Thank you, Mr. President
Dan Calic
Published: 11.04.10, 11:07
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1. too late for stupid American liberal Jews
2. Obama v Israel
Anny Matar ,   Ramat - Hen, Israel   (04.11.10)
Not only does President Obama support the destruction of Israel by supporting all the terrorist movements around us - in words as well as in deeds- but he supports the destruction of the U.S.A. If he doesnt answer Iran when they spit ionto his face, it is not he who loses face but a whole American Nation. His open declaration of being a Muslim and that America is a Muslim Country (his Cairo speech) sounded the alarm then!! Can we expect him to support Israel? All I pray for is that there'll be a world left after Obama
3. Kol hakavod
mama case ,   Overseas   (04.11.10)
I agree with every golden word . BHO is the worth of the Worth. He is sure doing great job. Or shall i say the Jewish leftist in his team are getting him closer to his only one term . GOD will. AMEN!!!
4. Having been a proud liberal Jew all my sixty some years,
David Levin ,   Potomac, MD U.S.A.   (04.11.10)
I can no longer say I'll vote Democratic party. Not that I ceased being liberal but the Democratic party in America has enabled elements such as Carter, Jackson and Obama to take over and in the process spit on the one group that has sustained the party for many years and has been loyal to it more than any other group of people: the Jews of America. Yes, we are Americans and very loyal ones, but we are also Jewish with strong affinity to our ancestral homeland of Israel. Obama and his friends, non-Jews and Jews alike, seem to lack an understanding of it. This lack of appreciation of what Israel means to Jews is at the heart of my divorcing from the Obama crowd and the Democratic party to which I have contributed over the years greatly in both time and money. I am a proud American and a proud Jew. Obama has demonstrated to me during the past year that his intent and ability to humiliate the one symbol we Jews have of Jewish sovereignty has crossed all the red lines. I shall not cross the lines with him!
5. Bravo! I hope you are correct!
BJL ,   usa   (04.11.10)
But in case you are not. Obama is about to make things a whole lot worse for the Jewish people. So, if they havent got the message yet......they will.
6. Sorry you are so disappointed
Adam ,   USA   (04.11.10)
I'm sorry you are so disappointed that Obama is no lapdog who does Israel's bidding. Gosh I hope our next president resumes this position to make you American Jews happy.
7. Is this also the God’s view, Mr Calic .:)
Salma ,   Palestine   (04.11.10)
Clinton, Bush, Obama there is no real difference between them... I might take him seriously if he press hard for the removal of "Israeli" settlements from the Palestinian West Bank.. What I understood from his speech in Cairo is not restoring Palestinian rights, but preserving "Israel" as Jewish state.... what a dead end ! Ultimately, U.S. interests are the most important of us and of "Israel", and on this American nation will elect or not to re-elect Obama.....Yes, I agree with you on one thing, that is Obama doing a much better job than you ever could And it is best to keep silent...OK
8. He'd B happy with 1 term,if he could wipe Israel out in that
Alan ,   SA   (04.11.10)
9. obama and the jews
fred lazin ,   ny ny   (04.11.10)
the author is speaking for himself and American Jews who oppose Obama. A large majority of American Jews are in favor of a two state solution, a compromise on Jerusalem, a need to connect gaza and the west bank. What proof do you have that the US prevented Israel from attacking Iran. The leader of Israel, Netanyahu , a cournty that could not handle the 10, 000 member hizballah clearly is cautious about attacking Iran--maybe he using Obama to comver his ass. have a nice day. Obama is probably good for America, good for Jews in America and good for Israel
10. To #6 you are right, Adam...
Nahum Korda ,   Ein Ziwan, Israel   (04.11.10)
Obama is a Muslim lapdog
11. Salma: Get yourself an education.
12. Obama
Eli Sherman ,   Brooksville, FL USA   (04.11.10)
Obama is doing all he can to destroy Israel in addition to destroying the US He is an antiSemite and a traitor to the US. Remember the Jewish people have had a lot of enemies through out history. most of them are gone and we're still here.
13. #7 Salma
Madeleine ,   Israel   (04.11.10)
You just don't get it, do you? The "West Bank" never was, nor hopefully will be, part of what you call Palestine. When the British created the kingdom of Jordan in 1922, putting some tin-pot Saudi sheikh on the throne, that country was to be for the arabs only, totally Judenrein - still is. It was called, Trans-Jordan: trans = Latin prefix for 'across', because it was the other side, the eastern side, of the Jordan river. Everything from the Jordan river to the Mediterranena Sea was for the Jews, the Land of Israel. Of course the British reneged on their promise to the Jews, resulting in the 1947 partition plan which you lot never accepted, preferring to attack the fledgling Jewish state and drive us into the sea - in 3 days, as your leaders promised you. Well it didn't happen though one of the results was that Trans-Jordan 'cconquered' and occupied the West Bank until we liberated it in 1967. That is documented history, not your whining, snivelling version of it, invented in order to perpetuate the myth of a Palestinian people. Don't know why you keep posting here.
14. Maybe a known anti-Semite is better for Israel
Steve Klein   (04.11.10)
George W. Bush (for whom I voted for in 2000; sadly) was called "Israel's best friend ever," by many conservatives. Bush became the first American president to make the establishment of a Muslim state in Israel a "formal goal of US policy." President Bush repeatedly boasted of this accomplishment. Bush, with his largely conservative, pro-Israel Christian base pressured Israel mightily to concede land to the to Israel's enemies; to allow Hamas to participate in elections, to exercise restraint in the face of daily terror and violence, etc. Obama, with his largely leftist, anti-Israel political base has no reason to appear or to be friendly to Israel, unlike Bush. Unlike many (perhaps most) conservatives, I came to know exactly what Bush was; a sweet-talking hypocrite; a liar who spoke soothing words to Israel's Jews, all the while he stabbed Israel in the back. At least Mr. Calic can see what Obama is; many Jews can. I wonder if like me, he came to see what Bush was.
15. Obama is US President not Israels
david ,   germany   (04.11.10)
Israel should realise, that Obama is in first place President of the United States representing american interests, not israeli! And the US has many construction zones on the world and Obama is doing a great job so far. He obviously is the best President America ever had! Israel should emanzipate more from the big brother USA and handle problems on their own with the help of leading western nations and the Israelis should also can handle vandle critics from those nations bc Israel is sometimes doing wrong too, like the new settlemen plans in J..
16. #8 Obama and the Jews
Madeleine ,   Israel   (04.11.10)
Sounds like a large number of American Jews have no idea what Israel is all about or what life is like here or what the Obama-Plan would mean for us. And why the hell SHOULD we divide our capital?? The Palis have no historical ties to Jerusalem at all - forget Al Aksa mosque, which came a few thousand years after Jerusalem became Israel's capital, courtesy of King David.
17. liberals
frank ,   israel   (04.11.10)
unfortunately if the elections were held today that 70 whatever % of jews voting for obama would be the same. For some reason jews suffer that white guilt without regarding what it is doing to them. obama is simply bad and if not obama those same liberal jews would vote for that carpetbagger clinton. they would accept her with open arms while she is doing to us the same that the current jew hating bastard is doing. It is not a matter of arab loving but rather constant cases of jew hating! Wake up liberal american jews, you are also in there sights...you are not immune regardless of how many times you sing kumbya....
18. # 9 the "qualities" of obama approach to the arab israeli
aviva haviva ,   tel-aviv-jaffo   (04.11.10)
conflict are found among israeli jews as well. it it is not only his ideas that is being criticized but rather the way in which he has managed in one year to humiliate israel's elected officials for no good reason, to show total disrespect for israel's laws, government institutions and the jewish people in and out of israel who hold israel as their only sovereign national home. based on your post, you appear to be a typical left-wing american jew who is full of criticism of israel and laoded with simplistic solutions yet never stepped a foot on israeli soil and is probably not part of organized jewish life in the us. obama is a reflection of the same. when the us president justifies israel's existence with the holocaust which he did in cairo he demonstrates his lack of knowledge of jewish history and affinity to this land. when he compares implicitly the situation if gaza to the jewish holocaust he demonstrates lack of knowledge of jewish history but also a sinister attitude towards israel and the jewish people. and when he asks that jews not live in certain neighborhoods of israeli cities only because they are jewish he demonstrate his anti-jewish racism. you may be able to live with all of this. in israel his rate of approval is 4% among israeli jews. i suspect israeli jews know a bit more about the obama-israel relationships than you, who has never been to israel.
19. I am not sure how many people realize that Obama's name
Aqivah Yadid ,   Kibbutz Dan, Israel   (04.11.10)
is Arabic is Barakeh Hussein. It is only in English his first name has been "Anglosize" to Barack. While this by itself means nothing, but when placed with the people that he has kept as close friends such as Min. Farakhan and Rashid Khalidi; when viewed against the attitude he has demonstrated toward some of the deadliest and most regressive forces in Islam; and when examined against the view that he has taken toward Israel and the Jewish people, his full name, Barakeh Hussein Obama, receives an added meaning.
20. Obama's position insures a new conflict
Norm ,   USA   (04.11.10)
Obama's gamble is to force Israel to a peace agreement. He is dangerous because he is naive. All he is insuring is that the Muslims will start a new conflict because they think he may not resupply and aid Israel. Without resupply the Muslims can throw millions of soldiers into a long conflict over an extended period of time and outlast Israel. His Middle East policies are insuring a new conflict. Lastly, there are still a very high percentage of American liberal left wing Jews who just party hacks and stay in their rooms without turning on the lights.
21. Pres Obama
Edith ,   Chicago, US   (04.11.10)
On the contrary, many American Jews like me believe that Pres. Obama may be helping prevent Israel's suicide at the hands of its fanatics and extremists, who are the most effective allies that Hamas and its friend have..
22. Excellent article
Brod ,   USA   (04.11.10)
This is an excellent article that is a Must Read. Israel's defense against Iran nuke threat should be determined by Israel alone. Obama's Islamist genes seem to try to sabotage Israel's defense by trying to stop Israel from defending itself and depriving Israel of needed weaponry. By doing so, Obama wants to see a Final Solution on Israel just as Hitler did. For this, Israel can tell him to go to Hell and defend itself against Iran nuke threat by whatever means at its disposal irrespective of Obama and the world of AntiSemites.
23. #11 we'll see,Madeleine
Salma ,   Palestine   (04.11.10)
Does it bother you that I'm posting here.if so you can ignore what I post THANKS Y NET. ;)
24. #15 david, germany
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (04.11.10)
If Barack Hussein Obama is "the best President America ever had" - why did he suffer such a dramatic loss in the opinion polls?
25. #15-Your thesis of a "great job" isnt supported by US polls
Alan ,   SA   (04.11.10)
26. Dream on
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (04.11.10)
I'm no fan of Osama--sorry, Obama--and I rooted for and even gave donations to McCain. He sure has made mistakes. However, if he manages to force Israel to start thinking long-term, abandon the futile and perilous settlement exercise, and reach a final status resolution with the Palestinians, he will have my vote for president of Israel, never mind president of America. Those egging Israel on toward the abyss of perpetual conflict are NOT our friends.
27. To:#15-Obama
Sandra ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (04.11.10)
We know Obama is the US President. It's about time he and his administration realises this fact, too, and stop bullying my government. He isn't the presdent of Israel. Also, it's about time he started demanding something concrete from the PA authority. Why do we have to pander to Abbas when he and his gang have never ever offered us anything. All they do is take and give us absolutely nothing in return, except insults.
28. It reminds me the scene from W. Allen movie
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (04.11.10)
when a Jewish guy tells his parents that he wants to become a Catholic. His mother gets very anxious and his father is trying to calm her: " Let him become a Catholic. When he gets cancer, he will seat in the first raw in a Synagogue...."
30. #14 Steve you are right about W.
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.11.10)
W. let us all down with Iran. John Bolton said it loud and clear - but nobody seemed to listen. By the way ,who fabricated the scandalous secret service account, that the lunatics had ceased their nuke program ???
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