Palestinian sewage tanker confiscated
Ali Waked
Published: 07.04.10, 23:29
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1. Can't you dump it in the Muqata?
William ,   Israel   (04.08.10)
There's already a mountain of crap there from Arafat's day. Seriously, are these villagers even part of the global community? "Let's dump raw sewage on this land because it's our land - it won't affect anyone else"?? Welcome to Environment 101. Now you understand why the Gazan Aquifer is ruined and why most West Bank streams are polluted. How many "Palestinian" Greenpeace members are there - 2? Get with the program!
2. They dump their crap everywhere
Local Jew ,   Mateh Binyamin   (04.08.10)
Literally. They don't care about the environment- our environment. Anyone driving around here knows how beautiful it is here, and when the Arabs dump their garbage into local wadis, dump their building garbage by the side of the road indiscriminately, it harms the beauty of the land of Israel. It's about time the civil administration started enforcing the law about this. I hope they stand tough on it.
3. Area C under Israeli administrative control
David ,   Israel   (04.08.10)
So let me get this straight. Area C is under Israeli administrative control so Israel is responsible for maintaining services and facilities in these areas. The Palestinian Authority is not permitted to operate there. Yet, Israel refuses to connect these villages to the central waste disposal allowing them to properly dispose of their waste. Then Israel closes down the landfill they tried to create for themselves. And now Israel has confiscated the tanker they used in an effort to dispose of their waste. What does Israel expect them to do? Launch the waste into outer space? Why does Israel intentionally make life for Palestinians as difficult as possible so that they leave the area allowing the settlers to take over? This is very shameful and disgusting behavior...and a reason why Israel is labelled as an apartheid, racist state.
4. Rebuild Palestine
Rami ,   Haifa   (04.08.10)
When Palestine is rebuild this will be solved.
5. "rabbis for human rights" - what a joke!
david ,   new york   (04.08.10)
they conveniently neglect to state that they are reform and full of lesbians and homosexual "rabbis". "Rabbi Ascherman (the head of "rabbis for human rights") is married to Rabbi Einat Ramon, the first Israeli born woman to ordained as a rabbi." - mazal tov! but please don't call yourselves "rabbis" .if you don't believe in god and don't believe in judaism you are just using it for your far left political agenda.
6. Let the muslim enemy EAT their sewage
Hymie Zoltsveis ,   NYC   (04.08.10)
Cut off all water to the muslims. That will reduce the amount of sewage. As to the rest, let the muslim enemy EAT and DRINK their sewage. They must get OUT of Israel now! When war occurs again, these pali arabs will side with the enemy --- after all, THEY ARE THE ENEMY!!
7. This is not likely the whole story.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (04.08.10)
Uzi Landau was reporting only yesterday that many villages refuse to connect to Israeli sewage lines, that Israel provides them fresh water and get sewage in return via the streams and groundwater. I don't put much credence in Rabbis for Human Rights. Or Ali Waked, for that matter.
8. Disarm And Earn Points
emanon ,   USA   (04.08.10)
Each rifle turned in allows 1 liter of sewage to be discarded. Half a kilo of explosives earns another liter of sewage disposal. Ten bullets earns one flush. Since Qassams are so plentiful, you need to turn in two to get a liter of disposal rights.
9. #1 reply
Singer ,   nyc USA   (04.08.10)
What you fail to understand is that the Palestinian villages are on land that is considered by Israel as "C". So the villages are not allowed to build sewage treatment plants or really any infrastructure. They can't even connect to the sewage pipes that pass through their land since the settlements will not let them. Further they can't build new residences, which is causing the towns to turn into over-populated ghettos. Your hatred and racism blinds you to the incredible injustices occurring.
10. they want state, let them
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (04.08.10)
deal with their own shit themselves. We have enough what with our politicians producing more and more!
11. This problem predates 1967
Israeli grandma   (04.08.10)
Tiny primitive Arab villages used to have cess pits, an ancient method in Europe too. Today these Arab villages have expanded enormously, without planning permits and without making any appropriate provision for sewage disposal. Blaming Israel is just dodging the issue. We give them clean drinking water, otherwise these villages would have to truck in water carriers, and collect rainwater in the winter, and take the donkey cart to the nearby natural well, as was done until recent times. I remember seeing this before Israel piped in fresh water. Without the side effects of modern, water &, electric supply which arrived only with the Jewish "settlements" after 1967 the Arab villagers of Judea and Samaria would have major problems.
12. to #9 wrong they build illegaly all the time.
ghostq   (04.08.10)
they r not following the see in order to build sawage system you need to prove owning land so you can build foundation what usually with the pali is they build tent and than they make small shake and than they build house, but it illegal, and that isn't blind hate. I seen photos before the 80's inthe WB 90%of the palis villages didn't exist back than.
13. reply to # 5 David
Avi ,   Israel   (04.08.10)
hello David, i am a jew and also a homosexual , i work , pay taxes , serve my country sorry if my existence offends you.
14. #12 90% of illegal Israeli settlements didn't exist then eit
Eli Vardi ,   Israel   (04.08.10)
15. to #14 lol palis accuse Israeli of what they
ghostq   (04.08.10)
r doing themselves and yet lefties don't care about their ilegal setelments. however stelments primarly existed since the early 70's by left winger against the jordanian army got nothing to do with paliwood who referd to arab sociaty only since the mid 80's(prior to that they were called arab gangs), and Gush Etzion exist nearly 100 years, Hebron isn't a setelment either I talked to 8th generation Ashkenazi jew from there. and it's only natural that jews will live in the WB since they never left the area like in Gush etzion or hebron.
16. to #6
ThruthSeeker ,   The World   (04.08.10)
You want to cut off their water? .. human beings (which I know you will argue they are not but hey .. ) can not live without water for longer than 2 days so from your statement I can only conclude that you actually want to kill them ... What about simply rounding them up and put them in camps (which you guys are basically already doing) and then kill them in an organized fashion? .. what about that? I think that's a good idea ... we know it can be done ... what do you think of that honey bunny?
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