Palestinian women outraged over Turkish TV series
Roee Nahmias
Published: 06.04.10, 22:39
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1. Go figure Muslims! Turkish version of Farfur is offensive!
Michael Hess aka BS ,   Charlotte, NC   (04.06.10)
2. Too funny.
Arshile Gorky ,   NYC USA   (04.06.10)
This is beyond parody.
3. Prisoners
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.07.10)
Nobody is forcing these holier than thou female Palestinian prisoners to watch the TV movie, "Valley of the Wolves." Wondering if Gilad Shalit is allowed to watch TV ??
4. All lies
Joseph ,   Florida   (04.07.10)
This tv series is overflowing with lies that are being broadcast in arab countries. Lies that are inciting more hatred towards Israel and Jews. Typical propaganda. Even the palestinian womansays she has never heard of any such rapes occuring.
5. this what happens when blood libels are spread, and turkey
shira   (04.07.10)
has been spreading anti-jewish blood libels for some time now. this has become one of the mechanism by which the present turkish prime minister is hoping to usher his way into a leadership position in the muslim world of the arab middle east: on the back of jews, live or dead.
6. its ok to slander israelis and jews as long as it doesn't
rachel ,   usa   (04.07.10)
involve them ..... I think they are afraid everyone will think that's what really happens in Israeli prisons and they will be killed by their families . What a bunch of nuts....
7. Absurd!
Mehmet ,   Izmir, Turkey   (04.07.10)
Palestinian women are not submissive! On the contrary, they are quite clever and manipulative, as they train their children to be suicide bombers in exchange for money from Saudi Arabia. Also, no doubt the next episode will correct the other problem---how the family of the rape victim has not been killed by her family as an honor killing---how dare she survive!
8. Horns of a dilemma
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.07.10)
Gee. Glad I'm not Turkish. For several million reasons, actually, but ... never mind. To air the show or to not air the show. That is the question. Whether 'tis nobler to slam Israel or offend criminal Palestinians. That, indeed, is the question. Rollicking good fun, either way. Someone pass the popcorn.
9. Turkey, 12 points
israeli ,   israel   (04.07.10)
Bravo, you have outdone yourselves in your anti-Zionistic anti-Semitic zeal, you have managed to offend the Palestinians. Not that it takes a lot for them to be offended and outraged, but nonetheless...
10. In the moovie I see Turkish military rapes Armenian girl.
Eddie Shor ,   Israel   (04.07.10)
11. Amazing
Dave ,   Canada   (04.07.10)
why does prison system let pals watch uncensored TV with anti israel content? Incomprehensible
12. OH REEEEAAALLY who gives a rats a##!
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (04.07.10)
13. to #7 actually they make also sucide bombing
ghostq   (04.07.10)
the sucide bombing in 2002 in hotel at pass over eve was done by palestinian woman she murdered 30 innocent Israelies who just were celebrating. and some were holocaust survivors, may they rip, here info and their names. they won't be forgotten.
14. Turks outdoing arabs
Raoul   (04.07.10)
To Mehmet # 7. The 2 series shown on TV are not lies. They depict results of 1400 years of islamic culture. Not to be outdone, the Turkish Govt and media are only attempting to show to the muslim world that they are true believers ...... It's all Ataturk's fault .....III
15. no problem - just call them chastity shaheeds
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (04.07.10)
it's just a small sacrifice they are making for the palestinian cause. if pal women don't hesitate to sacrifice their children, husbands, even their own lives, why not add crazy rape rumors to the list? it makes israel look bad and enrages muslims worldwide, so they should not hesitate to perpetuate the allegation as true - after all, the truth has never stopped them before, why should it now?
16. The Armenian genocide, the mass murder of Kurds are not
Rafik ,   Haifa, Israel   (04.07.10)
issues worthwhile for the "Palestinians" to deal with. It is only when they finally discover that the blood libels of the Turks affect them, indirectly I may add, that they all of the sudden wake up. But the Armenians can go-on complaining and the Kurds can go-on murdered and the "Palestinians" really don't give a damn about them.
17. Birdi #3
re   (04.07.10)
Yes he watches "Prison Break", and the movie "The Wooden Horse". He seemed happy enough reading the newspaper, eh?
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