Olmert aide arrested in serious corruption affair
Eli Senyor
Published: 07.04.10, 22:02
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1. Man that's got to be the ugliest monstrosity....
AJ ,   Washington, DC   (04.07.10)
of a project I have ever seen!
2. More bacteria
Talula ,   Israel   (04.07.10)
Thank GOD these crimes are uncovered and exposed. As much as it makes me sick - I'll be feeling much better when they are all slammed up and give very hefty fines that will hopefully bankrupt them and leave them on the streets, homeless.
3. Messer should sink with Olmert
Nora Tel Aviv   (04.07.10)
4. What a disgrace Oldmerd has brought on us.
Wise Saba ,   Eretz Yisrael   (04.07.10)
5. ugly is an understatement
wow, ive never seen such an ugly beast as that baby, she is like some eastern european retro housing estate, look at the connecting bits at the top, wtf? unbelievable!
6. A punishment that suits the crime:
Leah ,   Jerusalem   (04.07.10)
Put all the scumbags involved in this bribery case in a jail and have all the windows facing in one direction, looking over the Holyland Towers.
7. Olmert and his buddies
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (04.07.10)
It is such a shame that a wonderful Prime Minister who did so much good to advance the welfare of the Arabs in Gaza should have to be revealed as a un-common crook. I can't begin to describe how bad I feel for this sincere and honest man who's only crime seems to be constantly making the wrong friends. May the people that he help oust from Gaza have their revenge yet on him.
8. Interesting building
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (04.07.10)
Looks to me like a "five tooth dental bridge".
9. Mazel Tov-More Corruption!!!
al mann ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.07.10)
It's good to read such interesting news about interesting events and wonderful people who bring good news into our lives and make them meaningful and concerned. Good luck to us all.
10. Olmert got shady deal for his own home which mazuz ignored
jason ,   haifa israel   (04.07.10)
Surprise remember also Olmert got a shady deal to save him money on his own home.
11. I'm taking bets that Olmert will walk free. Any takers?
Adam Eliyahu   (04.07.10)
This is so NOT news. Olmert has always been a low class bagman. But in classic Israeli style, the police will make sure they get their overtime hours, trading favors with the perpetual incumbents for higher ranks, and no politician will ever do time. I wouldn't be surprised if they change the law just to suit the accused, like they did after Peres met with Arafat (illegally) in Cypress. I am also taking bets on Olmert running for public office next elections. Maybe president. There is a tradition of crooks in that position.
12. third world country no more
mordechai ,   Jerusalem   (04.07.10)
If this case is taken to it's appropriate conclusion and those who are guilty are prosecuted , this could remembered as the day that the State of Israel ceased being a third world country.
13. Ugly, in many respects
Nahum Litwin ,   Kfar Saba, Israel   (04.07.10)
Despite Uri Messer's well placed puff piece in the Ha'aretz magazine just before Peseach, he seems to be as ugly as the rest of them. The Holyland project -- with it's aesthetics from hell -- is the perfect metaphor for this mess.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (04.07.10)
Olmerde and co .After all , it is impossible for an honest decent man to make a decent honest living in this Banana Republic called Israel,corruption is a way of life usually cloaked in the more respectable term as "PROTECSIA ." CORRUPTION ,PROTECSIA ,same difference.
15. olmert
marianne ,   ramat hasharon israe   (04.07.10)
On the end he wil walk as a free man ,like all of them.What a shame to have this man if a prime minister ,what a shame i make alya ,what a shame for hole Israel,do you now understand the woreld ,do you now understand whay we cray!!!!!!!
16. Why you always attack progressive and Left-wing activists
Naomi ,   Ramle   (04.07.10)
like Olmert. He is innocent and progressive.
17. good for "Kadima''
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (04.07.10)
The fish starts to stink from it"s head!
18. Olmert aide arrested in serious corruption affair
moishe ,   PW, NY   (04.07.10)
Israel is still Banana Republic. Hungry for money and power. Where several families and men rule the hole country. Shame, shame, shame.
19. Another one of Kadima's finest!
Wise Saba ,   Eretz Yisrael   (04.07.10)
20. #15
Madeleine ,   Israel   (04.07.10)
Someone forced you to make aliyah? If you don't like it here, go back to where you came from. Don't suppose it's any better there, wherever 'there' might be.
21. Do people actually live there?!
KO ,   UK   (04.07.10)
22. Makes the PA look Good!!!
Raed ,   Jerusalem, Palestine   (04.07.10)
SaveTheHolyCity ,   jerusalem   (04.07.10)
Now we know it was put up by corruption, lets get rid of it
24. if illegal structures in East Jerusalem r torn down then...
one Jerusalem   (04.07.10)
this horrific series of structures should be torn down too!
25. Israel existance is built on corruption
Paco ,   Canada   (04.07.10)
Corruption is what created the state of Israel in the 1950s, and the greed/corruption and injustice spawning from this state are nothing to be surprised of.
26. All that money for bribes left none for an architect.
Abe Froman ,   NY, NY   (04.07.10)
27. Kadima
Sharon and the Greek Island. Olmert in tens of cases. Who believes that the rest of the Kadima-members are honest and free of corruption.
28. #'s 21 &23
#21, Yes people live there! #23, Can't people bought those homes and live there!
29. Amen - tear this horrible thing they call architecture down!
Ilan ,   Mumbai, now   (04.08.10)
30. Lego construction
Lydia ,   London, England   (01.09.12)
Good grief, what a hideous mess! Azkaban as interpreted by The Borg.
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