Anat Kam affair: Israelis were the last to know
Published: 08.04.10, 14:31
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1. Blau departed for Asia?
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.08.10)
Please, someone tell these journalists that Israel is already in Asia.
2. Fine Ha'aretz billions of dollars
israel   (04.08.10)
They are also less than scrupulous. All the people involved in this affair should be locked up until they die in a cold damp prison cell.
3. I hope this awful person
Danielle ,   centre   (04.08.10)
who feels no responsibility to her little country who needs all the help it can get in pr, due to the endemic hate of anything connected with the word 'jew' in the world. Would. instead, harm it. I really hope she goes to jail. Traitor.
4. #1, I was about to say the same thing
Jake   (04.08.10)
If these journalists cannot even identify correctly that Israel is in the continent of Asia, imagine what other inaccuracies and wrong informations about Israel they have up their sleeve.
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