'Criticism against Church a Zionist attack'
Published: 12.04.10, 07:54
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1. he is an idiot
Jezus was a Jew. Deep down historically speaking the Italians (Romans) are the "God" killers.
2. Not a Christian
truth ,   South Africa   (04.12.10)
Read your bible and stop talking nonsense maybe you'll believe.
3. time for the bishop to retire ?
galut ,   selah   (04.12.10)
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (04.12.10)
G-d is all powerful and Almighty ,he can NOT be killed ,it is impossible. How then did the Jews "KILL G-D???" You are a total fool and an evil man ,there is a place for evil men and apparently you are headed there.I repeat , one can not kill G-d and thew Italian Bishop is a wicked fool .
5. #1-At the very least the Jews rejected..
the Son of God, and it continues until this day. Some resposibility is in order, and I say it in the very friendliest way I know how.
6. number 1, you can't kill G-d. Number 2
ecr   (04.12.10)
you can't kill G-d. Nomber 3, is it clear yet?
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (04.12.10)
To the Bishop ,We can criticise and you can go back to befriending innocent little boys and girls and twisting their innocent little minds with hate,lies and filth .
8. Please notice
Christian ,   Sweden   (04.12.10)
That the said bishop is old and retired from office and was made to recant immediately. The spokesman for the church said that the bishops anti-Jewish message was "entirely contrary to the official line and mainstream thought of the catholic church". That should be noticed! There are still some Christians who think about Jews as "God killers" but they are a small minority. Fifty years ago their way of thinking was mainline Christian thinking, but today it's an extremist position. This is a major change and that is the important thing and not an old bishop who is talking like it still was the 1950thies.
9. #5
You sadden me. You are filled with hatred just like this Bishop. Reject the hatred that fills your soul. Read the book you call "The New Testament" and open your heart to its teachings. You will be a better person.
10. Jesus what?
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (04.12.10)
He should be glad we allegedly killed him, otherwise there would be no "he died for our sins" thing and hence no christianity.
11. he represent only his own opinion not the church
ghostq   (04.12.10)
and he doesn't deserve to be called chritian since the christ himself was jewish.
12. Church lost the north
Antonio ,   Spain   (04.12.10)
For me and for a lot of Christians, Church isn't able to adapt itself to the real life and the speed of changes that are happening. There is not a minority who thinks Jews killed Jesus, not in countries like Spain, Italy, etc. This nonsense has been learn for decades, and there is a lot of people who is less than 40 (incredible!) that think like that. When bishops, cardenals, and popes were adults and not elders, perhaps they could learn, adapt, and then learn to others rightly (and say and do coherent things ...)
13. the number of people believing the christian church has...
eporue ,   europe   (04.12.10)
always been murderous and greedy is much higher - due to evidence. and #5: jesus was born a jew and died as this. he never recanted his faith, he kept all holidays, shabbat and kosher life. this italian bishop does none of it. it was the christian church, who abused him, to "murder" gods rules in the old testament.
14. "collective violence" against Jews throughout history
Josh   (04.12.10)
When we we all recognize that our problems, including the Jewish sect of christianity, founded on Devarim 13's need to test and collect sinners as Christianity did, is due to the rebellions against Torah and is the very source of our (Jewish/Judeo-Christian) curses. The church knows its role working for Ysus. The punisher of the fallen. "administered to sinners". Not for peace but a sword (crusades, ww1, ww2?). Brother turning brother over to death, (war medals with crosses on them?) burning up the chaff (shoah?), consuming the symbolic body and blood of the first begotten son (Israel being the son), etc. This rebellion is why men are touched in the head to attack the children we hold sacred and innocent. Put your trust in the wrong place and G-d will mock that false trust. Guide my little ones preacher? Its backwards and we know it. It is our fault for chosing death? If we chose life would the history be full of blood shed and touched in the head perverts? Moses predicted curses and it came true. "best and brightest" Reflect on Devarim(Deut) 4:2. All religions are guilty of violating that one.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (04.12.10)
Fondled any little boys lately?
16. #5
Ram ,   London   (04.12.10)
You are an embarassment to yourself and extremely bad at camouflaging your hate1
17. The problem remains: Catholics protecting sex criminals
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (04.12.10)
Don't let the hot air from one octogenarian racist get you off track. The ugly issue remains: the Catholic church is protecting serial sex criminals. The Church policy is sick, disgusting, anti-Christ, pathetic, demented. The problem is, popes are not the type of people who accept responsibility and are accountable. The Catholic church is decades out of touch with reality, and will continue to pay a steep price in the confidence not just of Catholics, but of other religions around the world. As with all religions, we Jews have too many of our own child molesters among our ranks. For decades we've had much denial. But we don't have an official policy of the chief rabbis of officially protecting child molesters. The Catholic church only damages itself by its tolerance of sexual crimes against children. The disgust is not just of Catholics against their own church, but of the entire world against a leadership that continues to embarrass Jesus himself.
18. jesus
av ,   (04.12.10)
so what the french can judge and condamne a french the english can do the same think so were is the problem?
19. A not so secret secret
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.12.10)
If you want to know who will be destroyed during the next round of world conflict, just look to see who is obsessing about Jews. This is has been the entire narrative of world history, because evil naturally opposes the fate of Jews to fulfill its destiny.
20. The UNHOLY TRINITY in action, consisting of:
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (04.12.10)
1. Classic Anti-Semites, 2. "Progressive" Anti-Jewish Racists, and 3. 7th Century Based Islamists. Sadly, we continue to encounter all three elements in this sick social phenomenon. At times we hear more about the Islamists in the form of Mahmoud Ahmadinijad, Islamic Jihad and Hamas. At other times the sounds of the "progressive" voices of Europe and North America are heard more loudly, singling out the Jewish people and questioning the universal right of all peoples to national self-determination and independence, hence anti-Jewish racists. But classic anti-Semitism has been with us the longest and is yet to disappear from the world. The answer: Practical, political and spiritual Zionism!!
21. Endemic antisemitism in the Church
Gabriel Wilensky ,   San Diego, US   (04.12.10)
Funny how this works. The publication that reported this is the same one that reported the Polish Bishop Pieronek expressing that the Holocaust was an “invention” and was used by Jews for propaganda, and just like Bishop Babini, then denying he said it at all! Gabriel Wilensky --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author Six Million Crucifixions: How Christian Teachings About Jews Paved the Road to the Holocaust Follow me on Twitter at Become a Fan on Facebook at ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
22. .Perverion deservesall Jews to forefront this attack
Roland Seener ,   London England   (04.12.10)
Also,how can a"G"D" be killed by men ? Is that the end of "G"D"? What kind of thinking is this to split a human being ,and also a G"D' into three ; .("The Son ,The Father, and The Holy Ghost.)? No wonder we Jews stand alone even against the Catholic Church !
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (04.12.10)
He could expect to be sexually abused / raped by his friends in the Catholic Church ( But the church can not bear the truth .)
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (04.12.10)
The latest anthem of Bishop Babini and his ilk (or should that be ill?)
25. attacking jews is like attacking JESUS bec He is also A JEW
maybelle ,   spain   (04.12.10)
i am a christian myself and i disagree with the bishop's statements if these statements were really issued by the bishop himself
26. #5,9,10
Nathan ,   Israel/USA   (04.12.10)
#5 - I do not see where "rejecting Jesus" requires the Jew to "take responsibility". The Whole "Son of God/Messiah" thing was only attributed to him hundreds of years after his death, until then he was simply a Rabbi. So Sorry, I DO NOT thing he was the "Son of God" #9 and 10 I do not think that #5 is Showing Hate, I think he is simply repeating what he has been taught. He was taught that the "Jews" Chose to free Barabas instead of Jesus and therefore allowed Jesus to be crucified. This has always been taught by the catholic church as the "sin of the Jews", and in up until around 50 years ago the catholic church preached that Jew worshiped Satan, So you cannot blame this poor misinformed person.
27. if God subject to die as a man, he isn't God of mine.
ygalg ,   israel   (04.12.10)
28. "and so all ISRAEL shall be saved." Romans 11
ruth ,   Singapore   (04.12.10)
the L-RD loves the Jewish people, read Romans 11, they are still His chosen elected people, G-D's love is irreversible, read Jeremiah 31-33. G-D never change, His character never change, so is His love for anyone. This bishop never read his bible, alot of catholics don't. Jesus was a Jew, His first church and disciples were Jews, "and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of earth." Act 1:8. Salvation, is first and foremost to the Jews first, Jews always remain His first-born, the true vine, we are wild olive-vine ingrafted into the main tree, who are we to despise the Jews who first brought us the Bible and the Saviour.
29. Babibi's responce to critics on the RC Church
M.Roorda ,   Amsterdam, NL   (04.12.10)
It seems obvious that the Roman Catholic Church, in its claim that it is victim of a plot, is doing one thing only: it is desperately defending its secular powers. The so-called plot is not only a protest against the sexual abuse of children. It is also an outcry of indignation about the way the Church has put itself above secular jurisdiction. The Church does not want its secular (and political) powers to be criticized. It is a power issue. Power and the abuse thereof of the Church. MR
30. Am I missing something?
Paul ,   Jerusalem - Israel   (04.12.10)
Can you imagine the depth to which one has to suspend their natural G-d-given ability to think rationally, by even considering that G-d is or represented by a man of Jewish descent or a man of any kind for that matter. Then after they deify this Jew they spend the next 2,000 oppressing and murdering his people. Somehow I don't get the impression this is exemplary of human intelligence.
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