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Technology of the future
Yoav B
Published: 12.04.10, 08:15
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1. Excellent column!
Dvora   (04.12.10)
2. I have just signed on to get your blog
Solomon ,   Bklyn   (04.12.10)
It is EXCELLENT! Kol Ha'Kavod! Never tell ANYONE who you are; it will compromise what you say. I will not write you; I want to read YOUR opinions, whether I agree or not. Don't let this take over your life, but use it as a part of your life, as an outlet for your thoughts and feelings. Guard your privacy. Ad mea v'esrim!
3. It wasn't "theft" as Israel had paid for those boats
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (04.13.10)
And, yes, sneaking out of Cherbourg with those boats represented the kind of audacity that told the world - friends and enemies alike - "Don't mess with us, and don't think we won't act to defend our interests." The French thought they'd bend Israel to its will by embargoing all weapons after the Six Day War. Israel simply bought elsewhere or built itself. That's a lesson for the UK (which has a minor embargo on naval parts) as well as the US, which has a de facto embargo on many critical weapons systems today.
4. Actually
AK ,   Israel   (05.13.10)
Actually the Russians had the worlds first Active Protection Systems called Arena and Dror.
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