Analysts: Israel viewed as world's 6th nuclear power
Published: 10.04.10, 10:10
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1. Half our nation has been slaughtered
Jerome Kohn ,   NC   (04.10.10)
And no one lifted a finger. The British knew. Americans knew what was going on, but made no attempt to blow up the raiway lines leading to the gas chambers. Ally forces (meci la france) collaborated with the murderers, by rounding up Jews and sending them to Drancy to be delivered to the Nazis. Do not ever forget that you should never ever trust a goy. Kudos Israel! Am Israel Hay
2. Which means it can live for few days
Joy   (04.10.10)
3. Israel can wipe off mideast & Europe in seconds
Deer ,   USA   (04.10.10)
Israel wiped off Palestine of the map before, world must do all it can to neutralize Jewish nukes before they start wiping off other countries.
4. No Nukes will be left in Israel soon-Believe or not
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (04.10.10)
You will soon hand over the fake maquettes of Nukes sold by your businessmen to your government. Another corruption will be exposed!
5. 3 & 4 two obvious fools
Patty Hue ,   ca   (04.10.10)
It would appear numbers 3 & 4 are two idiots who haven`t a clue. Deer of USA obviously is a pacifist that hates Israel, and has a wish that cannot be fulfilled. As to Tafun -Turkey, I choose not to believe you. I wonder why.
6. Israel's neighbors know who strikes first, Game is Over
October 6   (04.10.10)
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (04.10.10)
Yes indeed, Israel can wipe out middle east and europe in seconds and you can piss and moan and cry into your beer like the pathetic antisemitic individual that you are.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (04.10.10)
Hundred more nuclear weapons .And let the anti-semites moan and groan .And let the kenyan impostor in the white house moan and groan like the loser he is.
ISRAEL - TEL AVIV   (04.10.10)
Dear mr. Tayfun_Turkey, I guess your stupid talkback was sent using your Turkish internet infrastructure that was created (if you did not know so far .. ) by Israeli companies that help connecting the Turkish people to the world exactly as your ATA TURK wanted to do by his reform - other wise, Mr. Typhoon. you would have become another ignorant Muslim country with 50% analphabet rate ( like Egypt with 12.8% houses connected to net ). so before opening your big mouth, go and check the facts about who has gave you your precious seems that you are not a Tayfun anymore , arent you ? you are more of a tiny desert premature rain :)) p.s you should at least spell you name correctly : typhoon is the right way ...
Yeshayaho ,   Israel   (04.10.10)
Middle East Free Of WMD
11. Analysts: Israel viewed as world's 6th nuclear power
Gerry ,   Holon   (04.10.10)
Hi and Shalom, why world's 6th nuclear power ? I count more: USA, UDSSR, China, France, Britan, Pakistan, India, Israel, (North-Korea)
steve ,   tel aviv, israel   (04.10.10)
the difference between weapons developed for defensive (Israeli) purposes and those for offensive (Iranian, N. Korea, terror group) purposes.
13. So 6th out of 7?
Danny   (04.10.10)
is the the same as having the second least number?
14. Israel has no right to defend itself
HM ,   Istanbul Turkey   (04.10.10)
Reading all the columns, commentaries etc, it is sad to realize all the disguised antisemites appear. Yet they have a typical motto : "We are against Israel and not Jews" The only democrasy in the region, the smallest of all nations, the smallest land in the Middle East, yet they are not allowed to have a deterrance. Any country is entitled to attack or slap Israel. Any other country can defend its citizens but when it comes to Israel, they are expected to sit and wait to be wiped off from the map. Look at the civilizations, the Jews have survived, yet all of them have disappeared at the end but the Jews have survived. I have a very bad news to those antisemites, fortunately G-d's existence on this world will not be erased !!
15. dear Tayfun
Metin   (04.10.10)
The fact that you know and hear about corruption cases in Israel is because the law in Israel is strong enough to expose them and make justice. Its easy to look at other countries and criticize them. Do me fave and focus on Turkey, the way it looks, the democracy of Turkey is in danger. If you have any spare time, do something to prevent it.
16. To #12
D.C.   (04.10.10)
You're a fool if you believe there is a difference between offensive and defensive weapons. You Israelis are the greatest threat on this world, because you're genetically idiots and fools whose can't learn from anything. The world wouldn't mind if you would extinct... what you'll thanks to mother nature.
17. #16-Extinction not in the cards. Sorry.
St. Joe ,   Jerusalem   (04.10.10)
18. to the geneticaly superior # 16
EZBZ ,   Ranat Hasharon Israe   (04.10.10)
WOW!!! How did you find that out??? You are absolutely right AND WE ARE COMING FOR YOUR BLOOD FIRST!!! So harry up and hide, don't make it too easy for us. M.
19. Sorry, my last post is to # 16-D.C.(End)
Dave ,   Bs.Aires-Argentina   (04.10.10)
20. #16 - Your words of wisdom made me
Allan ,   Ft. Lauderdale   (04.10.10)
laugh so hard I almost pissed myself. Thanks for the laugh. A great way to start my weekend. Its trolls like you that make these talkbacks entertaining. Now run along and get a life, or better yet, go play in traffic.
21. Mr. #16 DC
DAVID COHEN ,   CHINA   (04.10.10)
Dear Dumb C..t thank you for the compliments. for the moment we are staying WITH these weapons. u and the wolrd could go to hell. we will survive the way we survived the Pharaos, the Romans, the Persians, the Greeks, the Turks and whoever is coming afterward.
22. Only 400, Still Not Enough as the Arabs Say
Dav Lev ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (04.10.10)
In fact, I know personally that Israel has 300 to 400 high fusion nukes ( 10 times Hiroshima's blast). They are loaded on F15s, F16s, Phantom 2,000, those Jerichos, 5,000 artillery pieces, and the Dolphins (soon to be five). The major targets are, in order: Tehran, the Rev Guards, 9 major nuke sites (Iran), airforce installations and naval (Iran), Damascus and areas north, Hamastan ( small nukes), Hezbollah south and north of the Litani R., the Aswan Dam (Egypt), Cairo and Alexandria (Egypt) and most of their airfields and naval bases, Saudi Arabia's airfields, Jordan's airfields, Libyra's airfields, and a few dozen elsewhere throughout the Arab-Muslim worlds. In fact, these weapons were designed originally to hit Russia's arsenals and Moscow, but evolved into Muslim targerts. So go ahead, Abbas, Putin, Ahmad, Hamas/Hez', Abdullah, Mubarak, MAKE MY DAY. To Israel. only 400, my goal for you is 1,000. ASAP
23. Jerome Kohn
Wespe ,   Canada   (04.10.10)
Interesting thought. I would say that the West liberated your people. It's true that the West was aware but the Germans had made an unacceptable offer - 10,000 trucks for their war in the East. Your leaders in Hungary were also aware of their fate and failed to inform their own. Bombing,however, did stop a significant number from being deported from Budapest but by that point most had already been killed in remote places like Treblinka.
24. Wake up America before it is too late
David Masada ,   Orlando, USA   (04.10.10)
Remember the might of Rome? Or more recently the Great British Empire? You have elected the biggest loser of all times ever elected to be the leader of a modern country. I think Hussein Obama is even dumber than my cat! He is nothing than a puppet for the evil Commies of America who control him. Vote him out before it is too late!!
25. #23 When your family loses 46 members
Israel must be ready ,   USA   (04.10.10)
then you may understand the essense of the Jewish tragedy but not before that.
LARRY ,   USA   (04.10.10)
27. Notcie how arab countries still exist. If Arabs had nukes
Jack ,   Ft. Lauderdale US   (04.10.10)
you can bet your anti-semitic arse they would attack israel with their nukes. Notice how Israel hasnt done so towards the arabs. The old saying goes, "If the arabs put down their guns there will be peace, if israel puts down its guns their will be no more Israel. Get it dopey?
28. # 16: so TRUE
Paco ,   Canada   (04.10.10)
Israel is the main threat to the entire ME. Meantime to all the Israeli Extremist nutss ---your protestations are simply hypocrisy. Or you could decommission your 200 to 400 nukes---then you can talk. Or allow the inspectors in to Dimona--to check your arsenal. Otherwise do shut up. Iran hasn't attacked its neighbors been 2 decades ----unlike Israel who has spent its entire existence attacking and stealing from its neighbors (claiming they are defending there stolen state). what a group of hypocrites you are! shame shame.. How about extremely severe & crippling sanctions on Israel for all the years of invasions? crimes against all it's neighbors? and serial violation of the UN Resolutions? But nooo that wont happen bcse the U.S bends over for you as always and No Sanction makes it in the U.N. council bcse of that .. thats what i call injustice and hypocrisy!!
29. Paco # 28
DAVID COHEN ,   CHINA   (04.10.10)
Paco Bandito why dont u take your sanctions and shove them up Chavez and Ahmadenijad butt. pathetic how retard people like u could be!
30. # 4 Tayfun
Lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (04.10.10)
I was in two minds as to whether to respond to your inane and stupid, ignorant comment, but then I thought what the heck, somebody has to put you in your pathetic idiotic place. You and the rest of the Erdogan mob can believe all the racist propaganda that is spewed out from the mouths of your media but the reality is that if Israeli military technology is fraudulent, why has your corrupt ignorant government insisted the Israel provide you with the UAVs that you paid 100s of millions of dollars for. Perhaps you should resort to your industry and order some bows and arrows.
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