Attorney: Kam case threatens democracy
Shmulik Grossman
Published: 08.04.10, 16:55
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31. The ' Grand clean-up' in a not so Grand country
joe   (04.08.10)
Israel is a very tiny country with an oversize sieve. it seems that everybody is plugging the holes. Real estate and business moguls. by the billions; Govt officials by the millions; haredim, a bottomless pit,; the army is joining the ranks with fake vouchers, weapon contraband, top secrets floating around just for the taking; cities/town leaders cleaning up; even a Prime minister is on the list somewhere. Unfortunately, the poor, the destitute, the old, the sick, are too weak to reach the cash register. Can Democracy change all that ?
32. Anat is made scapegoat for compromising evidence
Udi   (04.08.10)
Some talkbackers fail to grap the real story. Not surprising after spending several months in a censor-imposed darkness of Israeli media.
33. How stupid can you be?
Sidney ,   USA   (04.08.10)
"all news stories allegedly premised on documents stolen by Anat Kam were cleared by censor" Presumably this woman and Haaretz will decide which of these stolen documents are safe to make public. Which of the two is less trustworthy? Is the lawyer too stupid to know that governments not individuals make these decisions? Nobody elected her or Haaretz.
34. #15 not ideology, money
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (04.08.10)
Ms. Kam was not motivated by Leftist ideology, don't give her so much credit. If she was she would have refused to serve in the army, but she even volunteered for a combat unit. If she cared about justice and alleged crimes she would not have stolen 2000 documents, only the one proving there was some wrong doing. If she cared about justice and alleged crimes she would have taken incriminating documents to a Meretz PM or Judge Beinish, accompanied by her lawyer. All the evidence is that she stole the documents because she wanted to make money.
35. Threatens democracy crap
Brod ,   USA   (04.08.10)
Democracy is not a license to commit treason or play Judas.
36. Democracy run by rule of law or a military dictatorship?
Lisa   (04.08.10)
Israel needs to decide what kind of country we want to be. Are we: 1. A democracy in which when the high court makes a decision, this decision is enforced, and the army is not considered above the law? 2. A military dictatorship in which the army can break the law and instead bringing the perpetrators to justice, we punish the whistle-blowers?
37. The IDF leaks classified documents all the time
Jerry Haber ,   Jerusalem   (04.08.10)
Sure, it's against the law. And when Elazar Stern leaked a document against a settler soldier to Yair Lapid, the solder sued him and won money. The question is not whether passing on classified information is illegal. Ask Daniel Ellsberg of the Pentagon Papers about it. The question is whether it is spying. The real question is how does a decent society behave to its whistle-blowers, where the whistle is that army commanders deliberately defied the rulings of its Supreme Court? All those people who say that she should rot in jail better be prepared for a disappointment. If she goes to jail at all, it will be for a couple of year. If the government had a good case against her, they have would have brought it already. The whole thing has been mishandled by the police and the Shabak. -- and the fun is already starting. Who will suffer the worst consequences? Try Yair Naveh. You don't know who he is? You will
38. #20 Stealing 2000 classified documents is the crime
Jake   (04.08.10)
As we speak, the names of Israeli individuals, their jobs, their addresses are being gawped at in the secret service office in Tehran.
39. #36, We? Who is we?
Jake   (04.08.10)
40. You people blaming bibi this happened before he took office
jason ,   haifa israel   (04.08.10)
She stole the files in 2005 to 2007 of the IDF practices and mazus made the decision on the case before bibi came in. The story in haaretz was before bibi came in. The shin bet cheif was appointed before bibi came in. The court saying the practices were illegal were before coming back in. I am so sick and tired of bibi being blamed for things that happened under olmert and sharon. Saying he wanted a press conference before this get out. Get out this was before he became PM what would he be hiding.
41. Thief
Leah ,   Israel   (04.08.10)
She is a thief who stole documents from the army and should be prosecuted as a thief that could have compromised our security. The documents that Pollard was supposed to have got hold of did not cause any security threat what-so-ever to the USA yet Jonathan Pollard is still in jail. I hope she is in jail as long as Pollard suffers in jail. His crime was to help the State of Israel and enabling us to blow up the Iraqi nuclear reactor. If we had not done that who knows where we all could be right now. Jonathan Pollard saved millions of lives whilst the girl has compromised lives.
42. A case of mental insanity rather than espionnage
Genuine Moshe   (04.08.10)
In what neighborhood does Little Anat think we are living? This lady should be institutionalized right out along with the publisher and the editor in chief of Haaretz.
43. It does not matter if they were an officers shopping list.
vicky ,   ashkelon Israel   (04.08.10)
the IDF papers are classified, if she can do that for her own gain then she could sell them to the enemy, she should marry Vanunu, they would make perfect partners. Ha' aretz should also be totally taken to task for their part in it. Whats up with this new generation so selfish that they care not a fig for their country.
44. She merely exposed what was already termed illegal by court
Go Anat   (04.08.10)
The IDF files relate to orders that are illegal as per Supreme Court Decision. If IDF continued to approve such orders in defiance of court ruling then Anat did a very brave thing and the responsible officers should be charged.
45. How can she possibly leak info on IDF assassination policy
Einat   (04.08.10)
if Israel officially ended it in 2006. Or is it that the IDF secretly continued in breach of the law and the leaked documents provide evidence for that?! Perhaps the Goldstone report should be re-written.
46. Is there any crime that can be committed
jason white ,   afula,israel   (04.08.10)
against the state of Israel that some leftist journalist,leftist lawyer and or leftist court will not justify? This is not just thievery,but treason and aiding terrorism.
47. #35 Democracy is not a license for IDF to be above the law!
Avner   (04.08.10)
If the 'secret' orders were illegal (as the foreign media already indicated months ago) then we should be proud of Anat and sink in shame for what the IDF did.
48. IDF betrayal
Dj   (04.08.10)
Didn't the Supreme Court make it clear where are the limits?!
49. Why is exposing illegal IDF acts damaging national security?
Concerned Citizen ,   Israel   (04.08.10)
It's the illegal acts themselves that are most damaging and exposing it to prevent further misconduct is exactly what every concerned citizen should be doing.
50. The only democracy of the Middle East
Luke   (04.08.10)
has been shutdown (at least 4 month already). Will I be censored for writing the truth?
51. 25 years
Lisa ,   Tel Aviv   (04.08.10)
Than she can go to Dubai or Arabia and make a lot of money.
52. Deal properly
Pedro ,   Brazil   (04.08.10)
Military is not democratic institution where people can do what they want. Her action was completely irresponsible and obviously has caused a national security damage. If you do not deal properly in this case, of course you will stimulate similar actions in the future, what is very dangerous for a country with too many enemies.
53. Kam
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.08.10)
As a soldier in the IDF she had to swear allegiance to the State of Israel. She broke the law when she copied 2,000 documents which were labelled "secret". She tried to pass on these documents to more than one journalist until she reached Uri Blau. Nowhere does it say that Blau paid Kam for this highly sensitive information,but Blau did use some of the information in his articles for Ha'aretz. Stealing from the IDF is a crime & I hope Kam will get a very stiff penalty for breaking the law, like life in prison. WITHOUT PAROLE.
54. Kam succeeded where IDF investigations failed
Yariv   (04.08.10)
That is, providing evidence for unlawful behavior by IDF.
55. Free Anat!
Gilad ,   Gaza   (04.08.10)
56. you'd think "top secret" would've been a hint
david ,   new york   (04.09.10)
am i supposed to believe that she innocently copied 2000 documents and many of them labelled "top secret" and thought this was an "ok" thing to do??!! if only they had firing squads in israel! lock her up and throw away the key. also catch that haaretz reporter that fled the country and let him face the music. haaretz should have their eyeballs sued out.
57. Shame on Ha'aretz
Mari ,   Sweden   (04.08.10)
With newspapers like Ha'aretz and so called journalists like Anat Kam Israel needs no foreign enemies. I for one hope Kam gets a lengthy prison sentance and a massive fine for Ha'aretz.
58. Jail Anat and the journalist for ever. They endanger
Eran ,   Singapore   (04.08.10)
our kid's future.
59. How is she different from Tali Fahima?
60. The villagers have come out in force to defend Kam
The Dude   (04.08.10)
Here are the facts to consider: 1. She stole THOUSANDS of documents during her tenure the majority of which had nothing to do with orders which many have jumped to label 'illegal'. Many of which include personal information of commanders in the Army and plans of troop placements. These latter ones have NO value if you are trying to 'expose' incorrect behavior. 2. The censoring of newspapers isn't anything new in regard to sensitive subjects. The UK, which none of the villagers here would jump to proclaim as a 'semi-theocracy' or 'flawed democracy', also has this state power called a DA-notice, and has used it for far less sensitive manners such as when information about a Royal family member being quite naughty. An excellent portrayal of this was the semi-fictional movie "The Bank Job". 3. Assassinations have not been banned and the supreme court does not have authoritarian rule in this country. The problem is that Israel does indeed need a constitution to clearly spell out the powers of each branch of Government, because it seems each one is running amok impressing it's own powers. However the fact is that 'illegal orders' was taken in the case of trying to arrest a highly dangerous terrorists. The fact that the commander told his troops to be more forceful (and not to endanger themselves but the terrorists) doesn't bother me and personally I'd rather have it that way. The fact is that this case has become a rallying point for the anti-Israel groupies. Simply put someone has done something HIGHLY illegal (which is universally true for any country). And she would be treated the same regardless of state, but in Israel, it seems its fine to do this, because hey you're only screwing Israel. The double standard is sickening.
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