US updates Israel on nuclear policy
Roni Sofer
Published: 06.04.10, 20:10
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1. America turning into naive,wimp nation..
Vinny ,   Brooklyn N.Y.   (04.06.10)
Israel would be wise to ignore the silly thing as much as possible.
2. Obama wants Israel to know the entire country
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (04.06.10)
just got caught with it's pants down. They should impeach this pacifist before he does real harm.
3. Israel's Nuclear Policy
Yosef ,   Gush Etzion   (04.06.10)
For 40 years Israel has maintained a policy of ambiguity regarding its nuclear capability. Does not the attendance of the PM at the forthcoming NPT conference indicate that we are coming out of the closet?
4. Obama's Nuclear Policy
Hugh McShimo ,   Kent, WA USA   (04.06.10)
will lead Iran will attack the USA, NOT Israel. Iran knows that it is no big deal to attack Israel and they know that IF they attack Israel then the rest of the world will attack them in retaliation. The trick is to neutralize the USA before they attack Israel because he figures that without the USA Israel will crumble in fear and will not have anyone to come to their aid. The Muslim world recognizes Obama as a fellow Muslim, they know that he will cooperate with them to destroy the USA and if he dies in the process he will die as a Shahid (martyr) but as POTUS he will most probably survive to emerge as the leader of one more Muslim country under Shariah law with those non muslims who survive becoming Dhimmis. So Obama has emasculated America for the Iranians leaving it vulnerable to nuclear attack to clear the way for Israel's destruction!
5. Obama
Look at B.H.O .picture scramming like a crazy men 1930 Hitler
6. Barack Hussein Obama
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (04.07.10)
looks completely insane on this photo.
7. Obama is not an enemy of the Jews
Joshua Bernstein ,   San Jose, USA   (04.07.10)
Obama will hurt America no less than Israel. He is an equal opportunity madman that is ready to hurt any sane person, not just the Jews or Israel.
8. the only way out
Bill ,   Chicago, USA   (04.07.10)
If this world is to continue into the 22nd century, Israel must give up its nuclear weapons. It can't use them; to do so would guarantee its destruction and likely spur an escalation toward nuclear world war. If Israel took this smart strategic step, Iran would be truly isolated and well-primed for the revolution that is brewing there now. And another thing: Israel should remember that it was given nukes only as part of the US Cold War strategy. The Cold War is over; time to give back the nukes.
9. Bill is playing a Beatles record backwards and doing some
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (04.07.10)
heavy duty coffee drinking. Pay no attention and keep building the weapons to protect yourself from the nutty cult worshipping mullahs. Don't give up your only fence. These weapons will keep out most of the parasites. Man will always conquer....Man will always attack....Man will always justify war.....Man will always justify killing. Smart men.....plan for such contingencies rather than ignoring them like Barack Obama.
10. Obama = one term wonder.
Liberty Lover ,   USA   (04.07.10)
11. #8 'Bill': Israel wasn't GIVEN anything,
shneer ,   Chicago   (04.07.10)
Nobody gave Israel nukes. Kennedy originally looked the other way, then was in the process of forcing Israel to comply with his wishes when he was struck down. Second, with the huge numerical advantage in combined Arab infantry, mechanized brigades and air power, what do you think would happen to Israel if Israel gave up her nukes? Imagine the combined Arab might of Egypt (newly rearmed by the USA), Jordan, Syria, Iran, maybe add in 20,000 Hamas and Hizbullah rockets... do you maybe kinda sorta see why Israel needs those nukes to SURVIVE?! Get out of your mama's basement, dude!
12. # 8
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.07.10)
I suggest you open an Atlas,find the Middle East & look where tiny Israel is, the look at how many Arab countries surround tiny Israel. Have you lost your mind in suggesting we give up our nuclear weapons?? just because your Obama wants the US to. NEVER will Israel comply with your wishes. Forget it.
13. Oh good!
John the American ,   Dallas   (04.07.10)
Netanyahu is falling into the trap!
14. Forgive Bill (#8). A product of the Chicago school system?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (04.07.10)
Bill writes with the wisdom and historic understanding of the typical high school kid or college freshman - which means he's not too bright. So "If Israel took this smart strategic step, Iran would be truly isolated", etc. Yeah, right. Such insight and a buck will buy you a Slurpee. When he claims that Israel was "given nukes" he's simply spouting nonsense.
15. Hugh McShimo
Bill Meyer ,   Chico, CA USA   (04.13.10)
Another nut case. Where does this delusional thinking come from?
16. France gave Israel nukes
Paola ,   wash, dc   (04.13.10)
It's common knowledge - to neutralize Egypt regarding Suez.
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