Police fire in air over 'Taliban'-clad woman
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 06.04.10, 17:19
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1. model of which airport?
2. I think Ben Gurion, Tel Aviv
Roy   (04.06.10)
3. a Jewish talibani woman
gisele ,   Beirut   (04.06.10)
Ha ha ha ha ha ..
4. Can't people use common sense?
William ,   Israel   (04.06.10)
Why not just walk into a military zone with a fake gun and keffiah? This region is too sensitive for people not to be even the slightest bit aware of how their actions will be perceived. Individual rights be damned!
5. The West, William, is enamoured of
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (04.06.10)
its individual rights and liberal outlook; so much so, in fact, that it is willing to continue its headlong dive into oblivion and domination by a Muslim dictatorship in order to maintain its fiction of untrammelled freedom. It even occurs in Israel where the penalty for being wrong is not just a setback but death. We need to rebalance this whole extreme of individual rights with community rights. This was part of the balance established in the US Constitution but now we are unbalanced with a politically correct interpretation of human rights. As you suggested, this woman is part of the problem although probably somewhat deviant.
6. Something fishy...
Ruth ,   Los Angeles CA   (04.07.10)
I don't know of ANY Jewish group that requires women to dress head-to-toe in black and certainly not to cover their faces. But surely even a member of a some kind of deviant cult should realize that when the police tell you to stop, you don't start running!
7. you learn new things every day
man on the left   (04.07.10)
well now you do, mazel tov!
8. "Individual rights be damned"
steve ,   Toronto Canada   (04.07.10)
Yessir - things are alright in good old 'democratic' Israel...
9. her attire isn't what bothers me!
les ,   baltimore maryland   (04.14.10)
Am I missing something? Who carries around a model airport in a suitcase, while running from the police?
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