Arkia to operate flights to Aqaba
Danny Sadeh
Published: 08.04.10, 17:20
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1. How beautiful!
Boaz ,   Jerusalem   (04.08.10)
Look how attactive Aqaba beach is! Full of trash! Have a nice holiday.
2. Hey Boaz...
Bill Baloney ,   Hertzliya, Israel   (04.09.10)
Kind of like here. Chicken bones and cigarette butts.
3. yach
look how DIRTY THIS BEACH IS. INCREDIBLE. all papers and cups thrown on the water, a rusted "something" floating in the water, beat up pagodas that have seen their days. incredible dirty all over.
4. @2
as a dutch tourist i have been to israel many times and each time i enjoyed going to the tel aviv beach, eilat beaches, the beach in haifa and the one in kesaria. I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE SEEN CHICKEN BONES OR TRASH ANYWHERE LIKE I SEE IN THIS AQABAH PICTURE. SORRY, FRIEND, BUT YOU ARE SIMPLY LYING.
5. 2 mister baloney
what you wrote is complete baloney and couldn't be further from the truth. all israeli beaches are super clean and civil.
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