IDF expands distribution of gas masks
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 06.04.10, 08:20
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1. lol can I get one? just wondering
ghostq   (04.06.10)
these Gaz masks r the source for entertainment nothing more, cause hazareds doesn't go to lungs but through skin. anyway it will be very sic to wear one of those for the next party, I know it's not original but it is fun. so bite me.
2. Gas Masks
roxie ,   K.Haim   (04.06.10)
About time the gov started handing those back, I hope Y net will be responsible and print where in each area of the country the masks will be given out, as there are many of us who can't read Hebrew too well., if they can't do that then they should print a phone number that residents can call for the info.
3. What about non-citizens
John ,   Rehovot   (04.06.10)
I know there are many students and tourists in Israel. If people want one for themselves where could they get them. Will it be possible to buy them???
4. 1
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (04.06.10)
call me delusional but i like the idea that a gas mask in a sealed room provides the slight chance that maybe not every single member of my family will die a suffering, agonizing death, lol.
5. First of all distribute these kits to all those
jason white ,   afula,israel   (04.06.10)
who served in the I.D.F. and their families.
6. to #4 they provides nothing
ghostq   (04.06.10)
cause when dirty bomb full of anthrax land on your house no sealed room will help you, that bacteria isn't spread by inhale but by skin contact. but antrax is small change compare radiation something that walls can't block unless you got homemade lab that is radiation free. anyway this is just Israeli gov marking V on the list of means to calm the masses.
7. 6 = loser
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (04.06.10)
if you think that an anthrax bomb will kill everyone in israel, you're a bigger idiot than i previously thought. those further away from an attack will obviously have a better chance of surviving than those closer. a mask will increase your chances of surviving if the chemical is breathable, if you are lucky enough to be far enough away, etc. if a chemical bomb explodes X miles away, is there no difference between putting on gas masks in sealed rooms and standing on your balcony and breathing deeply for hours?? so it's funny to you that some people want to increase their chances of them and their children surviving a violently horrible death from a biological/chemical terror attack. just try to contain your mocking us if, god forbid, it ever happens.
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