing scarves are disallowed from playing football internationally but permitted domestially, one wonders who is doing the dscrimination now ?
17. Soccer Safety - appropriate player equipment
Ann Janzen ,   Lake Oswego, OR, USA   (06.14.10)
I agree with FIFA. I have played women's soccer since 1974 and wearing something on your head other than your hair is dangerous. Has anybody every hear of Isadore Duncan? Check it out...she was killed because of a scarf on her head. Hellooooo....Has any one noticed a man wearing something on his head while playing soccer?
18. If Women ruled the world...
Ann ,   New York, USA   (06.14.10)
Unfortunately, men mostly rule the world and they have written the rules from constitutions to the bible to the koran. And wackos are allow to interpret that written word and decide what will be the least threatening to their sexual ego. What do you expect from a group of macho, sexually insecure, power-hungry men? If women ruled the world, it would be a different place.
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